Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SEASON FINALE: 16 & Pregnant: Trouble in the Next Room

Well, no adoption episode this season after all... seems a bit odd, but maybe that's just not who is applying for this program anymore. Instead, we have a born-again Christian and yet another young woman whose parents aren't fit to be raising children. It was somewhat interesting to feature another child born with health anomalies, but I am also very glad that it doesn't appear to be a major ordeal for little Dayton. The numbers for this season are down a bit, so it's possible that this was the end of the series... although MTV has a long history of sticking up for its programming, so I wouldn't be surprised if more teenage parents on television pop up in the future.

16 & Pregnant "Courtney" (S05E11): She's a HS senior living in Woodland Park, CO with her divorced dad. She's had seven reconstructive surgeries because she was born with a cleft palate. She planned on saving herself for marriage (and even had a purity ring), but she gave in to Scott, who is an electrician's apprentice with a two-bedroom apartment 45 minutes away. [how did they meet?] She's continuing her education with online school. 
October, 34 weeks: Courtney tells Scot that she doesn't want to have sex again until she's married, and hopes that he will share some of her morals.

October, 35 weeks
: An ultrasound shows that their son will also have a cleft, so she talks to her mom about it, who also had it. [I don't think I knew it was genetic.]

November, 37 weeks: Scott wants to apply for WIC and food stamps, but Courtney's bigger concern is to find a surgeon and determine the cost to operate on their future son. She does, however, agree to move in with him, but thinks they should have separate rooms to remove some of the temptation. [I feel for this girl... it's gotta be tough to push away Scott after they've already been intimate.]

November, 38 weeks: Her dad helps her move.

November, 39 weeks: She goes into labor. After 12 hours, her contractions are 90 seconds apart and she's 4cm dilated. She got an epidural but is still in a lot of pain two hours later. Another four hours later, she's finally pushing. [ugh. sounds like a rough labor!]

Dayton Cash is born December 15th at 7lbs. His cleft lip isn't too bad, and they hope only one surgery will be necessary.

2 days old: They head home from the hospital and give the baby his first bath. [another family showed this recently, too. I guess the producer likes to see the bathing process?]

2 weeks old: Scott returns to work, and they schedule the baby's surgery for seven months later, though they won't know the price out-of-pocket until after the procedure. [yeah, that's frustrating. I remember wanting to know what the cost for an out-patient procedure would be, and all I could get was a general ballpark, with lots of "but don't hold me to it because you might need more xyz..." stuff.] 

3 weeks old: Scott still doesn't help with many diapers or late-night needs, upsetting Courtney. [yeah, I didn't like him before but now he's really bothering me.]

6 weeks old: She starts the last semester of her senior year, and he's frustrated that they're not sleeping together. [... then propose and get the show on the road, guy.]

3 months old: Scott goes days without holding the baby, wanting to make him independent. [break my heart!] They have a fight and she heads to her dad's for a few days. Scott doesn't know that he'd still be dating her if they were abstinent but had no infant. [I'm betting NO.]

16 & Pregnant "Savannah" (S05E12): At 17, Savannah lives in Jefferson City, Mo with her alcoholic Mom and little brother. Her dad isn't part of her life. Stone was her best friend for three years before they started dating, and they never used protection. [I'm over this one already.] 

January, 35 weeks: She and Stone broke up a couple months ago because he was negative about Savannah's mother, but he is still planning to provide financially for the baby. She's doing an online GED class, which requires ten hours each week. They try discussing co-parenting, and Stone is concerned that Savannah's mom still has slip-ups with her drinking.

37 weeks: They have a co-ed baby shower at a restaurant. Stone hangs out with a friend and they meet girls, and Savannah and her friends play laser tag. Savannah is interested in one of her friends, but he doesn't think it's the right time to get into a relationship. [smart guy.] Meanwhile, her mom is staying out late and doesn't want to share what she's been up to, as she feels judged. [man, this is such a bad situation.]

40 weeks: She tries to repair her relationship with Stone because of her mother's issues. Savannah is induced with pitocin, and in eight hours she's pushing.

Rowan James is born February 27th at 7lbs. 5 oz. Savannah needed five stitches. [this is an aspect of pregnancy rarely mentioned on this show, and it would do them well to cover more of the aftermath.]

2 days old: They head home from the hospital.

2 weeks old:  She won't trust her mother alone with the baby, and when the woman is seen drunk and smoking, Savannah calls the police out of fear for her brother's safety. [we don't see what the outcome is, but it's suggested the police don't really do anything.] The next morning, Savannah suggests in-patient treatment for her mother, which is a road traveled many times previously.
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