Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014-2015 Season: The CW

As The CW only does drama series, I generally forget that they're around. Two years ago I liked their medical show, Emily Owens, MD, and this past season I tried out Star-Crossed. Otherwise, I don't bother with the programming on this channel, and this season doesn't look like it will be any different. A comic book series, yet another supernatural protagonist, a mysterious extraterrestrial experience uniting people, and a Hispanic telenovela... nope, not my cup of tea. I will not be diving into any of these shows, so you'll have to look elsewhere for coverage after this. Should you have a compelling reason to persuade me otherwise, be my guest!

First, the fall premieres:

The Flash
Who? Jesse L. Martin (Tom from Rent), Grant Gustin (Arrow)
Where? Central City
What? The background is that Barry was taken in by his best friend’s family when he was 11, when his father went to jail for allegedly killing his mother. Now, an adult, Barry works in CSI and is determined to find out the truth about his mother’s death. After a freak accident that leaves Barry in a nine-month coma, he has become the fastest man alive, The Flash, who continues to solve his parents’ case while looking into other mysteries as well.
My Thoughts: Its best hope for viewers is channel-hopping to watch this at 8 before SHIELD at 9 on ABC. I mean, as long as they weren’t counting on a lead-in for Supernatural

Jane the Virgin
Who? Yael Grobglas (Olivia on Reign), Diane Guerrero (Maritza on Orange is the New Black), Ivonne Coll (the grandmother on Switched at Birth)
Where? Miami
What? A telenovela about an accidental artificial insemination. A 23-year-old soon-to-be teacher doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps (16 and pregnant)
My Thoughts: Talk about far-fetched! Plus, Miami is not a "small world" city... the fact that the "father" is an old crush of Jane's AND owns the hotel where she works?? PLUS she's engaged to a detective, of all trades. I can't stop shaking my head on this one!

Now, the mid-season replacements: 

Who? From Rob Thomas. Robert Buckley (Brian on 666 Park Avenue), David Anders (Julian on Alias, Dr. Frankenstein on Once Upon a Time), Nora Dunn (SNL)
Where? Seattle
What? A med student turns into a zombie but tries to hide it and maintain her life, though she has a very different appearance and personality now. She feeds upon the brains of John and Jane Does in the coroner’s office, but her boss finds out. Another twist is that she inherits some memories from her victims, so she poses as a psychic to help solve homicides, too.
My Thoughts: As much as I'm begging the universe for another medical drama, this sure isn't it! The fact that she essentially steals brains from work is rough enough, but the fact that she then has the memories of the dead is way past where I draw the line.

The Messengers
Who? JD Pardo (Jason on Revolution), Shantel VanSanten (Quinn on One Tree Hill)
Where? New Mexico
What? Five people are affected by a blast when something falls to Earth, and they wind up with various powers. The Rapture may be coming.
My Thoughts: Once I stopped laughing, I immediately poked fun at this series. The CW sure wants to make the "alien object
mystery" thing happen, but I don't see this being the ticket. 
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