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16 & Pregnant: The Wrap-Up

After seeing where the twelve ladies of this past season of 16 & Pregnant ended up, I'd be surprised if MTV went forward with a Teen Mom 4 from this group. Because of her family dynamic, Summer's story is somewhat interesting, especially with her teenage sisters, and Millina's issues with the mothers in her life is a bit different. Aleah isn't particularly interesting herself, but Shawn's brother also about to have a child might make for a multiple-families-raising-kids-together storyline? The only other one I might see a glimmer of intrigue with is Jazmin, who may decide to take a different approach to parenting than her strict parents.

16 & Pregnant "Life After Labor 6" (Special):
Arianna: It's been 3.5 months since she saw Maurice, and she says that she won't give him any more chances. He says that he wasn't allowed to randomly show up, so he got a lawyer to gain custody rights. She still doesn't want to talk to him, though he throws money at her and she storms off. [ugh.] He claims that he has $3200 set aside for his son, though he's wearing $500 kicks. [ain't that always the way?]

Savannah: He wants to get back with her, but she won't forget that he made her miserable when they were expecting. She didn't think she was going to get pregnant because she was in an 18-month-long relationship before Stone and she didn't get pregnant then. [rolling my eyes over here.] She's using an IUD now.

Jordan: They talk about how they left Texas to return to Maryland for Derek's scholarship. Their families have stepped up to help, and they're cordial with her parents now. [nice that she was able to swallow her pride on that one.]

Summer: Her sisters are on the shot now, and she's using the ring, but is planning to switch to the shot. [I'm glad that her sisters are learning from her, though the relationship with "one of them" seemed odd.] They had an issue with him being intimate with someone else in their home. [ouch.]

Autumn: They're together right now, but they break up every three months or so. [not impressed.] He's working full-time, plus umpiring for Little League. [but he's still smoking a lot of weed? not gonna be working with kids for long, guy!] He's cheated on her twice and knows not to get caught smoking.

Courtney: Their son's cleft lip surgery is considered cosmetic rather than necessary, because it doesn't affect the palate. She just finished high school. [not gonna lie, I'm surprised he stuck by her.]

Millina: Her mother left rehab early, so Millina feels the woman will probably relapse. She's currently getting along with Trevor's mom, but still won't let her watch the baby alone. She has implanon in her arm now.

Maddy: She's going back to school in August. They haven't talked since December, when Cody asked for a DNA test. He got another girl pregnant two months before Maddy conceived, and that's the girl he's dating currently. [whaaaat?!?] Maddy is fine with the test happening, but she won't pay for it. [I think that's fair.] Cody has never paid for anything for their child, and Maddy won't even agree to pay for half of the DNA test. She's planning to get an IUD.

Savon: She's still friends with Mauwi. The babydaddy (who has like 5-6 other kids) has been coming around a little, but they're not in a relationship. [interesting earrings.]

Karley: Her little family is living on their own now. [they remind me a bit of Katie from Teen Mom 3.] 

Aleah: She has implanon now, but isn't dealing with her diabetes well. [why didn't Dr. Drew make a bigger deal out of that??] Her babydaddy wants a vasectomy after the implanon, as they don't think they could manage a third child.

Jazmin: She's not talking to her babydaddy anymore, but is talking to someone new.

16 & Pregnant
"Life After Labor 6" (Special):
Autumn: She tries to get Dustin to watch a birth video and he vomits immediately. [gross!] They do a belly cast. Maurice's mother gets upset when he doesn't complete chores at home. [that was an awkward scene!]

Jordan: They go to a baby store and scrape together fifty cents to buy some baby socks. [that was kinda painful to watch.] She dances, eats spicy food and pineapple to try inducing labor.

Summer: She continues a family tradition of not graduating from high school. [bleh.]

Maddy: They try a sleepover to prepare for living together. [glad they decided not to follow through on that idea!]

Courtney: Scott watches porn on his phone and she finds out. [how random!]

: She sees things on her babydaddy's phone that she doesn't like. [all this new-age drama with technology!]

Karley: Her older sister was mad when Karley got pregnant, as she was trying to conceive. [awww.] She and Tony had to get used to tag-teaming feedings. [multiples are rough!]
Arianna: Maurice had a shower of his own to get gifts to give to Arianna. [whoa.]

Aleah: Shawn's younger brother announced he was expecting a baby shortly after they had theirs. [dang. how do you NOT learn from that??]

Savannah: She suffered from PPD. [more on that would have been interesting.]

Millina: Trevor wanted a DNA test, but it proved he was the father. [I wonder why that didn't make it into the original episode?]
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