Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Switched at Birth: Moving Forward

I had no idea that current high schoolers could learn about their college acceptances online at a specific date and time. That would have changed so much for me when I was that age! I remember hearing about someone's acceptance every day to some different school, as the mail was so variable, and schools sent out letters steadily. Of course, then I wouldn't have had the thrill of being accepted to my #1 choice only ten days or so after applying, but that's besides the point. I'm really curious as to how the future of this show could potentially shape up... keeping certain characters involved with local schools makes it easy, and two sets wouldn't be that difficult to pull off, but it really makes everything a little less realistic if Daphne just heads to Gallaudet with Emmett rather than go to Northwestern or another university with a strong pre-med program... I guess it's still too early to tell too much. Oh, and one other thing... why does Gilles Marini get credited before D. W. Moffett and Lea Thompson if his character is now dead?

Switched at Birth "Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone)" (S03E17): It's been two weeks since Angelo's death, so when Angelo's mother writes, asking Bay to notify a Chicagoan relative of Angelo's death, John embraces the opportunity to get the girls out of the house. It's a bonus trip for Daphne, as they tour Northwestern, too.
But, she's still upset at Regina, so she decides to get high. The med student she's hanging out with has a neighbor who smokes weed, but he sells them cocaine instead. [talk about upping the ante!] He's been living abroad for three years without his parents, but Daphne is sick of being good like that, and after she pushes a couch off the roof, she almost slams his laptop to the ground. [wow, that was awful!] She even tells Regina that she got high, in an act of rebellion, after learning that the lemon cake got thrown away.

When Bay meets her relative, Sebastian, she's disappointed that he doesn't have much to say about Angelo. She accidentally breaks a hand-blown vase, worth $700, and asks John for the money. Sebastian claims it was one-of-a-kind, but John notices three similar ones on a shelf. [so we're just painting the man in a negative light?] Bay does learn that Angelo had an older sister, Francesca, who died at 18 of an aneurysm. [ouch.]

Leo and Abby show up to visit Regina, but she forgot and isn't up for it, so Kathryn entertains them. [what a large shift!] Leo and Victor are no longer together, so Leo has been solo parenting for months, and Kathryn tries to set him up with Renzo, but they don't have much in common. [so odd to see Renzo flustered!]

Toby has his first DJing gig, but as he's practicing, he disturbs his new upstairs neighbor, Lily, who just started teaching at Carlton. [you know, because everything in this show must be inextricably linked.] Tank, Emmett, and MaryBeth go to the gig, and Emmett pretends to be Travis so as not to be awkward. Of course, after Travis gets off work, he shows up, and then Lily gives away Emmett's identity, leading Tank to figure out the truth, and throw a punch. [saw that coming!] Emmett ducks, Tank gets drunk, and Toby takes him back to his place. Because Tank's roommate in the residence hall doesn't like him, Tank decides to stay on Toby's couch permanently. [to stay EVEN MORE tightly linked.] 

Switched at Birth "It Isn't What You Think" (S03E18): Emmett and Daphne get accepted to Gallaudet, but Travis doesn't. [awww. but this is clearly going to become a learning opportunity...] Emmett wants to celebrate, Daphne is ambivalent, and Travis decides it's time to find another path to success... which apparently means dropping out of school right away to get a job with benefits. [hmmm...] Meanwhile, this gives Melody the idea to help create a satellite campus in the midwest, for more deaf kids to get the opportunity for a supportive college education. Funding will be a concern, though. [... and this is theoretically how the series will keep Emmett around, too.]

Bay learns that Tank is Toby's roommate, and that he hasn't told his dad about de-pledging yet. She goes along for moral support, and then shares that she's become obsessed with the fact that she may have a hereditary aneurysm. He convinces her to make an appointment to get screened. [which she's apparently not going to tell John and Kathryn about?]

Wes brings muffins to Regina, inviting her to the groundbreaking of the East Riverside project the following day. [what happened to Regina going to meetings? and did Daphne not get punishment for getting high?] Daphne goes to tell Nacho about it, and he decides to vandalize the area. Daphne goes with him, and they end up making out. [I'm really sick of her playing "the bad girl." That's Bay's job.] The damage is extreme, and leave Wes and Regina with no choice but to turn to Coto's contracting company, as all of the others won't touch the project now. [see? being bad only makes things worse.]

Toby hears that Sharee hasn't turned in all of her college scholarship forms, then learns that she's failing English. [first physics, now English? surely there will be another issue before the girl graduates...] Because the teacher is his new neighbor, he tries to get Lily to let Sharee have a re-take. Lily won't, as per her classroom policy, so he goes to Melody, which angers Lily. Lily and Toby sleep together, and Sharee gets the re-take. [whatever.]
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