Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RETURNING: Switched at Birth: There's Always a Twist

I had forgotten that the season would likely start off with Toby still in Iceland, and am curious as to how long he'll be missing from the plots. The Matthew situation ended up a little differently than I would have guessed, and Angelo learning sign language has been an interesting addition, especially with Regina having abandoned it. Dropping Campbell is interesting, as he brought something different to the table, plus Daphne choosing him over Jorge was such a bit thing previously. Similarly, removing Tank from the picture really condenses the main cast, similar to how the series looked when it began, and I don't know if that's the best choice at this point. However, it looks like there is a lot of adventure coming up, so who knows!

Switched at Birth "Love Among the Ruins" (S03E12): Emmett tells Melody he had a motorcycle accident, but after Matthew plasters the school with copies of text exchanges, Melody asks her son for the truth. [ouch.] Melody wants to turn it into a cyberbullying lesson for others, but Matthew has more blackmail, so Emmett keeps quiet and pretends that nothing happened. [typical.] However, Melody is so upset that she gets physical with Matthew when telling him to stay away from her son, earning her a suspension from work. [wow. that's probably going to just get worse.]
Bay and Emmett were intimate and didn't use protection, so she asks Daphne to accompany her to get the Morning-After Pill. [did you know those things are like fifty bucks??] Bay goes to break up with Tank, but learns he de-pledged, so she feels she can't because he has no friends. [aww.]

Regina tells Daphne not to tell John and Kathryn that someone busted one of the store windows, but the teen does snoop around to find out who it was. When she learns Nacho put out the call, she and Bay hightail it to an East Riverside pool hall, where they flirt with the culprit and his brother. [this stinks of trouble!!] It turns out that Bay is good, and they hustle the brothers into leaving Regina alone. When Nacho calls Regina a sell-out, Daphne says that she doesn't work for Wes any longer... though at that very moment she and Wes are re-negotiating. [this is going to come back to bite Daphne...] Oh, and Angelo moves in to help keep his family safe.

Switched at Birth
"Like a Snowball Down a Mountain" (S03E13): Bay goes to see Tank, and launches right into a break-up speech. Tank comes looking for Bay and gets a lecture from John, who accidentally learned that Bay needed the Morning-After pill. Tank doesn't deny it, and learns from Bay that it was Emmett. [wow. I don't think I could have stood there and taken that!] Kathryn tells Bay that she and John know about the Plan-B pill, and encourage her to use condoms, which prompts Bay to come clean to John. 

Emmett tells Bay that Matthew has a revealing picture of him, so the two break into Matthew's locker to erase stuff from his laptop and phones, but learn that Matthew might actually be interested in Emmett. [why not check the other phone anyway, for copies of stuff??] It throws them off and they're late getting everything back, and Matthew catches Bay, then threatens to get her and Emmett expelled. Bay thinks about it and tells Emmett that they should leave it alone, as turning in Matthew when he's not "out" could really hurt him. [I feel like this could have been fleshed out a little more.]

At work, Daphne becomes Campbell's supervisor, and takes all of the work very seriously. However, when Campbell doesn't do one of his tasks dutifully, Daphne takes the blame, but Campbell wonders why he didn't get the job in the first place. He talks to Dr. J. and winds up with a job across town, effectively ending his relationship with Daphne. [interesting... so who will be Daphne's new love interest this half of the season?]

Regina sees someone in the parking lot at work, and calls the police, but decides she's being paranoid. Then, she gets a call at home where the caller doesn't say anything. [hmmmm...] Meanwhile, Angelo installs a home security system.

Kathryn is going to be on the cover of Parade to promote her new book, but her excitement is drained when she learns that Sara Lazar is trying to stop the book from being published, afraid that people will connect her to Tara Mazar in the book. [well, yeah.] Kathryn confronts Sara, but the woman doesn't give her the time of day. Kathryn thinks about re-writing the character, but her editor suggests they leave it alone.
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