Monday, August 18, 2014

Falling Skies: Heading to the Moon?

I really enjoyed listening to Tom recite President Kennedy's speech, and I guess I'm happy that Tom and Anne are married (I had forgotten that they weren't), but otherwise I found this episode rather draining. There's not even a wedding to look forward to, as the proposal and the ceremony were practically one after the other! The return of Mira, who was once a love interest for Matt, had potential, but, just as Tom and Weaver did, I was suspicious of her as soon as she started talking.
She caused some unnecessary grief, as did the Sara-Pope plotline - who cares? The Ben-Maggie-Hal love triangle is now also officially a "thing," and it doesn't look like it will be quickly resolved. Furthermore, the idea that the 2nd Mass must now FLY TO THE MOON has me staring at the screen in disbelief, like a deer stuck in headlights. As the season begins to wrap up, I wonder if it should really just be dying down. 

Falling Skies "Till Death Do Us Part" (S04E09): The moon seems to be powering the Espheni machines, so to knock them out, the 2nd Mass will need to fly to the moon and shut everything down at the source. Everyone works to uncover the buried "beamer," but Cochise leads Weaver, Anne, Matt, and Tom to a stockpile of high-tech devices to help. [why have the area written to be a toxic waste dump where the characters must wear gas masks to avoid the chlorine??] Mira is there, and while Matt is excited to see her again, Tom ties her up while they dig. [and apparently nobody thinks they should keep a close eye on Matt...] She talks Matt into untying her, then blows the whistle that summons the Espheni to "dissidents." They arrive, there's gunfire, but the 2nd Mass is still victorious, even if there were a few wounds. [I really think a death would have been more believable here.] Plus, they now have Mira's whistle, which Cochise is able to deconstruct in order to control Espheni devices, and he raises the buried beamer. [so it won't even take long to get to the moon, huh?]

Maggie can't control her senses or strength, so Ben helps her work on tuning out others' conversations, jumping from heights, and sharpshooting. They kiss, Hal sees, then Maggie realizes it must be the spikes that are drawing her to Ben, nothing more. Hal later slugs Ben, and tells him to give up on Maggie. [but, as Comic-Con suggested, the brothers are not done vying for the girl.]

Also, Pope thinks Sara is taking drugs, but it's actually only aspirin. [yawn!]
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