Thursday, December 4, 2008


by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Entertainment Weekly
recently did an issue on "The 50 Sexiest Movies Ever" and since I have not seen most of them, was curious to see who has.

The list:
1. Out of Sight
2. His Girl Friday
3. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (sure, I saw it. Along with everyone else. It was a great action flick, let's not lie)
4. Body Heat
5. Bull Durham
6. Don't Look Now
7. Y Tu Mama Tambien (you know, I've heard about this one forever, and still don't care)
8. The Last of the Mohicans (maybe someday)
9. A Walk on the Moon
10. Before Sunset
11. Once
12. The Fabulous Baker Boys
13. Shakespeare in Love (I've only seen clips, but one of these days I'll sit down and see the whole thing)
14. The Year of Living Dangerously
15. Notorious
16. The Seven Year Itch
17. Mulholland Drive
18. Swimming Pool
19. The Notebook (saw it against my will. It was bad. I really did hate it and felt like I had wasted my time. And I still blame my boss for making me watch it.)
20. Titanic (like any teenage girl in the 90s, I saw it. and bought the 2-tape VHS the night it came out. But I definitely didn't consider it sexy. I didn't even realize they had sex in that car for the first six years I watched it)
21. Basic Instinct
22. Mississippi Masala
23. The Age of Innocence
24. 9 1/2 Weeks
25. The Postman Always Rings Twice
26. The English Patient (torn. haven't seen it, but don't know if I want to or not)
27. Unfaithful
28. Love & Basketball (definitely thought that the previews looked like crap, so I never bothered to rent it)
29. Bound
30. Maurice (the snippet looks good, maybe I'll add it to my watchlist)
31. American Gigolo
32. Cruel Intentions (this was also crap. And I watched it on the couch with my boyfriend when I was fifteen)
33. She's Gotta Have It
34. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
35. sex, lies, and videotape
36. Ghost (here's one that I plan on seeing someday, but only because it seems that everyone else has already seen it)
37. In the Mood for Love
38. Secretary
39. The Talented Mr. Ripley
40. The Last Seduction
41. The Bodyguard
42. Little Children
43. Dirty Dancing (here's another film I love, but not for the sex appeal. I love the soundtrack and the choreography. and that's it. I've never found Patrick Swayze attractive)
44. King Kong (yeah, I guess I should see it someday. not in any rush, but sure, I'll give it a go)
45. The Bridges of Madison County
46. Like Water for Chocolate (see, I find the mood-food concept fascinating, and that's why I'll take the time to watch it at some point)
47. Kissing Jessica Stein
48. How Stella Got Her Groove Back (I had a best friend who loved this movie. and that's why I'll see it. maybe there's a chance I'll find this movie sexy)
49. Yossi & Jagger
50. 300

and yeah, that's it. I've hardly seen any of them. What makes a movie sexy anyway? As I also don't really have a soft spot for romanticism, I guess I just don't go for 'sexy' movies. Oh well.
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1 comment:

Katie said...

I've seen:
His Girl Friday, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Body Heat, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Before Sunset, Once, Shakespeare in Love, Mulholland Drive, The Notebook, Titanic (I saw it nine times in the theater...ack!), Unfaithful, Cruel Intentions, Ghost, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Dirty Dancing

I've only seen His Girl Friday once in the SLB, but I remember enjoying it. Y tu mama Tambien is ok, but it didn't change my life. Before Sunset and Once are two movies that basically follow 2 people that like each other around a city - both very intimate and cute. I think you'd really enjoy Shakespeare in Love because of your extensive knowledge of theater. I still don't understand any of Mulholland Drive, even with people trying to explain it to me. I didn't think Unfaithful was as fabulous as other people seemed to believe, but it was ok. I, too, thought Cruel Intentions was crappy. Ghost is good but at times the 'special effects' are HILARIOUS. Talented Mr. Ripley is interesting, but long. And Dirty Dancing is just classic - I love the soundtrack too! :)