Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Review & Preview

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

For those who don't want to scroll through the past 80-some entries to read about the long-running series I covered for so long, I figured I'd do a quick run-down post.

In reverse order, I covered:
King of the Hill
Murphy Brown
Reading Rainbow
Happy Days
Beverly Hills, 90210

The Jeffersons
Barney & Friends
Fat Albert
South Park
The Simpsons
7th Heaven
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

America's Funniest Home Videos
Wheel of Fortune
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
Sesame Street

Hard to believe I did that for 22 weeks. But yeah, in review, I think it was a pretty good sampling of popular, long-running shows. And that leads me into the next section, as voted on by you readers, "shows canceled too soon." Now, I should warn you... when this series of entries begins next Monday, it's going to be a lot more subjective than the previous series. Mostly because there's no statistical evidence to prove that it was canceled too early. I mean, shows that only lasted 1 season (or less) are obvious choices, but there are a lot of shows that lasted 4 seasons or so, but could have enjoyed a decade-long run, in my opinion. Hopefully, this will also interest you to the point of checking out these shows, as they'll probably be much less known by most people.

This blog also counts for Day 8 of the 31DBBB Challenge, which is interlinking within blogs. I'll add in some more within a few other entries as well.

If you have any ideas for a show that you'd like covered, feel free to suggest it! And on a similar note, as I begin research for this area, I'm thinking of a show I'd love to include but can't seem to find any information about it... it ran for only a few episodes (pretty sure less than 10), on a major network in primetime. This was sometime between 1996-2001, but probably before 1999. It focused on a bunch of high school-age kids who were all big-time athletes (like Olympic training and stuff), and I think one episode dealt with steroids. If this rings a bell, please help me figure out any info that'll aid in my research for it.

I also stumbled upon (no pun intended) this map today, marking where many sitcoms take place. Unfortunately, there are many not represented on here, but considering how many exist, I guess you can't cover them all.
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