Friday, May 22, 2009

Finale Week!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
: the finale for Season 20 just ran. And while it went hand-in-hand with the King of the Hill finale, neither one was all that good and both focused on American crap. It was kinda funny that Ogdenville was representing Mexico in that nobody wanted to live there or eat products from there, and that the citizens would do the junky jobs that Springfield didn't want to finish. The Minnesota/Norway thing was a little confusing, but whatever. I'm curious as to whether Maggie is going to continue to be a talking character (she played a talkie last week and uttered a version of "yes" repeatedly this time), but otherwise there was nothing memorable and this was a crappy season finale.

Family Guy: This was a "founding of Quahog" episode. From the 18th century. Where Stewie is the King and Brian is the court jester. And Peter sleeps with Meg. And Lois's dad wants to feel her up. It was very weird, but at least there were a few funny jokes (albeit of poorly-drawn How I Met Your Mother characters. Not a bad season finale, but definitely not one of the best.

American Dad: Francine and Steve had very little to do with this episode. Hailey and Roger have a contest to see who is more attractive, which ends up being funy since they end up at two different "pig parties" by the end. Stan hangs out with the guys from work, learns about "credit card roulette," and is terribly upset that the guys just knock out people who get in the way. It's kinda disturbing, and I really don't like how lightly the idea od drinking and driving was displayed.

How I Met Your Mother: I was eventually able to watch the episode preceding this one, and it was just decent. This one, however, was a fantastic finale, and probably the best one of all shows this season thus far. We finally got the "goat" story, but that ended up being kinda weak. I always seem to like the writing on the show, as it always seems to be damn clever. This week, metaphors were everywhere. The washcloth being Ted's dreams. Marshall's leap being a leap of faith for one and all. I didn't care much for Lily's joke about being pregnant, since I know that'll end up being a storyline soon enough anyway. I also didn't like the bit with Robin and Barney, but that'll eventually clear up. I did like the term "Mosby" and hope to put it into real-life use soon. Lastly, I'm sad about Ted taking a teaching position. Yes, that's how he met "the mother," but geez. "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach" is still true, and is a big put-down for Ted to be forced into academia (for what already appears to be the long-term), which he wasn't hoping for.

Little People, Big World: no new episode this week. In reality, I wonder where the twins will be attending college in the fall.

House, M.D.: off-season

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: off-season, but returns next week! I did see the special 2-minute preview that TLC put up online, and it was kinda traumatizing. Jon and Kate weren't sitting on the same chair they always do, but were interviewed separately this time. The kids turn 5 years old, which is so crazy... I remember when they were two!

Table for 12: the family took a roadtrip to Niagara Falls. A nice 4-day Spring Break trip, about 400-450 miles from their home in New Jersey. Bodily fluids abounded, and the kids had mixed experiences. They hit up a butterfly garden and a water park in addition to the Falls. Nothing too unique about the episode, and it seemed to focus a lot on the family as a whole instead of any specific kids, which was interesting. It was interspersed with Gosselin antics and previews, so I guess that'll start up again soon!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: off-season, but returning June 22nd!

Lincoln Heights: off-season, and will be moving to Tuesdays at 8pm starting August 4th!

18 Kids and Counting: nothing new this week.

South Park: mid-season until October.

Monk: off-season, returns in the summer.
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