Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Top 10 Shows set in Chicago!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So this is kind of a strange topic, I know. I thought about it when I was watching ER this morning, and thought about how much I love that show, and Perfect Strangers. And from there, I just went with the idea.

10. The Bob Newhart Show. The only one on this list I don't watch, and I had to use the internet to find it to use as filler.

9. Webster. Funny show, it aired both in the city and the suburbs (Webster burns down the apartment at one point, forcing the family to move into a huge house instead).

8. Good Times. Depicted the Projects of Chicago.

7. Married... With Children. Chicago suburb. white trashy house, too.

6. Punky Brewster. definitely Chicago. and a way cool show! also in an apartment building. but Margeaux had a mansion and I think Alan lived in a different complex, so we saw some other real estate options. And of course there was Fenster Hall, the orphanage that Punky goes to on and off before Henry's official adoption.

5. Two of a Kind. bet you forgot about this show. It was one of the Mary-Kate and Ashley shows, running one season on the ABC TGIF lineup. Definitely a house with a backyard.

4. Roseanne. It was in Lanford, Illinois, but this was apparently only an hour from Chicago, so I'm going to count it. It's a house in a decent neighborhood, but definitely designed in the working-class mindset (no dishwasher, for instance, LoL).

3. Family Matters. From Day 1, it's very Chicago. A really large house depicted in a clean-cut neighborhood.

2. Perfect Strangers. Obviously Chicago, since it's a spin-off of Family Matters. Larry and Balki have a small apartment, and I think I equated apartments to being just like theirs (I was young when it premiered, LoL).

1. ER. obviously I was saving this for the #1 slot. They take the L-train often, so that's a dead-ringing indicator. some of the characters have houses, others have apartments. Carter's grandparents' estate can't be too far, he did live there and commute for a while.
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