Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top 10 Catchiest Cartoon Theme Songs!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm counting these based on how easy they were to learn, fun they are to sing, and likely they are to be stuck in your head. My choices are also clearly based upon the years I grew up (with one obvious exception).

10. Alvin & the Chipmunks: a lot of shows I'd try to sing in the characters' voices... not this one.

9. The Wuzzles: I thought this theme song deserves better than 9th place, but so many people never saw it, it couldn't have been as catchy as I want to believe.

8. TaleSpin: I think the drums and the "oy ee ay" make this one fun!

7. Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers: This was fun to sing, I think mostly because you got to go, "Ch-ch-ch-chip and Dale" hehe

6. Pepper Ann: she was so cool, and the song reflects that (along with how wacky she was). (oh, and in the second and third seasons she found something new under her desk every episode!)

5. DuckTales: the "woohoos" are fun. I liked the setup of the song, too... like it actually had verses and a chorus, which wasn't all that common at the time.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: all the videos on youtube are poor quality, and I'd rather have just audio than poor video.

3. Muppet Babies: I wasn't the biggest fan of the show, but thought the theme song (and the intro in general) was downright cute and amusing. They changed it up at least once, but here's one version.

2. Tiny Toon Adventures: this one was adored by many, because I remember singing it at recess, LoL. I think we liked it because we got to sing fast, and since rap wasn't big in the 1st grade, that was the only shot we had!

1. Gummi Bears: um, I'm not gonna lie. I still sing this song. I think it's in good range for me, LoL. [For my FSU readers, I'd sing it in the Landis arcade (and Ariel's part in "Unfortunate Souls" too!), it sounded so good in there!] In fact, I may have the verse "Magic and mystery are part of their history..." in my head for the next couple hours now!

Three Honorable Mentions (no order): Denver the Last Dinosaur, Doug, Heathcliff

do you think anything's missing? (if you are my sister's age, I'm sure you think I left out your favorites, hehe.)
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ProfTVWatcher said...

I'm glad you have Doug as an honorable mention. Do do doo do do do doo do do do do is genius.

I still know the Tiny Toons theme song by heart, so it's in its rightful place near the top of the list.

ProfTVWatcher said...

PS...I think Captain Planet, Inspector Gadget, and Pokemon have memorable theme songs, too. I think they were the ones I missed on this list.

Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

Captain Planet is a good one. Especially since I hated the show but turned the channel AFTER the into because I liked the song, LoL. I had forgotten Inspector Gadget, good song there, too (the show annoyed me... I didn't like that all you could see of the bad guy was his hand).

I honestly can't say I've ever heard the Pokemon song, but given its prevalence on the internet, I assumed it was well-liked (and that's precisely why I made the age comment on the end, since I know my sister was into that one).