Friday, June 19, 2009

at least we have lots of Fall start dates!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
: off until September 27th

Family Guy: off until September 27th

The Cleveland Show: premiering September 27th

American Dad: off until September 27th

How I Met Your Mother: back September 21st.

Little People, Big World: off-season

House, M.D.: back September 21st.

Lie to Me: back September 21st.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Jon gets a motorcycle. Kate gets a scooter that she donates for a Ronald McDonald House auction. I find out that Orange City Choppers are actually in New York. Really, nothing else happened!

Table for 12: off-season.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: back next week!!!

Make it or Break it: starting next week!!!

Cake Boss: omg. Bridezilla. and she was such.a.b!tch. She RUINED one of Buddy's FOUR TIER cakes!! (And demanded another one, for THE NEXT DAY! The family wanted to just serve the ruined cake (as did I!), but Buddy was the bigger man and made her a new, very intricate cake. Her mother was very appreciative of it, but the b!tch wouldn't even acknowledge that there was a cake!!! ahhhhh! Plus, the original cake was way beyond gorgeous! Stretch was Stretch (did anyone else have the ostrich beanie baby? I won one at my 8th grade dance and his name was Stretch, LoL). No family drama this week. They had to make a 3D cartoon plane for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I hope they charged that bridezilla so much more than DOUBLE.

18 Kids and Counting: On Monday, Josh and Anna were on the Today Show with Meredith Viera. They found out that they are expecting a girl, and they're about 22 weeks currently. It was really neat that they found out by cutting into a cake that had pink layers instead of blue! The normal Tuesday episode showed the clan heading to Big Sandy, Texas for a homeschool convention. It was neat to watch the kids participating in different activities, since they all do such similar things at home. The older girls played in the orchestra, some of the boys did some outdoor climbing and stuff, everyone did some singing and bike-riding. It was interesting to watch some interactions between the Duggars and other children (particularly the Bates family yet again). I'm really looking forward to the Tennessee episodes now, since I think we'll see Erin and John-David, or maybe Nathan and Jana (or even Jill). The whole thing made me wonder if JimBob and Michelle would have issues with their children getting married out of chronological order. It might not be an issue with the older kids, but when the six little boys hit their twenties (or even in a few years Jessa and Jinger could get courted before Jill, for example), they could find women at different ages. I see no problem with it, of course, but I'm not a Duggar, LoL.

Lincoln Heights: returning August 4th

South Park: back October 7th.

Glee: Starts back up September 16th.

Wipeout: I only caught the last two contestants going through the final round. They weren't that impressive (and apparently they had no great falls earlier, since the announcers weren't making fun of them as much as normal).

16 and Pregnant
: I actually didn't plan on watching this show again, but it happened (and since I know nobody is watching it, I'll recap instead of just commentary). I was channel surfing two minutes after it started so I figured I'd watch it. This week we had a cheerleader get pregnant (over the summer). She dumped the babydaddy, he wanted to get back together, she changed her number and blocked his. She flat out wouldn't even tell him she was pregnant. She was being made fun of so she decided to go to community college instead of finishing at her high school. Her dad was kinda just there. Her mom kept telling her she needed to focus on her life, not boys (she had a couple dates or something during her pregnancy). Neither her mom or her sister wanted to be in the delivery room, but mom ended up in there anyway (but really offered no support, although she did cut the cord). She lucked out with just a seven hour labor before she began to push (between one and two hours), and with her epidural she wasn't screaming or panting or anything. The girl had never held a baby before (personally, if I was a sixteen year old idiot, I'd find a way to be around babies if I was planning to keep mine), so she was a bit shocked and surprised. She completely left the baby in the changing position while she went to the other room. New-grandma thinks it's bad to put covers on the baby's hands, yet mom's biggest complaint was that grandma won't help at night - only during the day. The brat wants a car (she crashed the one she was GIVEN at sixteen), knowing she can't afford it, and blames it on her dad. Her grandfather (baby's great-grandfather) takes her to the Ford dealership and she test drives a Ford Focus. She ends the episode talking about how she'll teach her daughter right and wrong so she'll make good decision without parental guidance... which I took as a blow toward her own parents not teaching her these things. Oh, and they went to Perkins a LOT. Next week's episode looks REALLY BAD tho, definitely a trashy UGLY girl.

Monk: will begin its final season on August 7th.

The Goode Family: going to the SF Giants game tonight, so I'll miss the show and have to catch it online next week.
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