Monday, October 26, 2009

Catch These 5 Halloween Episodes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The first five holiday-themed episodes are debuting today. Since Halloween is this week, that's the theme. They're not numbered since I just wrote about them in the order I remembered their greatness. I included a few clips, more (of most of these) can be found on YouTube! Please, share your own favorites with me, as I'd love to add some new favorites to my list!!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: "Someday Your Prince Will Be In Effect." Hilary throws a lavish Halloween party, and the family must find costumes. While shopping at the mall, Vivian sings, Phillip shops for unneeded junk, Ashley and Hilary are accused of shoplifting, and Carlton and Will race to find a date. Between the costumes, the party, and the surprise turn-of-events (both Cinderella and the Burglar), it's a laughter-heavy, hour-long episode.

Home Improvement had Halloween-specific episodes in seven of its eight seasons. A few of them are hilarious, but my favorite is the final one, "Bewitched." Halloween pranks are famous on the series (and in Roseanne for that matter), and in this one, Tim is finally gotten good. Wilson is allegedly dating a witch, and after he goes missing (and then his body is found), Tim is the main suspect. (couldn't find a video clip)

Friends: "The One with the Halloween Party." There are some great one-liners (e.g. Joey making fun of Halloween for being just about dressing up as something you're not, then Chandler points out that Joey's an actor; Phoebe joking about Rachel's pregnancy after she gives everything to a girl who says she loves her; Chandler being "maxed out" on embarrassment; "I'll prove it like a theorum!"). But the costumes are hilarious and so cleverly in-character... Joey as Chandler, Ross as Spudnik, Catwoman vs. Supergirl, and Chandler as a big pink bunny... Oh, and how about Rachel giving out the candy/money/anything to the trick-or-treaters?!? haha.

Frasier: "Halloween." Nearly halfway through the long run of the show, Frasier had one of the most farcical Halloween episodes ever. Confusion abounds as the various characters overhear and miscommunicate with one another. Roz confiding in Frasier that she's waiting for a call from her obgyn eventually amounts to Frasier announcing to a roomful of guests that he is not the father. Niles is especially entertaining in this episode, but I definitely should point out that some of the humor is best appreciated by people who are familiar with some great literature.
(embedding disabled, here's a link:

Third Rock from the Sun had an episode, "Scaredy Dick," where the Solomons discover the intricacies of the holiday. While some of the characters are out learning about egging houses and checking candy for poison, Dick has a storyline going about being afraid of a doctor's physical... and ends up making some great jokes (pirate-themed at times!). The costumes are only partially amusing (in comparison to the extent other shows dress up) but the whole shebang is just such a knee-slapper!

Note, the famous Boy Meets World episode "And Then There Was Shawn" (the Scream episode), was not a Halloween feature... it originally aired in February! And that's the only reason it didn't make the tip-top of any list I could ever create!
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