Friday, October 30, 2009

oooooh Sharona!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk (S08E10): Natalie and Sharona have vastly different voices... how could Monk get them confused?? And why would Monk check for a five-year-old dry cleaning ticket, LoL?? If Benji has a summer job, it must be summer. But it was the middle of the year when Natalie's daughter sang? $950/week versus $930/week... that's a funny differentiation. I really didn't like the super-speed explanation that Monk gave at first. Monk jumping in a cab with "how far will $52 take me?" was very peculiar. The chase scene (and resulting fight scene) was hilarious. Sharona is much more conniving than I recall.


The Simpsons
: no new ep this week.

Family Guy: no new ep this week.

How I Met Your Mother: no new ep this week.

Lincoln Heights
(S04E07): It was only a matter of time before people came knocking at the Suttons' house, asking for some of the "found" money. After all the problems in the past, security at the high school is non-existent again?? Charles' brother got in with no problem at all. I thought that Charles did a good job of putting his father in his place by pointing out the uncle relationship. I was not a fan of Deacon, so I'm glad that Dorothy broke it off with him. I don't know how I feel about his with Grandpa Sutton, tho... nothing of interest in the second half of the episode. I like Tay's singing voice, but that's not new.

House, M.D.: off-week

Little People, Big World (S05E05): we saw the older three kids in school. Both of the twins aren't doing that hot, with less than 3.0 GPAs. Mom and twins toured Portland State University and Corbin. The kids were kinda clueless about majors, LoL. Matt wasn't much better tho... he didn't know Pepperdine and Wharton were tough to get into, and that UCLA only took in "600" students a year (that's ridiculous when you even remotely fathom the size of the school). The cooking speech was an interesting assignment. Zach really isn't a good speaker though... he has lots of problems in the small segment they showed. (I wonder when he had his braces off?) Zach KNEW he had a "messed up philosophy of school" but wasn't doing anything about it? Interesting note, Jeremy's hair isn't the same color throughout the episode, so I'm not sure how wide of a span this covered.

(S05E06) I loooove the new furniture, I guess they finally got that going after the forever-long renovation. Who says "good luck" and sends a person off to clean out the basement?!? Both parents going grocery shopping separately was pretty hilarious! I actually don't know what my stance is on the discipline and household management issues that this episode brought up.

still missing "Downhill Dwarf" and "Game Over"

Jon and Kate Plus Eight (S05E19): the dogs are back at the breeder's. It was really cute watching how the kids cleaned the dog pee. "at that time I knew that I meant it" regarding the vow renewal... that was a YEAR ago... how do these things unravel so fast?? "if I have to, I will" in regards to nursing... it's a "backup career" for Kate. How is Kate only sleeping 4-5 hours when her kids are so much more mature and less needy now?? I think one of the clips (from the show where the dresser knob was broken) blanked out Kate saying "shit" !!! I really want to find it and check now! How Kate's shoe choices have changed is amusing. Now she doesn't feel dressed unless she has heels on?? I'm glad that between the show and her book, the kids now have enough to go to college. I thought the "come hell or high water" was used a bit frequently, and I never would have guessed that Kate wanted to do animated voices, haha.

Cake Boss (S02E01): I'm glad this came back. I adore this show. Of all the shows that I really keep up with, this one has very little drama involved. Why in the world would Mary eat lilies if there's a possibility that they're poisonous?!? I love Mama, she's a trip. I loved how she ripped Buddy a new one for making a mess trying to get Anthony back. The missing engagement ring was really funny too, lmao. I thought that the Venus Fly Trap was kinda boring... or cheesy... something.

(S02E02) Holy hell. Buddy just flips over like a 3' x 2' x 2" slab of pound cake. geez, that looks so much harder than tossing a pizza, lol! Note to self: "royal icing" dries. buttercream does not. The tiny error in putting "CANDY" on the Candy cake was cute and unnoticeable to most people. My jaw DROPPED when Anthony got into the accident. Buddy got there before the cops? Did they not even call the cops?? The candy cake was crazy sugary. I couldn't believe the damage when Buddy hit a pothole or whatever! 70 pounds of cake to feed 150 people?? My wedding cake fed 200 and I really doubt it was that heavy. But then again, mine wasn't dense pound cake, LoL.

18 Kids and Counting (S03E19): an episode of Q&A, just like on Jon and Kate last night. The older four girls are actually all gone at the same time?!? amazing. Southern Baptist is their actual denomination. I'm curious as to how that differs from generic Baptist... LoL. There were a lot of questions that have been covered throughout the series, so I'm kinda confused as to why people asked again if they genuinely cared... since real fans knew a lot of the early answers. I was glad that they addressed "dancing," but their response was pretty plain... they don't like the shaking of bodies because it might make people have desires, LoL. I also found it strange that they showed a lot of the things that would normally be edited out, LoL - like Michelle getting up and taking care of kids and then coming back, etc. I didn't appreciate how a couple questions were ignored, like "could the girls wear pants if they wanted?"

(S3E20) I didn't really care for JimBob picking up his cell in an interview and notifying the other party that they'd be late... fake, and it surprised no one, LoL. LoL at JimBob thinking it was crazy that 1200-1500 people would "get up that early" to run. It was nice that the girls walked and the boys (for the most part) ran, all getting to participate in his/her own way. was really cute for three of the little boys to be interviewed, and I loved that one of them asked offscreen Jana if he was present for a certain event.

list of missing: "Duggars in Dixie," "Duggar on a Diet," and "Old McDuggar Had a Farm"

Table for 12: okay, still missing the two eps "hit the deck" and "ramp it up" but found out it's off the air until November 10I thought that it th, so I have some time to catch up. kinda.

South Park (S13E11): omg. seriously. what a cute birthday ruined so quickly. I did laugh that the Japanese killed the Miami Dolphins football players in addition to the marine animals all over, LoL. Too much "Poker Face" tho. And the band angle got old fast.

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Off season:
Wipeout (got renewed for summer 2010 and it's already filming with a NEW set. yay!)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
The Goode Family (Comedy Central picked it up to re-run the original 13 episodes starting January. they'll take it from there)
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