Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The 100 Greatest?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So Entertainment Weekly put out an issue back on December 11th that covered a lot of different "through the decade" overviews. One of the articles was "The 100 Greatest Movies, TV Shows, Albums, Books, Characters, Scenes, Episodes, Songs, Dresses, Music Videos, and Trends that Entertained us over the Past 10 Years." A lot of it I completely disagreed on, of course. But at the same time, there were things I couldn't agree with more. Here, I've reproduced only the ones I agree with. :) 32 out of 100, not too bad!

1. Harry Potter (Best Character) um, I was a little surprised that he came in at #1, but that franchise has made so much money because of that kid, I guess I believe it.
3. YouTube
what a fantastic invention! I don't really remember when it entered my life, but I don't go a month without using it now! And, apparently a lot of people use it a heck of a lot more often than that!
Brokeback Mountain I won't lie, it wasn't as good I was expecting. But we needed it. And, "I don't know how to quit you" ... I think that phrase is applicable to a lot of different scenarios. I'm glad it's become well-known.
12. A Scoundrel named Capt. Jack Sparrow
Those movies are soooo good. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the first one, and how much of a priority I now make the ride when I'm at the Magic Kingdom!
16. Facebook really? all the way down at #16? I would have placed it in the top 10, at least!
17. The Dark Knight I didn't have the love for this film that everyone else seemed to, but at the same time I thought it was good in spite of the fact that I'm not a big Batman fan.
WALL-E I really liked this film, as did so many others. But, it doesn't keep my attention enough to really watch it over and over, and that's what makes a good animated film.
30. An ogre named Shrek I think the parodies are what made this series. They're all okay, but the first one is just good.
35. Guitar Hero yeah, buddy! Clever idea and precise execution. The timing is so resolute it's almost mind-boggling, especially when you think back to Super Mario Bros. and making Mario avoid the swinging sticks of fire in the fortresses!
Children of Men now, I actually didn't like the movie. But I think it deserves a place because of its unique plot.
42. A matriarch named Madea I love me some Madea. She is so funny.
44. Brangelina
I don't follow all the drama (because, really, it's so boring at this point), but I like them as a couple, and love them in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
Gilmore Girls I was pretty psyched to see this on the list. Lorelai and Rory were such a perfect pair, it was sad to see their wit and pop culture references go.
46. A baby named Stewie
I can't say I'm a big fan. But I know why he's up there and respect that.
Wicked (Best Stage Musical) um, there's a reason it's still selling out 100% of it's nearly 2000 seats eight times a week. And the fact that you can listen to the soundtrack every time you fly Delta is awesome, hehe.
55. Penguins (Best Bird) they were ALL OVER forEVER. Even that dumb cartoon with the disabled penguin named "Kevin" became popular. honestly, I haven't seen many of the now-famous movies... except what's probably the worst one, Surf's Up.
58. Wii
awesome concept, great system, fun games.
60. Matt Damon as action star
works out for him, probably much better than all those dramatic roles in the 90s.
64. Friends, "The One That Could Have Been" I actually don't like this one much. The personalities are just too different. But I know it's a favorite of many, and the concept is entertaining, if nothing else.
65. Twitter I initially hated the idea. Not sure why, since I always had involved "away messages" (remember when EVERYONE was on AIM??) and this is fairly similar. But, I came around. I've been on since summer 2008, and have over 2,000 tweets.
66. "Since U Been Gone," Kelly Clarkson
she was good, the song was better. that is all.
How I Met Your Mother, "Slapsgiving" what a funny, funny idea. And the fact that they had an active online countdown for it was amusing (of course, this show often incorporates real media, but still). And, it is a classic Thanksgiving episode, after all.
78. A legal eagle named Elle Woods
I had almost forgotten that this was less than ten years ago. I must have watched it thirty times, it always seemed to be in the DVD player at my now-husband's parents' house. cute film.
80. The Ocean's Eleven heist scene (Best Caper) I'm such a big fan of these movies. Just the best. which is kinda funny when you consider the fact that I didn't really want to see the first one... we went at the birthday boy's choice.
82. Prison inmates' "Thriller" video
such a neat idea! As have been all of the large amateur choreographed pieces that have come out. but "Thriller" was an excellent choice.
87. Michael Phelps at the Olympics I usually don't watch swimming (but diving is cool), but with all of the Michael Phelps hype, I had to tune in for each of his races, and watch his (de)formed body win gold medal after gold medal.
89. Avenue Q Although I still haven't seen it properly (just clips and such), it really brought Off-Broadway back into the mainstage for non-theatre folk.
90. The Departed I'm actually not a big fan of this movie (omg it's long), but it's well-written and directed.
92. Mean Girls I'll never forget the first time I saw this movie... one of my best male friends in college and I went to an early screening and got our picture taken and everything, LoL. It is really meant for teenagers, but it's funny.
93. Ken Jennings on Jeopardy! this man was unstoppable! Amazing, he was. And it's really, really sad that not everyone recognizes his name yet.
99. Lolcats I was really late in discovering this one, but those dumb cats are super funny.
100. The kiss in Spider-Man only for its uniqueness will I agree on this one.
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