Monday, November 9, 2009

Get in the Holiday Spirit! 5 More Thanksgiving Eps

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Full House
: "Thanksgiving." In a show that could have easily pulled off a Thanksgiving episode every season, there is but one to this series. It was the tenth episode of Full House, and it was called "The Miracle of Thanksgiving." Grandma can't make it, and since it is the first Thanksgiving without Danny's wife/Jesse's sister/the girls' mom, everyone tried to make it just like always. However, the frozen turkey and ruined pie are just the beginning... trying to buy a stranger's turkey is nuts. And the corwning moment is Joey + a bottle + a chair + a fire. This clip is the second half (minus a couple minutes) of the episode, where all the crazy shenanigans come together!

Boy Meets World: "Turkey Day." Opening up with a funny classroom skit, the story of the haves and have-nots starts early. Morgan's little date is a cute idea. Shawn and Cory doing a group donation every year is also kinda funny. There's a rather surprising situation with the trailer park "homeowner's association" and a very touching ending as well. I share with you the final part... the first two can be found from the same member.

Will & Grace: ''Lows in the Mid-80s." In a double-episode flashback, Will & Grace give a lot of their history. Well, mainly about how they went from being boyfriend and girlfriend to engaged to not speaking for a year to the current state of best friends. We see how Will realized he was gay, a high school Jack, and the beginning of Karen and Rosario. Grace's family is seen in its strange state, and it's really kinda crazy in general. I couldn't find a clip longer than three minutes (and those weren't ideal clips), but I did find the script, so if your want to get the gist, read this. But, be aware that you don't get the crazy 80s clothing or many of the funny details.

How I Met Your Mother: ''Slapsgiving.'' The most modern great Thanksgiving episode. The gang is together for their first Thanksgiving... Robin and Ted haven't been broken up for too long, Lily is freaked about creating a perfect dinner, and Marshall is counting down to the moment when he will take out his final slap on Barney. Not a very long clip, but embraces the title.

Mad About You: "Giblets for Murray." I'm not going to lie to you... this is one of the funniest Thanksgiving episodes I have ever seen in my entire life. Paul and Jamie are determined to make a Thanksgiving that everyone in both of their families will like. They make like six trips downstairs to the local store to pick up random items to appease the guests. They have issues with the table settings and the guests changing things to fit each person's individual's tastes. But that's only the start. The dog eats the turkey, so they have to sneak another one in without anyone finding out. This proves harder than one would think, and one turkey after another is doomed. This clip does pull out all of the drama and some of the great jokes, but you get the humor. (slowly, different people figure out what's going on, and by the end they all know but they don't say anything)
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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Friends didn't make the list. They always do a Thanksgiving episode, and it's usually one of the best of the year (especially seasons 6-8).

And I may go back to my blog. It's more of a time issue, but the Social Media conference I went to today re-sparked my interest.


Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

we do have another Monday coming yet. 5 more will be up then. :-D