Friday, November 6, 2009

The World Series is changing my shows, LoL

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: wasn't able to catch it and it hasn't been up on Hulu. maybe next week!


The Simpsons
: no new ep this week.

Family Guy: no new ep this week.

How I Met Your Mother (S05E06): um, omg 83 beds?? yikes. "Barnstormer" and "RoRo" um, ew. And I was just shocked that the "bagpiping" neighbors were that old!!! The dishes/orgasm trade-off was so funny. I'm kinda weirded out by Barney's name these days... it's finally starting to be kinda.... big-purple-dinosaur. And it's overly spiteful that Lily would make Marshall's favorite dinner only for herself. :(

Lincoln Heights
(S04E08): why would Cassie talk to Charles about going to New York? I don't see what sense that makes. Having a history paper due is enough to stop Lizzie from trying out for a play? Again we see Lizzie's strange style of dancing. What does rich Aunt Naomi do? I am so happy that Jett Jackson made an appearance... he's so adorable!! Charles has no problem with the younger kids drinking?? Those girls are only like juniors. I wonder what sort of horrible thing those other girls did to make Lizzie have to go to the principal's office?!? I hate Sage, she's SUCH a B!TCH! I also don't like Naomi's attitude. And D@MN these Sutton kids can't catch a break... poor Tay getting the crap beat out of him.

House, M.D.: no new ep this week.

Little People, Big World (S05E07): wait. it's Spring Break on this show? LoL. I really thought it was a big problem for Matt to go ahead and book a trip, knowing that Amy couldn't make it. I understand Zach not wanting to go, and that Jeremy thought it was an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted. After Molly and Zach decide not to partake in a "family vacation" without their mother, Jacob was really in a rough place. He wanted to go, and it was clear that Amy was pointing out all of the cool things that he'd get to do if he went. But, he was sad that Zach and Molly weren't going. I was kinda offended that Matt was trying to guilt Molly and Zach into going.

(S05E08) Jeremy seemed to have no compassion for Zach and Molly's decision. Not much to say about this episode, really, LoL.

still missing "Downhill Dwarf" and "Game Over"

Jon and Kate Plus Eight (Special): not really a "final episode" and not really the original name of the show, either. Instead, just Kate spoke about stuff. "Kate: Her Story" was the title. They talked about the families who "cashed in on them" like her brother, Kevin, and his wife, Jody. The girl that Jon has been dating was the daughter of the surgeon who did Kate's tummy tuck???? WTF. (although on the radio today, I heard that Jon and she have gone on a break)

Cake Boss (S02E04): The robot idea was neat, but I didn't like how Buddy complained about it and then asked the others who was the doubter, LoL. Anthony having to take Buddy on the delivery was crappy... that kid is annoying! The tie-dye fondant was pretty neat. I was actually in love with the Rollerskate cake, LoL. I liked watching Buddy on the skates, too.

(S02E03) The Billiards idea was neat. Buddy talking about his pool skills got old fast. You could see the worry on the painters' faces when Buddy's sister told them to paint the walls pink. Same problem as last week when she abused Buddy's assistant. I adored the pool table cake... so neat! And after the painters did the brown thing... it just looked like a warehouse. so boring. so, so boring.

18 Kids and Counting (S03E21): stiiiiiill no "and one on the way." The pop-up box said that biblical times usually had 4-8 children, and Noah only had 3. Interesting. Who drives the yellow bug? It was interesting to see Joy pushing a stroller... usually we don't see her helping with the younger ones much. With Jennifer so afraid of bearded JimBob, why keep putting them together?? I liked the pairings of the kids in the interviews... it was good to hear from a bunch of the non-usual kids.

(S03E18) I was able to catch "Old McDuggar Had a Farm" from my list... This was a verrrry "let's praise John David" episode... and I'm not sure why. "is it important to spend one-on-one time with each kid" um, duh. Of course Michelle is going to say yes. What kind of prompt is that??

list of missing: "Duggars in Dixie," "Duggar on a Diet"

Table for 12: no new ep this week.
still missing the two eps "hit the deck" and "ramp it up"

South Park (S13E12): the kids "need a break" so they head out to the wilderness. They are quickly upset by a bunch of motorcyclists driving through. It quickly becomes apparent that the guys realllllly crave attention. I liked that comparison to sixteen-year-old girls, haha. After Cartman and Ike both call the gang "fags," they begin to become really concerned. There's some obvious homophobia going on when they talk about how the mere sound of their engines means they can't be gay. The parade of motorcycles with random noise-making accouterments was amusing. I love how the kids are always calling group meetings of the classroom kids, haha. lmao KFC chicken and gravy. The need to "motorboat" while riding got old fast. Of course as soon as the kids spray paint "fags get out" on the billboard, true homosexuals got upset. The point being made that "fag" has become too household of a word was a little vague, but decently put. Women, poor people, old people, "inconsiderate douche bags" ..... clearly definitions are ambiguous. haha, Emmanuel Lewis. LMAO on Butters' "bi-curious" self again.

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Off season:
Wipeout (got renewed for summer 2010 and it's already filming with a NEW set. yay!)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
The Goode Family (Comedy Central picked it up to re-run the original 13 episodes starting January. they'll take it from there)
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