Monday, January 25, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Boy Meets World

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is, perhaps, my favorite show from my teenage years. You could argue that I talked more about Home Improvement, but I think the golden comedy and character dynamics in this show really made it the best. It lasted for seven years (from 6th grade through 2 years of college, although it's obvious they skipped a couple years in the middle), and could have gone a little further. It ended extremely abruptly, and tried to wrap up storylines in strange ways. But that's beside the point... instead, let's focus on favorite episodes!! [Seasons 4 & 5 are my favorites, so it was really hard to choose in those categories!!]

Season 1: Killer Bees. Cory really has no interest in school most of the time. But when the prize for the Geography Bee winner is the chance to be a batboy for the Phillies, Cory does his best to out-smart the class geek, Minkus.

Season 2: Me and Mr. Joad. I love this episode for the scene where Cory and Shawn lead a walk-out, then start singing a song about unions in the cafeteria. But the whole premise of the episode is rather great, and the start to awesome Mr. Turner episodes. No full clips... not even a clip just from this episode... but this video does have part of the episode, from 6:22 onward, with the song in the last 20 seconds.

Season 3: Rave On. Cory and Eric get together to throw a rave... at the same time as their parents' 20-year anniversary party. They make it all work, but there's definitely some funny issues at stake! No full clip on this one, but here's the parts with the Monkees, LoL.

Season 4: yep, I'm cheating. Because both the funniest and most heart-touching episodes are in the same season, I'm gonna put both. I honestly can't decide which would be my runner-up overall. B & B's B'n'B: Perhaps the funniest episode of the entire series, Cory and Shawn turn Feeny's house into a Bed & Breakfast when he's out of town for the weekend. They actually manage to leave everything just as it was, despite so many slight mishaps during the project. Only the first two parts are on youtube, so you can't see how it ends, sorry!

Cult Fiction: My favorite heart-string-pulling episode of the series. Shawn gets wrapped up in a group that offers hugs... making him think he's loved. When Turner gets into a bad motorcycle accident, Shawn's afraid to be in the hospital room with him, but ends up having a heart-to-heart with God about life.

Season 5: It's Not You, It's Me. Cory and Shawn deal with the possibility that they might not go to the same college... and for Shawn that means he wants a completely different future. Meanwhile, at college, Jack and Eric decide to befriend the dean in order to create an easy way for themselves. This is a strange one, in that I found parts 1 & 3, but not 2. Go figure.

Season 6: His Answer. As Cory tries to cope with Topanga's proposal and a possible elopement, Jack and Eric get a female roommate whom they both have the hots for.

Season 7: Seven the Hard Way (2). A prank war has gone too far, causing Feeny to make everyone think about their futures if they aren't friends anymore. Everyone has a very strange outcome, and it's extremely interesting.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite episode is the one that makes fun of horror movies with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I could probably re-enact that entire episode even though I haven't seen it in several years.


Amy K. Bredemeyer said...

hehe, the infamous "Jennifer Love Feffernan." good choice, I still remember my reactions when that episode aired for the first time!