Monday, February 22, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Lincoln Heights

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Since I found out last week that Lincoln Heights will not be returning for a fifth season, I've been kinda sad. This is the first show that I can honestly say I watched from beginning to end with the intention to do so. Most of the time, I latch onto a show after it's been on for a while, and I can actually say that I was hooked on this one since I first saw the commercials for it. Not really sure why ABCfamily went back and decided not to produce a fifth season, but at least that's one less thing on my television agenda. It was a short run, just 43 episodes across four "seasons," but many episodes had merit. Let's look at my favorites...

Season 1: "Missing." After Lizzie was abducted, the entire family undergoes therapy. Eddie's partner (who was in the hospital after being hit by a car) disappears, and there's a concern about his motives when we find out Lund's brother is in jail. Charles' old girlfriend shows up, and Cassie gets jealous. Here's a video someone spliced together of the scenes with Charles and Cassie.

Season 2: "Flashpoint." In the season opener, race riots break out at ALL of the schools. Everyone gets separated (except for Lizzie and Tay, who are stuck in a computer lab with no food), and problems with cell phones are everywhere. It's a crazy episode. I can't find anything video-wise on this one. :(

Season 3: "Sex, Lies, and Secrets." Cassie and Charles have sex at school (after hours) and it ends up on the internet. The Suttons host the new reverend and his family for dinner, and Cassie finds out the reverend's daughter is a lesbian. Tay finds out about Cassie and Charles. Oh, and Sage wakes up from the coma she's been in for months. The entire episode is found below.

Season 4: "Persons of Interest." In the aftermath of the earthquake, the cops are still trying to figure out how Mac died. Charles freaks out and runs away, but comes back. Then, when the police are coming to search his apartment, he hides $100,000 at Sage's place, so now she knows about the money he took from the Suttons' house. Lizzie isn't getting along too well at high school, and sends a malicious text message in an attempt to get in with a mean girl crowd (but in her mind, something's better than nothing). Similarly, here's 4 of the 5 parts, because something's better than nothing. ;)

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