Friday, April 9, 2010

Miami Medical has Arrived!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

We're back to starting with Friday instead of Sunday, because, like when I watched Monk, I can't be sure I'll see something live on Friday and be able to post immediately. So Friday shows get posted nearly a full week after they air, but otherwise not much has changed.

Miami Medical (S01E01):
this week was the series premiere. I've been looking forward to this show long before most people even knew it was in the works. In fact, it used to be called "Miami Trauma" LoL, but that's enough fun facts. Anyway, it opened with a gas explosion, and it seems right off the bat that there is a camaraderie amongst the doctors. There's a little bit of exposition through medical accolades, and then there's a trauma to attend to. During it, the chief surgeon quits. There's a lot of interesting things happening. I like the humanity in the show; it's nice to see true compassion by doctors. The social scene is also nicely put, and I like the insertion of a new physician into the works as well. I'm looking forward to another episode. Don't get me wrong, it's no ER, but it is 2010 afterall.

Minute to Win It
(Season 1, Week 4): we pick up with that dog-crazy guy. Game 5: Stack Attack. 36 red cups - build a pyramid then take it down diagonally and put them all in a stack again. 8 on the bottom, on up. The guy was nervous and kept knocking over his cups on the first couple rows, made it, but made some mistakes taking it down again. Next try, he did it with like 8 seconds to spare.
Game 6: Defying Gravity: Keep 3 air-blown balloons in the air for a minute. He got through the first 20 seconds or so before things went downhill. He still went home with $50,000.
Next person: a teacher who wants to use the million dollars to fill her school library.
Game 1: Bottoms Up: The yoyo tied around your waist and you have to knock over four soda cans off platforms at different heights. She did it with 38 seconds to spare.
Game 2: Bobblehead: shake your head 125 times in a minute. She looked like she was shaking her hands more than she was shaking her head, LoL. She managed 144 head bobs in a minute, which is a new record on the show.
Game 3: Whack Job: the broom-whacking game. She got all 12 with 33 seconds to go.
Game 4: Tipsy: Balance 3 soda cans on the beveled edge. But you have to know how much to drink from the car to do it! They should at least crack them open for you!! She got the first one really easily. The second wasn't bad, but the third gave her trouble. She still passed with like 10 seconds to spare. I didn't even know you could balance cans like that! Sounds like a fun party trick!!
Game 5: Stack Attack. The guy before her had this one (he also had whack job for that matter). She had a different technique, and it seemed to work pretty well for her. She was cutting it close, but her two-handed techniques helped her pull through!
Game 6: Separation Anxiety: Use one hand to separate 50 M&Ms into 5 different cups, one for each color. She got it with two seconds to spare. I think I would go for all of one color first, but maybe that's not the best?
Game 7: Cantagious. 3 empty cans in one hand, three full in another. Swap them out without using the body as leverage or setting down any cans. She had a clear plan and did it in about 47 seconds!
Game 8: Ping Tac Toe: Alternate bouncing yellow and white balls until one lands in a glass of water. The glasses are arranged in a 3x3 pattern, and you have to form a tic-tac-toe with one of the colors. On her first try, she came close, but missed AND cheated by throwing another white after one hit the glass at the end. On her second go-round, her first ball was in the middle, but she didn't get a second in until there were only 6 seconds left. So, she had to use her last life on this one, which it's clear she didn't want to have to do. On her third try, she did better than the second but not as good as the first. Personally, I don't know if this is a task I could ever beat, let alone in just one minute!

Sons of Tucson (S01E04): less than two days after this episode aired, the show was canceled. There are 9 unseen episodes, and they will be burned off this summer in the 7-8pm hour on Sundays. Too bad, as I really enjoyed this show. oh well. :( Anyway, this episode was different. It starts with a career day where Ron makes up a secret agent job of sorts. Then, Brandon tries to remake the Gary's reputation and identity. Watching them clean the house was fairly amusing, they did crazy things like stuff placemats in the dishwasher and blow clothes around the bedroom using a leafblower. I love that his fake photo guy was getting arrested as he drove up, haha. There were some really funny moments when the photos didn't add up... like getting married in Egypt and dropping Brandon off for school with an Obama sticker in the background. "that's insane - why would you want to be you if you had a choice?" haha.

The Simpsons
: no new episode.

Family Guy: no new episode.

How I Met Your Mother: no new episode.

House, M.D.: no new episode.

Little People, Big World (S05E21 & S05E22): Note: there were two episodes, but I am reviewing them as one. The twins were heading to Europe. Jeremy was really packing neatly and Zach was kinda all over the place. Zach seemed kinda scared to be even checking his bags alone. Two days in Scotland, they've already been up for 36 hours, and Zach wants to take a nap. They had a good experience eating sheep intestine, LoL. They had a personal tour guide on the second day, and Jeremy was really excited to get a kilt and go commando, LoL. LoL on the "nudie booty" for being "no underwear" - I hadn't heard that before. Cool that they tried playing the bagpipes. On to London, where they only had ONE day!! (I spent a week in London and didn't get to everything!!) It was cool that they played in a pick-up soccer game at Hyde Park. haha, Jeremy mispronounced "Thames River" LoL. They got off in Brussels and had a hard time finding the platform for the next train to Amsterdam. They found someone who spoke English, but the information he gave ended up being off by two gates. They boarded in time. I thought it was strange that Zach was wearing jerseys most of the time. They had a very friendly server at the Indonesian restaurant. One day in Amsterdam, and they had fun in paddle boats and also saw part of the Red Light District.

Table for 12: no new episode.

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S04E10): Doe's Place. I am not sure why JimBob thought it would be such a neat place for the kids, but the seemed to enjoy it for the most part. The family then went to the Museum of Discovery, and the kids (of all ages) really seemed to have a fun time. Michelle had a pet tarantula growing up... that kinda took me by surprise... especially the part where she thought she held him too much since his legs started falling off!! It was interesting to see John-David talking up Josh. But it was more interesting to see Josh teaching about being debt-free and buying used instead of new. 275 months and 20,000 gallons of milk Michelle has made in her lifetime... goodness gracious!! It's nice that they're finally getting them organized tho, LoL! It was nice to see Jill and Jana visiting Josie in the hospital. They didn't give an age for Josie, but we know in reality that Josie has gone home, and that episode won't be shown for another month or so. "she's our baby" now I know she means the family's baby, but it was still strange wording nonetheless.

16 and Pregnant (S02E08): Leah, 17, from West Virginia, in the mountains. She just started dating Corey, and in just a month she was pregnant with twins. The episode started at 22 months. She was on the shot, and missed one when she broke up with a boyfriend, so that's how she got pregnant. I find it funny that they had to put captions on a lot of the dialogue in this episode because the mountain-ish talk can be difficult to understand. Also, their choice of vocabulary isn't always correct, LoL. Bearer and Barrier are different words, Leah's mom. She's taking off the first half of the school year?? To "get ready" ?? Interesting, she makes it clear that they're not in love.... and yet they were having sex. #fail. Leah's not really showing much, especially for twins! It was funny when she peed her pants, LoL. I don't like the fact that they NEVER wear seatbelts!! (except in one scene, but Leah still never does at all.) She gets her nails done in some weird patterns, LoL. She does have a really pretty face, tho. I thought it was weird that we didn't hear about what Corey does for a living. Also interesting that she had her baby shower at 6 months, when most of the other recent girls have had it much later. She started having contractions at 27 weeks. She's on bedrest but they didn't even put her in a wheelchair to exit the hospital?? I guess it's good that Corey hasn't abandoned her, but he should be more concerned with her taking bedrest seriously. At 33 weeks they moved in, and she gave up bedrest to pain, unpack, etc. Her water broke at 34 weeks. One of the babies is breech so c-section it is. The babies were close to four pounds each, which is still impressive since Leah wasn't that big. The babies went to the NICU, and stayed there for three weeks. She's just... "going back" to school without any trouble having missed the first half of the year? I don't get it. Dang this girl was really into HomeComing Week, LoL. Corey's really into Leah. It was sad that they broke up. Why does she wear those ribbon-bows on her head?? In the end, I don't understand why this episode was an hour and a half instead of an hour, but I do think that Leah handled everything pretty well, especially considering she had twice the work of many other teen moms.

South Park (S14E04): The guys are joking on facebook. haha Farmville, LoL!! Stan being adamantly against facebook was funny. I instantly felt bad for Kip Drordy who had no facebook friends. Stan's dad asking if they'll be friends was silly. Wendy was funny, too. But his dad rules. Cartman's podcast was funny. Stan is trying hard not to get "sucked in" hahahahahahaha. A random guy spits on Stan for ignoring him? wth? The Tron thing was kinda strange. He literally got sucked in, hahahahaha. ChatRoulette is a lot of penises, LoL. The yahtzee thing really confused me... anyone understand that part? Kip and the sad clowns made me so, so sad.

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life"
Wipeout (summer)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Goode Family (Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central)
Futurama (June 24th)
Cake Boss
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