Friday, May 21, 2010

Finale for House, Regular Episodes Otherwise

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Miami Medical (S01E07): That was a really weird trail that he was running on... I usually have mixed feelings about doctor episodes that are in the field, and this one was no exception. I think that the split story made a difference in how entertaining this particular episode was, but it still wasn't bad. The Truman being alive but his body accounted for buy showing up at the hospital thing was weird to me. I don't know how much I like mystery in this particular program, LoL. Serena's crisis over whether she's doing the right thing in being a trauma doctor was overdone. I did like how DeLeo ran out as soon as he realized the kid might still be alive, and how Serena subsequently stopped the chopper. The juxtaposition of Truman breathing and the DNR guy stopping breathing seemed forced. What was that paper he was looking at before he shoved it back in the envelope? I enjoyed the "re-birthday" stuff, and how he's fitting in better with the group in private now.
[tonight is the season finale (to be reviewed for next week), and the show has already been canceled, so this makes me sad. :(] They will, however, air the final 5 episodes over the next month, and they'll serve as a "second season" for some reason.

Minute to Win It
(S01E11): This is last Wednesday's episode... Jonas brother in this episode. Apparently he contacted them and told them he wanted to be on it to donate his winnings... okay whatever. He watched the episode with blowing the cards, and decided he could go on there, LoL. Which means he hasn't had all that much time. He dies out on Game 9, which makes him the highest-scoring contestant on the show so far. Also, the show got renewed, and the second season starts July 7th.
Game 1: Nervous Nelly: pedometers on all four limbs, get 500 jerks total within a minute. He was pretty amusing to watch. 186, 189 on legs; 180, 186 on arms.
Game 2: Nosedive: transfer 6 cotton balls from one bowl to another, using petroleum jelly on his nose. He does it with like 7 seconds to go.
Game 3: Junk in the trunk: Get 8 ping pong balls out of a tissue box strapped to your backside. He gets it with 23 seconds to go.
Game 4: Egg Roll: use a pizza box to roll three eggs to a certain area. He has one egg that keeps going in circles, but he makes it.
Game 5: The Nut Stacker: Slide 8 hex nuts off a single chopstick onto one another vertically, one at a time. This one is always SO hard! On his first try, he knocked them over midway through. On the second try, he made it but there was a lot of wavering in the second half, and even the audience was looking mighty nervous. He had about a second to spare, too!
Game 6: Ka-Broom: Use a broom to fling plates with single marshmallows on them, and catch the flying marshmallows in the cup. Get it done four times out of ten tries. He gets the first one easily, misses a few, drops his original, then gets all four in the end.
Game 7: Matchmaker: 18 chocolate-covered peanuts are under 18 cups. 6 each of 3 colors. Lift a cup, bring the candy to the cup that matches its color around the circle. Get them all in the right places in 60 seconds or less. He did really well remembering where the different cups were, and the audience called out the colors as soon as they saw them. He did it with 5 seconds to spare... he was right when he said that his strategy was just to keep his feet moving!
Game 8: Keep the Change: Dollar bills are hanging over the edges of glasses, held by five quarters sitting on the rims of the glasses. Snatch out 2 of the dollar bills with the quarters staying on the rims... you have 8 tries. I kinda feel like I could try this one all day and never get it once, LoL. But maybe it's not *that* hard... he got the first two! And then did several more!!
Game 9: Don't Blow the Joker: 53 cards are on top of a bottle. Blow off 52, leaving the bottom card (the Joker). He notes that this is his archenemy. He fails on his first try. On his last life, he comes close on the second bottle, but fails overall. Still, he brings a nice chunk of change to his charity.

The Simpsons (S21E22): How long have the twins in the band been playing gameboys or whatever instead of violins? Who was that little drawing kid? I almost spit water when I heard how the Springfield people are going to DETROIT for better lives... hahahahahaha. The "hi Bart" medley was funny, and the BART reference from SF was great. He bought the neighborhood wi-fi?? Bart is old enough to get "boner" jokes now?? The super-locked prison cell has a slot short enough for kids to see through?? Eh... I could've done without a Sideshow Bob episode... I feel like they're too frequent, LoL. The whole folded feet was gross, and the performing Face/Off to yourself was weird. I love that they invested his money while he was in prison, haha. My jaw dropped when his face started falling off. The whole "one state two state which state no laws broken" thing was weird, and I wonder how that really works. Also, since when does Bob actually care if he gets caught, LoL? Oh, and Dumbledore joke was good. haha, the government spies on hybrids. Flanders' extended family might be funny... I wonder if we're going to carry them over.
[May 23 is the season finale]

Family Guy (S08E19): The fact that Peter messed himself every time he heard that joke was gross, as was the underwear octopus thing. The Nightmare on Elm Street thing was creepy, and Peter putting on Quagmire's pants to get him to stop telling the joke was funny. The tracking of the joke was great, especially the part with the "heard it from a friend who" song. Quagmire's diverting the women by asking about childbirth and female coworkers was hilarious. I thought it was funny that Cleveland was in the chain of the joke but he hadn't told them the joke when they were last together (the chain is long enough that he must have known it some time ago, LoL). Why/how does Cleveland know that bellhop so well?? ANd the bellhop remembers him, too?? I liked the Obama monument phallic joke, and the joke about the US no longer being the most powerful nation was funny too. "Fatty McLoudmouth" hahahahahaha. I also love how there was a crying baby on the prisoner plane. Geniuses create dirty jokes... awesome. The stabbing was gross. hahahaha "he didn't grab one check."
[May 23 is the season finale]

How I Met Your Mother (S05E23):Friendly Marshall was funny, the breakdancing was great, and the Sesame Street reference was good, too. "PORN" is a strange acronym, and I really enjoyed the pieces of suitcases throughout, with various funny problems written on them. LOVE the fact that Marshall inadvertently helped robbers! "held up at hoe point" hahahahahaha. "Jed Mosely" hahaha. It looks like the most ridiculous and junky movie EVER. Never do that many people clap at a rom-com. FAKE. I love that the goat was mentioned. I didn't really care for the voice-over type thing going on in the movie theater. I really enjoyed the ending, and thought about how true it is... everyone has baggage, no matter how much they want to deny it. Oh, apparently the real end is where we find out she's been left at the altar THREE times... yikes! not so enjoyable.
[May 24 is the season finale]

House, M.D. (S06E22): this is the season finale. I wasn't expecting House to give Cuddy the book so soon! I also thought it was funny when he ordered Foreman to steal an ambulance, LoL. Cuddy and Lucas got engaged?? I am completely shocked. hahahaha, "switched carriers" lmao. I don't really believe how House told her she could keep her leg, then had to be the one to convince her to allow the amputation, then actually perform the amputation. I would think he'd have more helpers for such an operation. I've seen field amputations done on ER and this was rough to watch. At least they spared us the gore. Overall, I'm confused as to why House was in the field and the team was at the hospital... why not have Chase and Taub in the field or something? I know Cuddy wanted House's expertise, but really she knows that he doesn't really care for boring stuff (like crush injuries), and would prefer the exotic stuff going on at the hospital. Is a fat embolism really incurable? Why is the hospital front desk vacant? These places are 24 hours, LoL. Awwww, and Thirteen is getting worse. But what was Taub doing there? I sat in silence as House ripped off the cabinet from the wall and stared at the bottles... and then Cuddy shows up, announcing that she ended her engagement (after a day? really? why bother saying "yes" in the first place?). So she really does love House... and she wants to be with him... amazing. I can't believe it... absolutely, positively stunned here. But, if she loves him that much, why let him go back to drugs? Why not stop him? wow.

Little People, Big World (S05E33 & S05E34): Good point... when you organize a golf tournament, you should learn to play golf, LoL. It was quite the schooling for me, too. I didn't realize golf clubs even had grips like that, LoL. Where has all of this scrap wood been previously? I love that Matt is trying to get around Amy even finding out that he's building the shed. "a little more harder" is one of the few times Amy makes a grammatical error, LoL. Sometimes I think that Matt tries to push the boundaries. I don't like how Matt interchanges "strategist" with "husband," either.

I liked hearing about the history behind DAAA. I was surprised that Amy was so busy that she forgot her anniversary... that doesn't bode well for the future of the Roloffs, LoL. I liked Amy's dress for the auction. Interesting that Marty is back again, LoL. Did she also change her hair? It was strange that nobody was bidding, but I'm glad that Zach talking about the opportunities DAAA has given him made people get on the ball. I really hope they film the cruise for the show!!

Table for 12: nope. I don't understand why we saw one episode from the new season and now nothing. :(

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S04E15 & S04E16): last week: It's about time we see Josh play that piano that sits in his house! Anna is wearing new eye makeup, looks good. That pink bow on Mackynzie's head is UGLY. Where in the world did this cousin come from?? We've never seen or heard of him before, but apparently he's the son of one of Michelle's sisters. Beachballs on sticks... whatever works! I thought the girls took down the Christmas decorations when they went back? Interesting rope swing... but probably safer than letting kids under 10 use a weedwhacker. Michelle seemed so out of it, I'm glad that Jill was able to make the 911 call.

this week: the little kids learn to read by rote? What were those flashcards at the very beginning? I love looking at how amused the cameramen are. I feel as if Jordyn didn't always wear gigantic bows... is it only since Josie was born? I know we've seen it before, but I really love the brickwork on that house! I've always wanted to be able to whistle like that... I can't really whistle AT ALL, LoL.Poor Josie has to get to EIGHT pounds before they can do more testing??!? That's a LOT for a baby born so small. we know she gained 1 more ounce in this episode, but we don't know what her total weight is. Jill likes watching the kids the most... intriguing. I like how Jinger said Jill was more patient... makes sense if you've read the book, where Michelle and JimBob talk about how easy of a baby she was. The Little Rock Zoo looked pretty cool, although Jennifer still isn't a big fan of animals. I don't know why Jordyn sat in for an interview, LoL.
[season finale next week]

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life"
Wipeout (June 1, 8pm... then skip to the 22nd...)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (June 7, 8pm)
The Goode Family (Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central)
Futurama (June 24th, 10pm)
Cake Boss (May 31, 9pm)
16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom (Teen Mom back this summer, not sure on 16 and Pregnant) Sons of Tucson (will air the other 9 episodes this summer)
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