Friday, May 14, 2010

I missed a few things...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Miami Medical (S01E06): the opening party sure looked like fun! I can't say I'm very taken with this episode... not the biggest fan of either of the main patients. It was nice of the one doctor to help the girl get into a magnet school, though. The twist of events with the guy having stabbed the girl was awful, and then when he stabbed Omar Epps, I was stunned!! Glad it all worked out in the end, though.
[May 21 is the first season's finale already!]

Minute to Win It
(Season 1, Week 9a & 9b):
Sunday Episode: this week we had the "last man standing" concept. I thought that this made the show a lot of fun to watch. And while we didn't get all of the background on a single contestant, it made the challenges interesting to watch (especially the ones I've seen before). They've also started putting the tools needed to do these tasks at the bottom of the screen, which is nice for people wanting to practice at home, LoL.
Game 1: Hanky Panky: Pull out all of the tissues from the box. Instead of only having 60 seconds, just don't be the last one to finish. It was kinda intense to watch. The last guy wasn't even close. It would have been cool to see the clock going in the background.
Game 2: Bobblehead: Pedometer on the head. Instead of trying to get a certain number in 60 seconds, jerk your head as much as possible and the person with the lowest number in 60 seconds loses. 115 lost, but 137 was the next lowest I believe.
Game 3: Sticky Situation: Bounce ping pong balls to get them stuck on a peanut butter-covered slice of bread. Last person to do it loses. The last girl was like "I wasn't even close" hahahahaha.
Game 4: Rapid Fire: Fling rubber bands at a pyramid of six soda cans. Knock them all over. Last person to knock over their six loses. The last two girls were pretty bad at this.
Game 5: Johnny Applestack: stack 4 apples on top of one another. As many tries as you want, but it has to stand for 3 seconds. Last person to complete this fails. This one went faster than I was expecting, actually. One guy even put one of his middle apples sideways, LoL. And, of course, a proposal got people all worked up, LoL.
Game 6: Tipsy: drink some of a soda so you can balance it on it's beveled edge. Each contestant has to do this with three cans, and the last person to finish is out. This one was really crazy close.
Game 7: Worm Diving: use a moist gummy worm on a fishing pole to get a pretzel out of a fishbowl, and get the pretzel into your mouth. We're down to four contestants. One gets it super quick, the rest struggle. The girl loses, so now it's down to three boys.
Game 8: Paper Dragon: 500 foot streamer in each arm, swing as fast as you can to unravel it all. Last person to do so loses out.
Game 9: Ping Tac Toe: nine cups with water in them. Each person is bouncing the balls into the same nine cups, and trying to get three of their own in a row. Start over if it becomes an un-winnable game. Winner moves on. This one is so hard in my opinion! It was almost a photo finish!! SOOOOO close!!!! It's the guy who got engaged who moves on the the final game and tries for $1 million.
Game 10: Supercoin: Bounce quarters 15 feet to try and land one in the mouth of a 5-gallon water jug (has 1.75" opening!). Only one needed to win! He doesn't make it... but let's not lie, this is a HARD one! He does get $100,000.

Wednesday Episode: to be recapped next week

The Simpsons (S21E21): didn't care for the opener. Long and dumb. The mystery of which wife was running away with Moe was kinda a funny idea. Texting the phone in the water with the pole was funny. "checked out like a Harry Potter book at the public library," hahahahaha. The episode seemed to be heavy on the commercials. I never saw that DDR in Moe's Tavern before, LoL. Patty and Selma smoking while their own mother was pregnant was funny. The "train in the pocket" joke wasn't that great, but fitting for that character in that situation.
[May 23 is the season finale]

Family Guy (S08E18): ...dogs don't like the sound of pennies being shaken in a can?? haha for the "auto spell correct" comment. They were pretty clever about the military gay jokes. whoa... Quagmire's dad is having a sex change?? "Meg, you know what it's like to be different" hahahaha. I didn't understand the need to throw out the crumble dessert immediately. Asking Meg about her "procedure" was horrible. And Stewie trying to "push in" his genitals was disturbing. It was also kinda weird that Brian was obsessed with talking about his seminar. There is altogether too much vomit on this show. I may give it up soon.
[May 23 is the season finale]

How I Met Your Mother (S05E22): Robots versus wrestler... hahaha. Love how the gang acted so excited without having a clue. Robin took the phone call during her broadcast? And why was Lily even awake then, LoL? Marshall and Lily talking about how distant their future babies are was funny, too. Marshall was wearing a strange outfit for the party. Ted calling "dibs" was hilarious. Ten years later and Ted still gets mail for the previous occupant?? I love how happy Ted was at the building. The "decant" joke was too far. "Reapply in two years." I love how the seating for the match was like Medieval Times, haha.When did Ted become that much of a wine connoisseur? hahahahahahaha, Barney giving Lily and Marshall "rules" about having a baby. and whoa... once Barney's doppelganger appears, we're gonna get a baby. hahahahaha, they get together yearly for "Robots vs. Wrestlers."
[May 24 is the season finale]

House, M.D. (S06E21): Wilson wants House to move out. After all this time. This episode reminds me of "Three Stories" since what he says people are saying is exaggerated. Going back and putting people where they were, narration, etc. Alvie took over House's apartment? LoL. The donut thing was interesting. Not the biggest fan of the camera angles and shooting this time around. I love that Alvie stole the book for House. But then House called immigration on him?? Interesting that House hangs his cane on the door frame when he's doing stuff. I guess that's smart. Too bad that Alvie immediately headed out to Phoenix (yeah. Arizona. no immigration problems there, lmAo). House has had a rare book from Cuddy's family for all these years...
[next week is the season finale]

Little People, Big World (S05E31 & S05E332): I hadn't realized that there's a set of twin dwarves on Zach's soccer team. Cool for the Zach to lead the rest of the soccer team into supporting the various other sports that the team is participating in. WOW - playing five basketball games in one day is ROUGH. I think it's funny that Amy ended up having to play basketball so they had a woman on their team... couldn't they find anyone who knew the game?? Similarly, she had to play soccer to fill in for a missing player there, to! But at the same time, it couldn't have been last-minute since her jersey was personalized. The whole thing kinda hit a personal note for me, since I recently had to step in to play for my brother's dodgeball team since they needed another girl to qualify. It was cool that they were able to do a little castle tour, since Jeremy, Jacob, and Molly didn't have a lot going on that whole week, LoL. It has been amusing to me for quite a few episodes now that Jeremy can pull off that "tight, tapered jeans" look.

I didn't really care too much about the second episode. It was almost completely about soccer.

Table for 12: nope. I don't understand why we saw one episode from the new season and now nothing. :(

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S04E14):
First, the Mother's Day Special: Baby Josie comes home!! Jim Bob looks so happy to have Josie coming home. :) Jackson was so cute in saying "nothing special, Josie's coming home" LoL. Jill's hair looked really messy in the interviews. Now that they're showing the birth sequence again, Josie looked better the day she was born than she does now! We kinda got a run-down of the entire season (the Josie segments anyway) plus some. haha on the ridiculously large purple bow at the "1 month" part. I enjoyed how they did the editing for this episode. The kids are so cute with the "bugs could make Josie cough" and stuff. 4 and a half pounds when she's scheduled to be released from the hospital. To pass the carseat test, Josie can't stop breathing for more than 15 seconds, keep her pulse above 80 and her oxygen saturation above 90. She has to do this for more than 3 hours, since that's how long she would have to sit there on her way home (even though she's not going that far on that first day). Josie only lasted 48 hours at home, and she's been in the hospital ever since.

I didn't get around to Tuesday's, so it'll be included next week.

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life"
Wipeout (June 1, 8pm... then skip to the 22nd...)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (June 7, 8pm)
The Goode Family (Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central)
Futurama (June 24th, 10pm)
Cake Boss (May 31, 9pm)
16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom (Teen Mom back this summer, not sure on 16 and Pregnant)
Sons of Tucson (will air the other 9 episodes this summer)
South Park
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