Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Drink to Friends

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Okay, so back before I had my special interruptions the past couple Wednesdays, I started talking about how I was going to post some drinking games for television shows. I had about four shows in mind, and I have received one request so far (not too late to add one if you have an idea!), so this'll go for a little bit.

For the first show in this series of posts, I chose Friends because a) it's on pretty often. especially near dinner time and late at night, b) all ten seasons go on sale pretty regularly at Target and Amazon, so they're not a bad investment, c) the characters are pretty consistent so the "rules" aren't really that specific to certain seasons, and d)

Okay, so this is what I generally play by when drinking to Friends. Any other suggestions?

Take a drink when...

- Chandler makes a joke
- a "break" is mentioned
- we see Ursala
- Rachel goes on a date
- Joey is auditioning or practicing lines
- Ross mentions dinosaurs
- Monica is OCD-ish or cleaning
- Gunther obviously likes Rachel
- they drink coffee
- someone says "Oh my God" (two drinks if it's Janice)
- Joey says "how you doin'"
- Phoebe is playing music
- they talk about Ross's divorces or ex-wives
- Ross says something another Friend thinks is stupid
- Joey eats a sandwich
- Joey "doesn't get" something
- Ross and Rachel argue
- when Chandler does something generally stereotyped as metrosexual/homosexual

naturally, you could drink much more heavily if you used triggers such as "when all six are together" or something, but I'm going for casual here, folks. :)
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