Monday, June 28, 2010

Favorite Episodes: ALF

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

is kinda iconic in that if you've seen it, you're not going to confuse it with any other show, ever. And if you haven't seen it, you can probably at least pick out the little critter out of a lineup. I wrote about the history and background of the show last July, so you can head over and read that entry if you need a refresher on the characters or the general themes. That post also covers the sad history of the show's ending. At that point, only the first three episodes were on Hulu, but in the meantime, the fourth season has been posted, and I saw the rest of the series. Here, we have my top picks from each of the seasons.

Season 1: "Baby, You Can Drive My Car" (S01E10) Lynn wants a car, but the Tanners can't afford it, partly because of the money it costs to repair the garage after ALF's crash landing. Lynn wants to get a job to save money, but has issues balancing school and work. So, ALF buys a Ferrari for Lynn by selling parts of his spaceship for money. But, it doesn't last long after he takes it for a spin.

Season 2: "Some Enchanted Evening" (S02E06) It's Halloween and ALF wants to go trick-or-treating, but Willie won't let him. So ALF makes a costume party happen, and he's a popular guest, thanks to his (natural) costume. Willie is afraid that ALF will ruin his chances at a promotion.

Season 3: "Suspicious Minds" (S03E15) ALF reads a book about the conspiracy that Elvis is alive, and thinks the new guy in the neighborhood Elvis. He is obsessed with getting to the bottom of it, so he sneaks into the guy's house.

Season 4: "Baby, Come Back" (S04E01) ALF begs to be allowed to babysit Eric, but Kate is reluctant to allow him. But, when she has to leave for work and nobody else is available, she allows ALF to be in charge of him. WHen he goes to dispose of a dirty diaper, Lynn and Brian get home and take Eric with them, but ALF doesn't hear them. Poor ALF then thinks he lost the baby, and he and Willie are freaked until Kate comes home and reveals what happened.
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