Friday, July 2, 2010

Huge Premiered

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Miami Medical (S01E12): You know, I'm seriously sad that this show got canceled. I've been really hoping that a cable network would pick it up, and while I haven't given up hope, the possibility is dwindling. I thought DeLeo was great in the beginning while asking when his quarterly evaluation would be. The visual effects of the sinkhole were stunning. The storyline itself was a little House-y, since they just had a construction accident where one person was trapped by the leg, LoL. DeLeo cutting himself loose was like the ultimate act of courage. This show has such an unbelievable amount of potential with the characters!

Sons of Tucson (S01E08): The opening part about missing the basketball point was hilarious. Interesting science project... only this kid. seriously. I thought it was weird that he came to tell the girl the truth so quickly. The idea of "gay bees" was kinda strange. Overall, I wasn't the biggest fan of this episode, but that thing at the end with the bees was CRAZY! I hate how the smart kid is always getting screwed... he lost his science project right there!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S03E04): Um, WHAT?!? Ruthie from 7th Heaven is sleeping with Ricky now??!? hahaha! Dang, Adrian's family's toaster is FAST. I still don't like Adrian's eyebrows. Ricky is going to STAY WITH THE JUERGENS FAMILY??? for a MONTH??? Tom is applying to be a bailiff... hahahahaha. I feel like Lauren's hair is different somehow. Whoa... Jack is considering staying at Lauren and Jason's for the year? hmmm... too bad the girls shot that down. Coach turning him down was kinda saddening for Jack. I can't get used to Ruthie playing the mean slut, haha. And Grace yanking her head back was funny. Ashley did a good job looking like she was interested in Ricky, from the acting standpoint. I can't believe how much making out Ben and Amy did in front of Leo!! Ben contradicted himself, too... at first he said it might be his last chance to make out with Amy, then he says he's going to marry her one day. I thought it was funny that Tom told Jack he was lost so that he wouldn't have to take the bus... and then Jack tried to get Tom to let him live with him. Nice scene between Ben and the worker at the butcher shop. I was surprised that Ben never told Amy... I feel like the previews alluded to the fact that he would. I can't really understand why Adrian's dad is so anti-abortion... Grace's outfit was weird, and her metaphor of the car and Adrian's baby was awkward. At least Adrian got the last laugh with the hybrid. Why did Maidon freak out over the "I Love You" necklace from Jack?? I don't know that having differing opinions on a daughter's possible abortion is a reason to split up parents, LoL. When Tom showed up in the full tux, my jaw dropped... but I loved his proposal, and subsequent dancing, and Adrian crying on his shoulder.

Cake Boss (S03E08): The guy wants to drive the cake to ST.LOUIS??!? Ridonkulous. haha, they're gonna learn to bend pipes. Mary has twins... cute. Remy looked so funny watching the pipes since he thought wood would be easier. I had never seen a pipe bender before, that was interesting. I can't believe that Mary threw that cake on the ground! That was shocking! They're showing a LOT of the downstairs bakery this episode... like the customers and stuff. I wasn't too taken with the Pirate/Princess cake, but the St. Louis cake was gorgeous! 4 feet wide and 8 feet long... that is a BIG cake! And the new employee of the month IS.... REMY! I actually guessed him so that was pretty neat for me. THe kids just looked SO excited to see the cake... it made me smile. :)

Huge (S01E01): Will's striptease was pretty amusing in the beginning. I was a little confused as to why the counselor is so thin... why not pick someone more relatable for the campers? The segments in this show were kinda short, hopefully that's due to the fact it's the pilot, not because it's the format of the show... For it only being a couple days into camp, these girls seem pretty close... they're all upset about Caitlin leaving because she throws up, yada yada. Why would Amber tell on Caitlin?? I wasn't too excited about the daddy drama or the fact that Will now knows the dirty secret. The part about weighing risking your life versus changing your life was interesting. I don't get why Will wants to stay in the end... what exactly is her motivation if she doesn't want to change anyway?

Wipeout (S03E03 & S03E04): Apparently doing this show twice a week is the new thing. World Cup theme... cool. But they could have done so much more with the theme! The rafting beginning was interesting, LoL. The motivator didn't seem to work on every person, but it did make a few appearances, LoL. The deer close-up was random and kinds out-of-place. Renaissance Man was ridiculous in the beginning. The balls being progressively shorter and all staying still helps a great deal, I think. I liked the medleys of people going through some of the obstacles a lot better than seeing single people and how they did in several obstacles. I think one of the biggest downfalls are people trying to pass through a moving obstacle and onto a different platform in the same jump... why not do the moving, then move to the next one?? I couldn't believe the first guy in the Wipeout Zone fell out of the spincycle TWICE! The second guy just couldn't figure out how to get through the spincycle. I was pretty surprised that the BabyMama won, but good for her!

Thursday's episode started off with the big topple towers, which always seem hard. I often think about how I'd do each of the different things on this show, but I really don't know how I'd approach the sucker-punch wall. The biker bar looked hard to get over, and the fling swings were moving pretty fast today, I think. The addition of the windshield wipers to that second game was difficult and indeed makes it pretty hard! I was pretty impressed when the one guy jumped over the arm and landed on the girl and neither fell off in the process, LoL. TinaTurner did poorly on his turn through the mid-evil course (yes, that's how they're spelling it), and I really didn't like this theme, which was too bad because I like most of them. Was that really TAR?? geez... 1,000 contestants sounds like a lot! But, I guess they have 24 per show, LoL. Quan was doing really well until he got to the gauntlet, and then he suffered bigtime, taking four tries. Otherwise, nothing really exciting happened in the Wipeout Zone this time.

Hot in Cleveland (S01E03): the idea of a joint birthday is interesting, and I like how then you don't really pay attention to the genuine age you are. 5 divorces for Victoria... yikes. I like how Elka's qualification was "no fatties" hehehe. I kinda liked Victoria's dress, but hated how she set up Joy with a random man. Celebrex is Elka's favorite medication, lmao. Fun fact: the first season is only slated to have ten episodes.
*remember: Valerie = Melanie, Wendie = Victoria, Jane = Joy*

Futurama (S06E03): waiting in a line across town for an eyephone was funny. The joke about the high price and crappy service was great, too. The .mom extension was also clever. I also like the idea that they find it amusing that the eyephones are actual phones, too. I laughed at the mentos thing, too. Susan the Boil was crazy funny. Wanting the boil's autograph made me gasp. The end joke about brainwashing was funny, too.

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Off season/Coming Up:
Minute to Win It (back Wednesday, July 7th)
16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom (Teen Mom back July 20, not sure on 16 and Pregnant)
Kate Plus Eight (Season 1 continues July 11th)
19 Kids and Counting
(Season 5 starts August 10th at 9pm)
Melissa & Joey (starts Aug 17th at 8pm)
Little People, Big World (season 6 starts September 6th)
House, M.D. (season 7 starts in September)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
The Simpsons
(season 22 starts in the fall)
Family Guy (season 9 starts in the fall)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts in the fall)
South Park (have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
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