Friday, July 30, 2010

Kate is on so randomly; Nothing else great

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Sons of Tucson
(S01E12): Cute that Brandon got a job at the same store where Ron works. I love that Gary was a tap and jazz dancer... of course. And the candy concoction they created to get Robbie out of the closet was hilarious. Why not just cut her hair and get a wig?? I have come to enjoy the shots of urban Tucson + wild Arizona. It was kinda funny that Ron didn't pick up on what the girl's mom wanted him to do... poisoning the other little girl with the wheat she's allergic to. I would've thought he'd be so on top of that! At the same time, I just couldn't believe that Ron pulled Robbie out of the competition seconds before he was supposed to go on... but the little girl confused me even more by pulling out next! Poor Gary of course jumped in, then did a solo, and lastly got hurt... and Ron jumped in and tried to make Gary's fall look like it was part of the routine.
Kate Plus Eight (S01Exx): not this week. not sure what this random show is doing.


The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S03E08): I like the scheme to use John to get Amy on the phone, haha. Um, $1,000 on dinner? no. hahaha, "best friends don't have to speak to one another" lololol. I'm not in to PDA Lauren. And Jack calling Madison "Maddy" isn't going to work for me. Stupid marketing. I'm so sad that George is laying out all of that money and Anne's gonna cancel!! Adrian's doctor is UGLY... why is she hitting on him?? Wait, a mother-son practice?? What is Ben's deal with not wanting a male doctor?? I didn't like Grace's dress in the guesthouse... so 1995. annoying "cool move" junk. Why did Ricky decide to try to help his mother? And he did conjure up some emotion for his talk with Reuben. This episode is kinda boring. The ad placement still bothers me. At least SOMEONE used the room. George should take photos and video for Anne, at least. AWKWARD conversation between Amy and Adrian.

Cake Boss (S03E11): SUPER-weird sunglasses on the 80s rockergirl. Little Ferry looks like a cute town. They just had the baseball stuff with them randomly?? I think it's funny he's making the cake for the event where he's being presented the key to the city. They 80s costume thing wasn't the best. hahaha, Buddy lives at Mariana & Redneck? Funny intersection.

Huge (S01E05): hahaha "kissing of the prolonged nature" is not allowed. Just because George didn't ask for it back doesn't mean Amber gets to keep the hoodie, LoL. It's always intriguing to me when the ugliest girl in the group is the one who has had sex, LoL. Alistair reading a book while pretending to play ping-pong was funny. I think it's hilarious that the Director went to read the magazine about decoding men's signals, LoL. Wait, Alistair KNITS, too?? Cool that they showed the one kid checking his blood sugar but not making a big charade about it. Were Will's streaks always blue? I thought they were purple for some reason. I thought it was so funny that Ian asked Will if there was anyone that she wanted to sit with at the movie. But I'm glad that she forgave him over the journal thing. I'm over Amber... she doesn't know where to sit when there's like 4 guys who want to sit with her. I never would've guessed it was Chloe who was the one caught in the sleeping bad last year. Oh for crying out loud, let's drop the Director's love life!! I like that Poppy is getting a larger role, hope that continues. Amber sleeps funny.

Teen Mom
Catelynn: Why start telling the truth from 3 years ago now?? That's ancient history! but, she totally did talk to that guy... but Ryan read her messages, which I also have a problem with. Interesting how she just opened up to her mom so easily after all that time not living there... She can talk REALLY fast!! Ryan took her back anyway... dummy. Even after he said he wasn't going to.
Maci: I think her friend is more hesitant than she seems to possibly live with Maci and Bentley.
Farrah: interesting that 19 is the age you can sign a lease there. 19 is kinda random. I can't believe that she didn't know how to write a check.
Amber: It looks like she's lost some weight. It still makes me so sad when they yell in front of their daughter. They are showing a lot of advertisement for the locations they go to. 1 day of being broken up sounds ridiculous. Interesting that we saw Gary's date with another girl... I do think it's interesting that he's dating a different girl with a baby though, LoL. I wonder when this was filmed.. it's snowing there.
If You Really Knew Me (S01E02): Toledo. Middle-class. About 1400 kids, mostly White. Weird that she realizes that she's mean but doesn't mind. Cool, a kid who's into blacksmithing! When the kids say what they expect, how do they have any ideas?? Why do they jump to "hug and cry" ?? The ComfortZone square was a good analogy. Cheerleader got old fast. I wonder how they create the groups... try and put kids together who know very little of one another? That's very different from when I've done these types of activities. The apology thing was crap. Whatever. I hate when youngins go for coffee... seriously.
The tattoo commercial was really well-done. I thought it was pretty powerful.
Wipeout (S03Exx): repeat this week.

Hot in Cleveland
(S01E07): "nice girls keep their cookies in a jar" hehe. "frowny faces with the angry eyes" LOVE it! All of the Melanie crap was annoying. The end bit with Elka catching the ring was great.
Minute to Win It (S02E04): Juliana and Haley, sorority sisters from the University of Arizona. Haley's younger sister got annoying fast, and I didn't like Juliana's parents. I also hated their dumb "poll the audience" crap. And the dumb rhyming system that Guy is using to say more creative things than "stay and play or take the money and run." And they're promoting people to download their "get up" song, so hopefully that means they'll lose it soon and move on to something new to market, haha.
Game 1: Hoop de Loop: Roll hula hoops across the stage to get a bottle to be in the middle when the hoop falls over. Do it 3 times in a minute. It doesn't take too long and she succeeds.
Game 2: High as a Kite: kite attached to a hat, run to keep it in the air for a minute. Kinda seems really boring to me. She runs really funny, too.
Game 3: Well Done: Get golf balls to land in four holes in the lid of a grill. She gets it with 25 seconds to go.
Game 4: Whipper Snapper: Launch 2 ping pong balls into an innertube 15 feet away, using a beach towel that is attached to the floor at one end. They both play, with different set-ups but the same tube. They only got one in on their first go-round. At least they only lose one life, LoL. On their second attempt, they lose again, only getting one in. They get it with 20 seconds to spare on the third try.
Game 5: Spare Me: Drop marbles into a pool noodle so it falls down and knocks over a piece of chalk. Both try and they have to get 5 pieces of chalk knocked down. They manage.
Game 6: Beach Tennis: Use flippers to volley a ping pong ball back and forth and into a cooler within 60 seconds. The cooler is probably like 15 feet away I guess. You have to do it twice. They try several times and aren't bad at it, but they get rushed in places and also have trouble actually getting it into the cooler. The first one was clear, but the second one looks questionable, and the judges decide that Haley cheated by a double-bounce and let it roll off her flipper into the cooler.
Next contestants: Nathan & Chelsea - a random pairing.
Game 1: Tilt-a-Cup: Catch a bouncing ping pong ball in a cup, put another cup on top, catch another, etc. etc. until you have 6 cups with ping pong balls in them. Be careful, since the stack starts moving like crazy. Chelsea tries, and gets it without much hassle.
Game 2: Glass Road Trucker: Line up 8 bottles upside down, then put a glass upside-down at the end and put a shotglass on top and blow a ping-pong ball across the bottles to land in the shotglass. Chelsea goes for it again, and gets it pretty quickly.
Game 3: Ruler of the World: Roll a marble down a yardstick and into the hole at the end. You can only hold the yardstick with one hand. Nathan plays, and got it with 13 seconds to go.
Game 4: Next time.
The Random Million Dollar Player was really good tonight - she got quite a few close ones, but no winner this time.

Newsflash: the prizes jump from $10,000 to $50,000... I just noticed this and think that's a problem. Why not have an intermediary in there??

(S06E07): "time? I can't go back there" lmao. haha on the song and the idea that you have to keep going forward til someone comes up with a machine to go backward in time. LOVE the giraffe with three ruffs. The stalagmite thing was cool. Neat watching the guys watching time keep on going as planets blew up and stuff. Cyclical time... go figure. The fact that they messed it up again pissed me off. Oh man... hitting Eleanor Roosevelt instead of Hitler is a problem, LoL. The end where Bender is buying the bodies that they landed on was funny.
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Off season/Coming Up:
19 Kids and Counting (Season 5 starts August 3rd at 9pm)
Melissa & Joey (starts Aug 17th at 8pm)
Little People, Big World (season 6 starts September 6th)
House, M.D.
(season 7 starts September 20th)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts September 20th)
The Simpsons
(season 22 starts September 26th)
Family Guy
(season 9 starts September 26th)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
South Park
(have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
16 and Pregnant
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