Monday, September 20, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Brotherly Love

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I was channel-surfing one afternoon when I first came across Brotherly Love. It had been picked up by the Disney Channel and was running regularly there. It was some random scene in the living room, and the attractiveness of Joey and Matt Lawrence had caught my eye. It was mid-episode, and I finished it out. A week or two later, I caught it again, and made it a point to try to catch the show more often. It only ran for two seasons (and I was late to the party), but it was a cute show. Matt, Andy, and Joey Lawrence play brothers (all with the same father, but Joe has a different mother than the other two) with their same names. Their father died a year or so ago, and Joey came back to claim his part of the inheritance - part of a custom car place. He ends up staying to help raise the boys (much younger than he - Joe was in his early 20s while Andy was like 7 and Matt was in his teens).

I chose to feature this show today because I'm still really spending a lot of time thinking about Melissa & Joey, which is Joey Lawrence's new show. It's looking pretty good so far (we're about a quarter of the way through the first season), and the comedy just keeps coming. But anyway, without further ado, I present you with my two of my favorite non-holiday episodes...

Season 1: "Bait and Switch" (S01E09) Matt is having problems with a school bully (might be because Matt is the most dramatic teen boy ever), and Joe promises to help him out. However, Lloyd decides to lock Joe and Lou in the garage together so that they can fall in love. Joe misses helping Matt, and Lou misses a blind date. While they don't exactly fall in love, sparks do fly.

Brotherly Love - 1x10 - Bait And Switch - Part 1
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Brotherly Love - 1x10 - Bait And Switch - Part 2
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Season 2: "Motherly Love" (S02E07) Lloyd's mom visits the garage (played by Estelle Getty). Aside from her excellent work in this guest spot, the main storyline is Joe trying to force Andy into a derby race, to keep Matt's winning score from being beaten by a rival garage.

Brotherly Love - 2x06 - Mother Love - 1/2
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Brotherly Love - 2x06 - Mother Love - 2/2
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