Saturday, September 18, 2010

News, Gossip, Spoilers, & Others

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is the first in a weekly series on television news that I expect to be ongoing forever. Some weeks will feature more stories than others, as I'm not going for a "top five most interesting stories" format, but rather a "things I liked and want to pass on" design. The order is how I came across them, not necessarily oldest news to the latest gossip.

Jennifer Morrison, who is best known as Dr. Cameron on House, will play Zooey for 5+ episodes of How I Met Your Mother this season. I'm kinda excited because I wonder what that'll do to ratings, since those shows air at the same time...

Looking way ahead... Tim Allen is looking to return to prime time next fall. I wonder what kind of role he'll get... I like him in comedy, but lots of people seem to think he should do a drama.

The Disney Channel is running out of good tween stuff. Glad they realized it.

Two movies and a TV series are going to be made about Stephen King's The Dark Tower. I agree that it's a weird way to franchise that.

Jennifer Lopez is going to get $12million to judge American Idol. I think that's excessive.

Kaley Cuoco (Penny) broke her leg horseback riding and is going to miss a taping of The Big Bang Theory.

The new season of How I Met Your Mother is not planning to reveal the mother's identity yet. Barney is going on a quest to meet his real father (aka not Bob Barker). Marshall and Lily are in full-force trying to make a baby.

Lots of House spoilers. House's relationship with Cuddy is going public fast, so the team will find out AND he'll be doubling with Wilson. House is going to babysit Cuddy's daughter Rachel. Chase is totally playing the field with the ladies until a new doctor (played by Amber Tamblyn) steps in. Speaking of guest stars, Jennifer Grey will be the parent of a patient in an October episode.

Speaking of which, Candice Bergen has been cast to play Cuddy's mother on House. She'll appear in multiple episodes, starting in January.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a new, live show gala coming up. It'll be October 28th.

There was an interesting tidbit collection on The Golden Girls as it celebrated its start 25 years ago this week.
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