Friday, September 17, 2010

Wipeout & Minute to Win It are Out!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Kate Plus Eight
(S01E06): omg, 4 seasick kids at once? um, surfing? okay, 9 is young but not crazy. at least the older girls got to do something different. Now, I've never tried it but they sure made it look pretty easy. How many times does Kate need to say "Bald Head" is the "traditional" vacation?Won't that increase future paparazzi? Why were the kids so anti-pirates?? Selling Collin to the pirates was a funny idea. What else did they do in pirate school, tho? um, Kate's breasts are SO different now. Nice push for her latest book behind the interview chair (note, I finished it and will be posting a review before too long). Aidan throwing up on himself was gross - no need to show all of that. Hannah's hair is shorter! Why was there a plug for Chilean Sea Bass? Are we going to see another gourmet cooking episode soon? Joel didn't throw, up, LoL. Interesting prayer in repeat-style.

Cake Boss
(S03Exx): not this week

Little People, Big World (S06E03 &S06E04): I've never heard of Open University, although it is in the Netherlands. Interesting that there was a rally in Portland because of Uganda's forced army. I was kinda shocked that Amy was reading from papers... kinda amateur. That was a lot of flying on Amy's 2-week trip! It's also clearly winter, judging by Amy's attire, although maybe she just went to one place that was cold. And she was wearing a strange scarf in the interview, too. Matt totally blamed the hamburgers package on Jacob. Matt & Amy were cute in this episode, what with the whipped cream and when she was sick, etc.
Matt bought ANOTHER car??? & a truck at that!! haha, just so he could drive to Utah to pick up a "souped-up ATV," LoL. Matt looked shocked when Amy said Zach was going to sleep in the car a lot. It was so funny to see Matt tell Zach he needed to find a girlfriend and get married, LoL. "Do you like little people girls? girls at all?" LoLoLoL!! I wonder why Amy didn't give Zach more advice for this trip. Camo seat covers?!? Why show the vomit?? On this show AND on Kate Plus Eight tonight! Are you kidding me?? That ATV is HUGE!!! That jet-boating thing was interesting. There were a TON of people in the Salman house!! Why didn't the family go to the cemetery with Matt to see the grave? Like, why did he and Zachary go alone??
Melissa & Joey (S01E06):
haha, slambook is the old blog. haha on the backpack compliments thing. "where's Joe and why isn't he here making us dinner?" was even funnier coming from Mel's secretary. LMAO pole dancers being a lateral move to politics! "the situation room" haha. Mel's outfits are so hit-and-miss in my opinion. The eggs to cereal thing was amusing. "Burke, you're going to love me" "why, are you suddenly made of cookie dough?" hahaha. I still can't figure out where we are! Ryder sounds like a NYer, but I kinda don't think that. Awww... Ryder is giving his stuff to a kid whose life his parents ruined, LoL. Okay, if friends go to Minneapolis for the weekend, maybe we're in the midwest... Chicago, perhaps?
19 Kids and Counting (S05E08): Michelle had on a little extra makeup in the interview than she normally does. Why did the Duggars have such a difficult time pronouncing Bontrager? Was that an electric bread knife?? "I only remember being early once" LoL. haha, the Production Assistant is expecting. James was lobbying for "James" or "Jill" to be the name of his baby, LoL. I wonder why he favors Jill the most, LoL. How many children are there in the Bontrager family? Usually the show offers a count when there's a large family joining them. And strange show of the Swanson family... I guess just because they were there? LoL. Joseph and John-David playing ping-pong and basketball was an interesting feature. They say the younger kids know some sign language, but didn't show any signing. Jennifer needed to be interpreted by Jana instead of Michelle because Michelle couldn't figure out what she wanted, LoL. OMG that's a big bow on Mackynzie's head!! Monkey See Monkey Do baby reading program with her... wonder how that's going. I also wonder if Josh and Anna will homeschool... that hasn't been discussed yet I don't think. Nice new office Josh has there!! It's big!!
Teen Mom (S02E08):
Catelynn: Did the social worker or whoever really need to see the gift? Is that why it was unwrapped before then? Cute birthday phone call. Tyler & Catelynn were so happy together afterward.
Maci: that looks like a REALLY nice apartment!
Farrah: calling the health department on an OUTDOOR mouse?? Wait, she's going to her mom's to ask advice?? What kinda short-term lease did Farrah sign that she only has a month left already? Omaha Zoo... is that near or far from wherever in Iowa Farrah is? Weird that Farrah's mom told her how to use a garbage disposal when Farrah is in culinary, LoL. Her mom wasn't being that nice about their rental agreement, either, LoL.
Amber: No date, no song, but they really want dance lessons, LoL. I didn't need all of that topless Gary. I'm tired of Amber's crao. back and forth ALL the time with Gary.
If You Really Knew Me (S01E08): Neenah, WI. 30 miles south of Green Bay. 2200 students, predominantly white, lower to upper middle class. First stoner we've had on this show. And he's hardcore, too! The kids they featured were more interesting than normal. Funny demonstration of hugs, LoL. The stoner is trying to stay clean?? "I'm going to start saying 'hi' to people everyday," um, okay, whatever. I think Riccardo thought too much was going to result, LoL.
Minute to Win It (S02E15): Andy & Ed - military heroes who both lost legs. Andy is the bald one, Ed has the braces on his teeth.

Game 1: Stick Balls: Roll marbles along to get 5 stuck to some tape. They now have you roll them under a glass so you can't cradle them too far, LoL. Andy goes for it and gets it with 28 seconds to spare.
Game 2: Spin Doctor: Together, one spins a coin across a table, and the other needs to stop it upright (you know, like we used to do with quarters in elementary school, LoL). They get it pretty quickly.
Game 3: Snap, Crackle, Topple: 13 cereal boxes need to be lined up like dominoes to knock one box (elevated on a table) over so it can pour cereal into a bowl on the floor. Ed goes for it. The key is to make a step at the end with the boxes so that one box can hit the one on the pedestal. He does it with less than 10 seconds to spare. Only a few adjustments made after his original setup.
Game 4: Marbles Grande. As a team, toss white ping-pong balls into a hula hoop (5 feet away) to knock out 7 red balls. I think this is a hard game to play because of the weird lighting. They get it with 21 seconds to go.
Game 5: Egg Tower: 4 paper towel rolls and 4 raw eggs must be used to create one tower. Lots of supplies to work with, tho. Ed goes for it. He doesn't get it, tho Andy was doing a nice job of getting the crowd to cheer him on. He goes again, but can't get it to stand alone in time. So Andy tries it and gets it.
Game 6: Mouth to Mouth: Pull a dollar bill from between the mouths of two bottles (one stacked on top of the other). You get 4 tries and have to succeed once. Andy goes for it. He comes closest on his third attempt, but he ultimately loses.
Wipeout (S03E16 & S03E17): Policemen & firefighters, military, Good Samaritan, dog rescuer, mailman, air traffic controller... this is stretching the "America's Heroes" a little bit, don't you think? Very patriotic course - why not for 4th of July as well?? haha, I was totally pulling for the cop who owns the donut shop, LoL. I wanted to see more of the shape shifter wipeouts from the qualifier. haha, the fireman tries to help someone in the second round. WOW that's a lot of confetti! haha on Uncle Sam being down on the platform with the contestants. That final obstacle (beater-totter?) in the Wipeout Zone really seemed to have it in for the donut cop. It tried to do the same thing to Corey but he prevailed. And apparently they weren't originally planning to run two tonight, since the sign-off said "see you next week," LoL.
Rough Qualifier! The food baby was awkward. haha, "did we take a time machine back to the 80s? I would've gotten a perm!" I miss the obstacle where they're all on individual platforms and the sweeper arm comes around and tries to knock them off and they have to jump over it, LoL. Haha on someone trying to cheat... twice! haha the guy lounged on the banana and then fell off. The bad breath guy was weird, too. The Hulk Hogan thing got old, too. His quitting was unexpected! I was surprised Tesara's time ended up making it! I also miss the waterfall that they had to climb up after the catapult in the Wipeout Zone. All those balls in the spincycle drum was interesting. Tesara really struggled there. The added ball-throwing during the arms & dangerous certainly makes it a more difficult obstacle! [Season Finale]

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