Sunday, October 17, 2010

Really? A Napoleon Dynamite Cartoon??

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

ABC's Body of Proof is getting pushed to midseason so it doesn't get the 9pm Friday slot.

Fran Drescher is getting a talk show in later November. It's getting a three-week trial in limited areas before it might go national.

FOX has ordered six episodes of a Napoleon Dynamite cartoon.

Even though they canceled Huge, ABCFamily is coming out with FOUR new shows. One looks like a reboot of The Facts of Life, another a mix between Witch Mountain and The Parent Trap, one's about a fat girl trying to become famous in NYC, and the last one looks like they're taking Maeby's big storyline from Arrested Development and making it a series, except the girl works in fashion rather than film (it reminds me of Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, too). Any of these look good to anyone?? Oh, and it looks like each will be an hour long, except maybe the "get famous in NYC" show.

NBC moved Outlaw from Friday night to Saturday night, and most people are predicting its cancellation during the time it'll take to run the final four episodes.

You know how there's been some great writing throughout the years to cover pregnant bellies? CBS is going to do it by covering a broken leg rater than write it in. Let's see how well that works for The Big Bang Theory. This reminds me of a play I saw in college (This is Our Youth) where one of the three main actors broke a foot or something the week before the show opened. The director (who was my acting teacher the following year) had to re-block the show to accommodate a broken foot. It was brilliantly done (especially a fight scene that now took place with crutches!), so I think maybe they should've written it in for Kaley Cuoco, LoL.

E! has a show about the wives of rockstars coming out on November 7th at 10:30. I don't think this premise is overdue by any stretch of the imagination.

How I Met Your Mother must be doing strikingly well this season (I really need to start paying more attention to the viewer statistics), since they ordered an additional two episodes (putting us at 24 for the season, folks!).

Shaft is developing a crime-solving show for the CW called Hackshaw. THe protagonist is going to have Dissociative Identity Disorder and be in his 20s. Well, Monk has been off the air a while now, guess we need another detective with a mental disorder?

FOX has a "reverse-Three's Company" sitcom in the works, where a young girl moves in with three guys in NYC. Doesn't look promising.

ABC, who has tried doing Romeo & Juliet in both Chicago and New York recently, has decided to try it in Renaissance Italy. Why not... period shows are all the rage right now, and everyone seems to be dropping tons of money on sets. I wonder how the heck the storylines will play out, though.

Speaking of expensive sets, have you heard about FOX's Terra Nova? It's already cost $10M to make the pilot, and filming has not yet begun.

There's also a new fairy-tale television show in the works. At least that's somewhat of an original idea... and in this case, I mean not-currently-overdone, lmao.

Last, ABC's Wipeout is going to have the 4th season premiere in January, with 8 Winter Wonderland episodes. I'm really looking forward to this idea.
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