Friday, October 22, 2010

Teen Mom is Over

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
baseball play-offs this week instead. ep 4 TBD

Family Guy (S09Exx):
baseball play-offs this week instead. ep 4 TBD


Kate Plus Eight
(S01Exx): not this week.

Cake Boss (S03E17 & S03E18): Danny and Ralf got lost, haha. It kinda looks like they have Buddy's wife holing a flower to draw attention away from her pregnancy. Why is nobody taking photos of the pieces of art that the guy wants?? The pizza made me hungry, too. I didn't realize Lisa was bilingual, too. Neat. Poor Ralf, trying to paint when he's a sculptor. I wonder why she wanted to hurry up and see the fountain. My bet is a fertility wish. 9 flights of stairs??!? HOLY MACKEREL!! Dang. MORE family came out! Who's running the bakery??!? Who knocks with an open hand?? heh, apparently Lisa's fluent in Italian! I love that Joey said "you have to make a cake? can't we just go to the party for once?" hehe. Poor Lisa, she looked sad that Buddy was working again. Recipe trading was pretty cool. New York Cheesecake for Cassata. Interesting that they never talk to Buddy's kids... or that we never hear them talk at all! I LOVE that "cream cheese" doesn't translate and they just call it "Philadelphia" in Italian. I wonder how the people at the vintage party felt about it being recorded for American television, LoL. Lisa got away with not drinking at the vintage party but not at dinner, haha. Well, I guessed it, it's a pregnancy. Baby Valastro #4 is on the way!

Little People, Big World (S06E09): I don't like Zach with the really short hair. Why wasn't Molly helping load Rocky? Why are they keeping that cute kitten in a bathtub??!? Cute to watch Jeremy pull Rocky on the bed. Jacob seriously put the turtle in the room with the cat and dog?? LoL. whoa whoa whoa... genetic tests on a ten-year-old dog?? I dunno... I don't know that I could ever love a pet enough to spend thousands on them in medical bills. Rocky behaved pretty well during the blood draw. I'm glad that Jeremy is growing out his curls again. Interesting that mastiffs only have an 11-year lifespan... I kinda thought all dogs lived longer. Strange argument between killing the dog yourself versus having a veterinarian euthanize it. I didn't realize there were still people who would prefer to do that deed themselves.

House, M.D.
I didn't like the voice of the girl taking the video in the beginning. I thought Foreman was looking like a self-indulgent pinhead when House told him to wipe that look off his face. hahaha, House calls Wilson for a "boys night in" so he doesn't have to watch the child alone. House's little kid voice is adorable. omg, I didn't think House was going to DITCH Wilson and Rachel!! "unlike you, I don't have a conscience" haha. Wilson went out the window! Love it! There was a nurse RIGHT THERE when the baby had a problem? Why couldn't we see the image of the dime in the ultrasound? Oh, now we get to, ok. I like how House tried to quiz the pediatric specialist to find out the best thing to do for Rachel, LoL. Jennifer Grey looks SO OLD in this episode! Not that she's young anymore, but I guess I was expecting a little much from her Dirty Dancing days. heh... skin cancer without ever being outside... that's a tricky one! A mole under her nail?? Dang that's hard to find! I'm kinda lost on why the older daughter is in this episode. House is stealing the equipment and they're going to scope Rachel at home??!? So the math proves there couldn't have been a dime. Heh. Now we've had three people hired for the team... two fired and one quit. Oh. Now I see why we need the daughter... because we're gonna make the mom die. I guess we're to assume the sister adopted her? That sucks. Interesting that Rachel ended up expelling a dime in the end anyway, and that she blamed House!

How I Met Your Mother (S06E05):
One of the guys' penises looks like Winston Churchill? LoL. I love when Ted talks about hot architecture nerds... reminds me of Ross's geekiness on Friends. I feel like I've heard the "pillowcase full of batteries" multiple times this week... which is weird. "sweet wrestler name alert" LoL. haha, Ted said he was a veterinarian! Asians like Jews? LoL. Why is Marshall obsessed with the fact that his friend has a small penis?? The hug when the guy left the table for the bathroom was beyond awkward! WTF is with the billboard that got revealed all of a sudden??!? Barney with a pet rabbit could be neat. The snake legend was weird. I love Marshall's writing for Lily to tell Robin. I was surprised that Zoe ended up being married, since they really promoted that actress coming to the show for a while. I liked the ending with Robin doing something weird in the bathroom but the guys won't tell Marshall while they're in the locker room.

Melissa & Joey
Mel referring to Joe's Porsche as his penis was nice, but a little rough for that timeslot and network.
Why are we running a Halloween episode now and not next week? Although, maybe it was originally slated to run on the 27th, but then when they showed two episodes the first week, it threw everything off?? That neighbor was WEIRD! I think it would have been better if the previews and blurbs about this episode didn't mention the fact that the dad was in the attic. I think a surprise would have been more fun. Especially since it's Halloween and an attic and all. Ryder's acting was funny. calling black licorice "sugar-coated tires" was good. Mr. Clean was a great costume for Joe. The sexy secret service agent was a bit of a stretch for Mel. The teenage witch joke was good. Cop, prisoner, and defense attorney was a fun theme. The kids held it together really well when their father was getting arrested. I was kinda upset that the dad schemed with the cop AND stole Joe's car, but I guess I should have expected something like that. :-/ Why did Mel and Lennox look at Joe weird when he took offense to the fact that they called his ziti a crazy noodle dish... who doesn't know what ziti is? I remember thinking it was weird when I first heard of it, but I was seven or eight, LoL.

19 Kids and Counting (S05E13): Anna doing the "on this episode..." was awkward. "Alert Cadet" umm... ok. "I think my brothers do, too. Of course they do" sounded forced. Jana and Jill doing the interviews was a nice change... although I like Jill's hair better straight. There's Joy holding a baby again! ONLY these Duggars had to wear nametags? Why not just have EVERYONE wear them?? That was a BIG bag on Anna. Cool, we met Mackynzie's namesake. Greasy foods anger gallbladder issues... interesting. "They had to give me, literally had to give me more... it knocked me out" ... weird place for "literally" in that sentence.
Teen Mom [season 2 wrap-up] I like that the very end section
Catelynn: what's with the facial piercing?
ha! I had forgotten that they did that crazy couples counseling thing. I don't like her hair here. Who in the world would believe that Catelynn's mom really is over the adoption thing?? How does Catelynn know what Farrah goes through with the death of her baby daddy? Maci: Kyle had a weird look on his face when Maci talked to the Dr. about how she felt about him. I liked how Maci was full of good points when Ryan tried to blame all of his behavior on MTV. Looking forward to seeing Kyle and Ryan meet. Farrah: I don't believe that things with her mom are "good" now. It sounds funny when her mom says "baby daddy," LoL.
Amber: "Is there a reason I shouldn't love you" - Gary. Wait, first she blames her violence on "white-outs,"
then says she normally knows ahead of time what she's going to do. Hmmm. I'm kinda tired of Amber's drama. I'd be happy if she was written off of the third season, LoL.
Better With You (S01E05): No 3-way parallel opening. :( haha, pool on whether it's a boy or girl. haha, Ben insulted everyone early on. So if Mia is four months pregnant (since she knows the sex already), we're two months or so from the pilot in tv-time. Ben's food desired leading to an identity crisis was funny. Casey freaking out about being around the baby was unexpected. "and be careful of this one, it has a virus" hahahahaha, love the mom! Mom acting out the emails was hilarious... dancing the "worm" was tops. Nice shout-out to Charlie biting a finger, too. "there is no 'close enough' with rhyming" haha. "Be honest with me... do I really like jazz?" LoL. A baby's mom can always feel the kick before anyone else can, so I'm glad that they kept true to that fact rather than let Casey feel it immediately. No parallel ending, either. :( I hope they didn't give that up!!

South Park
(S14E10): Stan's messy locker makes Wendy think he's a hoarder?? and she called for help??!? why keep a sandwich with maggots??!? haha, Mr. Mackey is a hoarder, too. Sheep herder vs. sheep hoarder was funny. The dream thing with some Inception references was okay. I wasn't interested in seeing that movie, so perhaps that sequence was better appreciated by those who did. Overall, this was another crappy episode.

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Off season/Coming Up:

16 and Pregnant (October 26th, 10pm, MTV)
Burn Notice (back November 11)
Futurama (back November 21)
Wipeout (season 4 back in January)
Hot in Cleveland (season 3 to start in January)
Mr. Sunshine (starts in January on ABC)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start...)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")

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