Friday, December 3, 2010

Kate's Halloween, Cake Boss' Christmas

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons (S22E07):
["A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is as good as "A Charlie Brown Christmas"] was not really funny, LoL. Couch scene was too extended for me this time. weird pigeon guy. The vomited worms were creepy. And Marge drinking worm puree was also disturbing. Bart actually caring about the pigeon was amusing, especially him helping it fly again. Naked Burns doing ballet... what?? YAY... they played "The Typewriter" song! We used to play that in high school at the annual Teddy Bears' Concert. :) THE DOG ATE THE BIRD!?!?!??! ewwww feather poop. People not knowing the words to "Taps" bothers me. Who was that third kid singing?? Extra-disturbing Itchy & Scratchy today. The "farm upstate" thing was funny, and the mixed messages about killing birds was interesting. The oxycontin candy was eye-openingly disturbing! Freaky ostrich!

Family Guy (S09Exx): no episode this week, episode 7 coming up on December 12th.

Kate Plus Eight (S02E01): Halloween! Cute little twist on the opening titles. Kate thinks Halloween is tacky!! :( She just started filling a cart with stuff so she could build a haunted house... what an expensive way to go, LoL. SO not the old Kate!! She's driving a black Toyota Land Cruiser now. Interesting that they filmed Kate taking a photo with a fan. It was crowded at the costume store. Alexis wanted to be Tinkerbell and they didn't have it in her size... this is why you make your children's Halloween costumes or at least get started before the day before!! Kate wouldn't let the kids be "scary" things, LoL!! Kate had a creepy attitude about dressing as a She-Devil. The green smoke effect was just weird. Watching the kids wrap each other as mummies was really cute. I've only been to one party where we did that, and I was in seventh grade, LoL! Does Kate really have 5 cars?? Maybe the camera people park in the same place, LoL. I'm glad that the kids got one of the dogs back. The garage was really empty. Corny "promises" line. Collin is the kid processing the divorce with anger. haha, "we have the episode, of course we remember." There was a really strange interview scene with the boys where neither were paying attention, LoL. She tried to take 8 kids to a corn maze and thinks none will get lost, LoL? LoL, that dog is SO not a puppy anymore, LoL. Nice that Kate let the kids pet mice and rabbits, LoL. haha, I was kinda surprised that the kids didn't come running when Kate called on the PA system, LoL. Interesting that the maze had clues on which way to go, as long as you knew the correct answers, LoL. I don't think Kate really enjoyed the corn maze, and they didn't ask any of the kids if they enjoyed it, so I'm curious as to how that went over with the kids, LoL. I'm glad that one of the workers knew how to help Kate with the "haunting," LoL. Not too many screams, but I think it went over well. I like that the kids went through it over and over, haha. I like that Aaden wasn't sure if the camera guys knew about the haunted house, haha. They used stencils to make their names on the pumpkins, LoL. Wait... the name pumpkins were in the haunted house, but apparently pumpkin carving came after the haunted house... so those must have been the permanent ones, LoL. I don't know if I'd give my six-year-olds pumpkin saws... Kate had never done a pumpkin?? So, what... Jon always did all the work and they didn't do them at all last year? Collin was a skeleton, Alexis was Cleopatra, Mady was a pirate, Leah was a bunny, Aaden was a SWAT man, Joel was a ninja (which I thought was the worst costume of the bunch), Hannah was a sailor, Cara went as herself (which Mady in particular didn't seem to like). Kate didn't do a great job of teaching her kids not to cut across lawns, LoL. Kate had some cozy socks on in the interview, LoL. I bet Kate would have had fun with bobbing for apples... I hope that they do that next year.

Cake Boss (S03E24):
During the holidays, they don't do any big, special cakes. They just make tons and tons of traditional cakes and cookies. 15,000 cookies, 10,000 cupcakes, and 800 layer cakes is not uncommon for Christmas week. 4x the amount of ingredients are delivered. Carlo's cookies are shortbread with nuts - 14 batches means 2 dozen eggs, 14 pounds shortening, vanilla, 13 pounds of sugar, 18 pounds of flour!! Honeyballs are a big seller. Christmas Eve is Buddy's busiest day of the year! Hot cocoa for the people in line - that was nice! Mauro as Santa was cute. Buddy made steaks at 7:30pm on Christmas Eve for his crew. Kinda weird that they filmed this episode nearly a year ago at this point, LoL. Wow, they're open on Christmas Day! Only for a few hours, but that's interesting nonetheless. They donate extras to the homeless shelter.
[season finale]

Little People, Big World (S06E17 & S06E18): Everyone in one scene... that's rare, LoL. I forgot how different YoungMolly looked, LoL. Creepy "it's all that keeps me alive" comment by Matt. They still have the Previa? Counting the vehicles was INSANE. They own THIRTY-FOUR vehicles, counting lawnmowers, tractors, trucks, mules, cars, four-wheelers, EVERYTHING. 34!! I had never noticed how many toasts Matt has made. Zach and Jeremy grilling Molly was funny. I loved all of the flashbacks... very well chosen and placed. Interesting talk about the trebuchet incident, too.

Matt's "flawed" remark was uncalled for. Zach's voice is so different from when he was 15!
[series finale in two parts next week]

House, M.D. (S07Exx): no episode this week. #9 to be announced.

How I Met Your Mother (S06Exx): episode 11 back next week!

19 Kids and Counting (S05E19 & S05E20): first, last week's... cool that some of the girls are going to get to drive the "big bus," LoL. Funny that John-David is a worry-wart. Fly to meet them for just ONE day?? Wow, laundry chute on the bus is interesting. I was not thrilled with Jinger's grammar on her phone. What made the rooster sound?? Jana drives first. haha on Louisville pronunciations. Cool back story to the "Louisville Slugger." haha, the Duggars are in to Silly Bandz. This was kinda cool for me since I recently watched that How It's Made show for baseball or softball bats. I honestly didn't realize how particular baseball players like their bats... or that they went through 40+ a season! The glass-blowing was also neat, and I'm sure it was a very good experience for the Duggars. The idea that Michelle has cleaned up 2,000 gallons of spit-up baby food was gross. whoa... does that mean most babies spit up 100 gallons??? yikes!! Michelle only enjoys the peace and quiet for a couple hours, LoL.

"All her flights connected" ... it was Arkansas to Kentucky... how many legs to that flight could there be, LoL? At this point I wish that they'd stop filming the violin segments... they just sound so awful most of the time! There was no point to having Jackson and Johannah play... they just bow on the open E anyway. Was it really that much faster for Michelle to fly then to ride in the car for 10 hours, LoL? Josie is about 10 months, 8 days at the end of this episode, so it's probably from October. [season finale]

16 and Pregnant (S02E16): Christinna, Rochester, NY to Huntsville, AL. Isiah plays football. Got married in secret. They dated for 8 months before she was pregnant. She graduated early. October at 28 weeks: the tool gave up his football scholarship to work at a sandwich shop. She's in community college. She was a virgin before him. Her mom was cool with it, but she's since moved back to New York. November at 32 weeks: baby shower. If they're fretting about $50 on groceries, they are bad at budgeting. I can totally make that work. 33 weeks: wow, $515 for 3 bedrooms is cheap!! November at 37 weeks: Isiah's got a twin sister, Kaliah, who went off to college. November at 38 weeks: okay, there goes any hope at the timeline being correct. 39 weeks: it's December 22nd so November clearly wasn't 38 weeks, lmao. They induced her with pitocin. She took an epidural. 16 hours in, pushing started. I didn't really like her doctor. After an hour of pushing, a C-section was suggested. 25 hours in, she's still trying to push, to avoid a C-section. She's looking ROUGH. And she's completely exhausted. After all that work, 26 hours in they go for the C-section anyway. 6 pounds, 12 ounces... not really big... I wonder what caused the difficulty... transverse? Why didn't they talk about that? 3 weeks old: Christinna is surprised that she has to give up a lot to be a mom. Isiah has a Gators shirt, LoL. Wow his family reallllly wants a DNA test!!

Better With You (S01E09):
first, Thanksgiving... I love how much everyone cut off the next person when it came to the "big news" LoL. Whoa, those were some weird turkeys!! haha, a dig at Maddie not being married and therefore not really a good Thanksgiving hostess, LoL. Who hides a ring not in a box?? whoa... gravy that fizzes?? Ben lying about stealing the ring was hilarious! Maddie says that they were actually engaged!! Casey reminds me of Joey from Friends in this episode. Maddie looked weird in that blue dress in the flashback. The musical number in the hotel was insane!! Using a dance troupe... awesome! "five signs" ?? pipe bursting, grandma dying, swollen finger, stopped elevator, and the elevator moving the second that Maddie took off the ring. ha! and we found out where "valid life choice" comes from! Whoa, everyone wondering about cameras in elevators, LoL. hahaha, "son of a Putney!" The ending was funny, too.

The Middle (S02E09): I DVR'd this because it had a Thanksgiving theme, LoL. Funny that Brick is into librarians. Weird that the dad's dad was in the hospital and nobody knew for three weeks. Cute that the daughter really wanted to start a pie-baking tradition, but the mom wasn't so keen on the idea. The girl hurting her chin freaked me out a little bit. Oh. The kid's a reader, LoL. Overall, bleh.
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Off season/Coming Up:

Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (coming December 6th at 9pm)
Minute to Win It
(back December 7th)
(season 4 back January 6th)
Teen Mom (January 11th, this time featuring girls from the second season)
Hot in Cleveland (back January 19th at 10pm for 20 episodes of season 2)
Mr. Sunshine
(starts in January on ABC)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
(not sure, probably January)
Melissa & Joey
(not sure)
Table for 12
(missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
Futurama (Season 6 continues with episode 14 in the Spring)
South Park (season 15 in the Spring)
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