Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lie to Me - Veronica Belm... er, nm...

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

A quick blogging note: Lie to Me entries are going to be a bit less verbose from here on out. For a rather direct show, shedding so much little on such shallow details doesn't seem to be enlightening anyone any extra. So, let me know what you think: Is this version better or worst? Thankyaverymuch. -JB


This episode puts us following an elderly woman having issues which culminates with Emily plowing her with a car while texting. Emily gives the woman (Veronica) a 'ride home.' Veronica starts going nuts and Emily texts daddy. Cal shows up and questions her about Charlie who Veronica's freaking out about and says killed her sister Rose. Veronica calls Cal 'Burt,' but he seems to be ok with this..

At the 'Lie Station,' Loker walks in apparently beat up, claiming 'life' happened to him. Veronica is there and attempts to clean up Loker. Meanwhile, Foster interrupts Lightman watching the whole scene from a computer in another room. Foster claims it's not Alzheimer's, but Lightman refuses to turn her in to anyone. Foster reveals she talked to his cop girlfriend to get information on Veronica. Turns out she's a murder suspect...

Cal and Foster visit Veronica's dead husband's brother who she had apparently been living with. Cal puts on the hostile bit and they at least learn that she was put into care for going crazy. Back at the office, they listen to an old tape of an interview and determine Veronica did know something about her sister's murder. Lightman returns Veronica to her care facility and convinces the doctors to delay her meds long enough to show her a family video. She points Lightman at 'Charlie Eaton'... apparently Charlie isn't made up.

Lightman heads off to see Charlie and gets no place. After some more inspection of family photos by the Lie Team, Lightman confronts Charlie again and claims his expressions say he thinks Veronica killed her. Next, they bring Veronica home to try to bring 'Burt' back to life. After some role-playing, Veronica reveals that her sister died trying to have an abortion back in 1968. Lightman's sold on her story but Foster still thinks her Alzheimer's is messing things up.

Lightman heads to the care facility to be around Veronica when Foster shows up with pictures of people Veronica had named. She names them off one by one, and confirms that she's naming people that are currently living with her in the facility. Lightman and Foster conclude that the 'Charlie' who is killing people is in the facility with her.

They bring one of Veronica's doctors into the lightbox. After calling him an 'angel of death,' he adamantly denies that anyone in his facility could be doing this. The Lie Team gets full access to his staff and starts interviews. They find one person who loves what they do there, and Cal interviews him personally...

Lightman spends the night again with Veronica and yet another person dies. Lightman spots one of the doctors heading in to see Veronica. Cal heads in, confronts him, and learns that a white coat is the trigger for Veronica seeing Charlie.

Loker is waiting for Lightman at home and the subject of his broken face comes up. Apparently, he's been doing research like Lightman does... on the street, with real people. The doctor at the facility attempts to kill another patient, but Lightman swaps the drugs in his office so he ends up injecting Loker with saline.

Emily attempts to drive someplace only to find the club on her car. Lightman makes her choose between her phone and the car. Emily picks the phone and makes yet another new boy come and pick her up...
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