Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Cancellations & Renewals

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Michael J. Fox is going to be on The Good Wife again.

Tivo lost 112,000 subscribers last quarter, putting it at the same place it was in 2004.

Cartoon Network has canceled Unnatural History.

NBC cut Chase down to 18 episodes, which isn't good news for the series.

While Life Unexpected hasn't officially been canceled, the "Complete Series" on DVD is forthcoming...

CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful will go on for at least two more years. Similarly, The Young and the Resltess (also on CBS) got a 3-year renewal.

WOW! Dexter is getting renewed for a SIXTH season! I hadn't realized that show had been around for so long already. Although I attended a paper on the first two seasons in March 2009, and there have been two seasons since then, so I guess it makes sense, LoL.

If you want your kid to be seen on Raising Hope, check out how to audition your baby here.

The Simpsons is going to stop making fun of FOX. Which, I think, is smart... who bites the hand that feeds?

Discovery's new Sons of Guns will be about custom-made weapons and will premiere on Wednesday, January 12th at 10pm.

Another new show is going to be based on the geo-location social media game, Foursquare.

Steve Carrell, who is leaving The Office, is doing another office show, also on NBC, also a comedy. It's going to be shot with a single camera and it's based on truth.

Idina Menzel is starring in an hour-long musical drama on ABC. It's going to be mother-daughter-y like Gilmore Girls.

Netflix is trying to offer current episodes for streaming, too. This was Hulu's big pro, LoL.

On December 12th, Hot in Cleveland will be doing a behind-the-scenes special.
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