Monday, December 6, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Joey

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I've talked about Joey a few times, most notably when I was discussing short-lived shows. And, as I mentioned then, it wasn't that great of a show. The characters weren't too consistent, the plots were pretty wonky and didn't always make sense, and I wouldn't have kept watching if I hadn't enjoyed Friends so much. Still, I have seen every episode of both seasons, so it makes for a worthy entry in my Favorite Episodes series, which has now spanned almost a year. I think I'm down to the final five or so in this series (which will partially depend upon whether or not I get to finish up Arrested Development when I'm in Florida for Christmas), which I think I've said before, too... haha.

Season 1: "Joey and the Perfect Storm" (S01E05) This is a favorite because both storylines are pretty hilarious. On the one hand, there's an open apartment in Joey & Michael's complex, and they struggle to hide it from Gina, who is just dying to be closer to her little boy. This goes to extremes as an open house is scheduled and stuff. The other plot is about Joey understudying for three different plays at once, and when one calls, he's totally ready to be a different character with different lines, hahahaha. whole episode

Season 2: "Joey and the Stuntman" (S02E04) Joey's filming that movie with the kid now, and he's not doing so well at doing his own stunts, so they bring in a stuntman. Joey's also not that good at following the script, so he gets in trouble with Abby (who is hitting it off with Michael). Joey ends up using his stuntman as a distraction so he can flirt with girls. This is compounded when Alex can't seem to sort out her feelings for Joey. whole episode
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