Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lie to Me - Saved

by Jonathan Bredemeyer


This episode starts off with a bang as we witness a woman help an injured girl from a recent accident with an exploding car. We then see Lightman's office with the DA presenting a video of the car accident. Lightman is constantly eating nowadays... In the video, Lightman reads guilt on the face of the woman rescuer and the team brings in the other members in the car for questioning.

Lightman heads off to stalk the woman who performed the rescue. She turns out to be an EMT who he classifies as an adrenaline junkie. After pushing Ilene about her addiction, he leaves - convinced that she caused the crash. In the meantime, the lie team is still questioning relatives and others on who could have caused the crash (which claimed the life of a sports star).

Driving home (on the phone with her daughter), Lightman gets T-boned at an innersection. Who comes running up but Ilene to help him! Cal wakes up and immediately tells Ilene to 'get lost.' He sends Emily away on a tea run and then tells Foster his theory about Ilene's problems. Lightman takes his time in the hospital as an opportunity to break into Ilene's locker and look around. Ilene catches him and they have a discussion on trying to save the person blamed for killing the sports star she couldn't save, or not... Lightman doesn't convince her.

Loker and Torres interview the troubled youth blamed for the crash and confirm that she didn't run a red light. They head to Lightman's house with Foster to run through how Ilene could be responsible. They find that Ilene is causing an accident once a year around the time her mom died. They head off to visit Ilene and only find her brother at home. They get a description of the accident that orphaned them. Back at the office, the lie team determines it's actually Kent, Ilene's brother, causing the accidents and she just cleans them up.

Torres and Loker quilt the DA into doing the right thing and arresting Kent while Lightman goes to confront Ilene at her place. While there, Kent gets hit by a car on purpose to prove his sister can't save him. Lightman eggs sibling rivalry to try to end the craziness. Ilene saves Kent's life by re-inflating a collapsed lung. Ilene and Kent get pinned for the accident and their pattern of destruction and saving gets broken forever.

Back at home, Emily brings down a photo album from the attic and gives Lightman a memory test. Turns out this is just a ploy to ask for a trip to Cancun...
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