Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Television in 2011

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I wanted to do a little list of television facts I found here. Some of the facts are pretty shocking, others are about as I expected. What do you think?

- There are 15.7 million homes with at least one TV but no DVD player.
(this amused me until I realized that there's a lot of people who just use an xbox instead)

- 70.6 million homes still have a VCR.
(um, I do. how else would I watch my Disney VHSs? Disney DVDs never go on sale, yo! {to combat this, I'm planning to have my off-in-the-future baby shower in a Disney theme and kinda entice people to give their favorite Disney DVD as part of their gift, hehe})

- 43.1 million homes have DVR.
(I got mine almost exactly a year ago {for my birthday, which was yesterday, LoL}, and I'm not ever planning on being without again!)

- People with DVR watch shows through playback 21% of the time.
(sounds about right to me.)

- 45% of all recorded ads get watched.
(for me, it's probably a little less. things I record and review generally get fast-forwarded through the commercials. things I record and just watch generally don't.)

- 2 hours and 9 minutes is the average amount of time-shifted watching by DVR owners.
(um. per week?? why own a DVR if you only need to record 2 or 3 shows?? On Mondays alone I might record like 7, LoL!)

- The average household has 2.5 televisions.
(technically this would be the exact number we own. one in Florida, one in California, and one that only partially works, haha.)

- 31% of Americans own at least 4 televisions.
(holy crap! that's almost 1 in 3 people! we don't even have 4 rooms I'd want a TV in! tho, at the same time, we have two in the living room currently...)

- The average American watches 35.6 hours of television per week. The average kid aged 2-11 watched 25.8 hours per week. Those over age 65 watch 48.9 hours per week.
(I was a little surprised at the senior citizen fact. I think that the rest make sense. I'm above-average at the moment, but dip below average sometimes, which is intriguing to me, since I consider myself a heavy-watcher, LoL. I guess there are more heavy-watchers than I thought!)
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