Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lie to Me - The Last 2 Episodes?

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Are these the last 2 episodes of Lie to Me? I hope not...

"Gone" - S03E12
Opening with a strange family breakfast consisting of an emo teen and a colorful baby, the brilliant mom heads to the store and decides to leave the baby in the car unattended. Surprise, surprise, her little bundle of joy is gone when she comes out. Fast forward to the Lie offices and Lightman and Foster are watching the mom lie to the news about being held up for her kid...

After more analyzing of the video of the very bad press conference, Foster and Lightman interview the first person the mother called, her OBGYN. Meanwhile, Torres and Loker review the videotape as Lightman's former cop-squeeze shows up with the baby's dad (a police lieutenant) and mom. Splitting them up, Lightman attacks the dad while Torres sympathizes with the mom in the light box. Torres and Loker break down the mom and guilt her into revealing the truth.

Lightman brings the dysfunctional couple together for the mom to confess the truth. Mom confesses the truth and the dad storms off mad, after Lightman confirms that the mom had an affair with the OBGYN. At the house, Lightman messes with the emo teen, LJ, and tries to get his official and unofficial opinions of things. (My money is on him.) Foster and Lightman head to LJ's school, which is also where his mom works. Lightman accuses the principal of sleeping with her, which he admits. Apparently, she gets around... are cops not good lovers?

After messing with Loker at the office a bit, Foster, Lightman, and his cop friend head to the family's house to watch the husband take the news of his wife's affair. Lightman gets punched in the stomach by the now-pissed-off dad.

Back at home, Lightman interrupts a debate practice session between Emily and her boyfriend. Lightman gives his secret to lie-detecting: "I shake people up until they lose control and forget to hide their emotions."

The dad returns to the Lie offices at the summons of the lie team. Lightman questions him further and learns that they couldn't conceive, which the dad admits he knew that he couldn't be the father of both kids. This leads Foster and Lightman back to the OBGYN for questioning on how exactly the process worked for the Bradleys.

Loker nabs some video of the dad buying diapers, which lands him an appointment in the cube. Lightman breaks him rather quickly and tells him to bring in the family to watch the OBGYN's big finale.

The Doc watches (via a monitor) as the Mom confess in the cube to having known that her boss is the true father of the missing girl. They continue watching as the mom admits to keeping a spare key to the car in the kitchen... This switches the Lie team from questioning the Doc to questioning LJ about pictures of his reactions to his dad. Lightman breaks him down in about 3 questions, but seems to take a bit to get the actual location of the baby from him. After making the kid feel that his situation wasn't that bad, he confesses that she's at a friend's house.

Of course LJ still gets arrested for kidnapping despite the father's protest. Back at home, Lightman declares Emily the winner of a debate between her and her boyfriend.

"Killer App" - S03E13 (a bit strange to end on lucky #13???) [season finale]

This episode begins with Foster covered in blood and Lightman (in a hoodie for some reason) sprinting towards her. Flashback 2 days earlier to a trade show of sorts where Lightman is wandering around with the latest 'killer app.' Zack (obviously supposed to be Zuckerberg) pegs Lightman as being hired by Claire, the sole remaining partner in the now-billion-dollar company.

In the Lie cave, Lightman tries to convince Claire to fight Zack for the business. She refuses and then says goodbye to Foster as an old friend (ex-therapist). Loker and Torres rile up Foster by continuing to ask questions about what Claire is hiding. They question Foster's motives and whether Claire is actually paying them...

Meanwhile, a dark fellow shows up at Claire's request. After passing Lightman's $100 test, he gives him instructions and sends him out.

Lightman gets home and enters to heavy breathing... which ends up being Emily and her boyfriend stretching after a 3-mile run... and her emulating orgasm sounds. Unfortunately, Foster's call interrupts this scene and we're back to the beginning of the episode. Lightman finds Foster at Claire's covered in blood. He wanders in to examine the crime scene and his cop-squeeze shows up, who he gets a bit pissed at for being late. Later at the station (in an interview), Foster describes the scene and her failed attempt to save a bleeding Claire. They see the other burned partner Kyle come in. Lightman tries unsuccessfully to convince his ex-squeeze that Kyle didn't do it.

Lightman and Foster seem to head straight to Zack and confront him about the murder. He reveals Lightman was searching for Emily's boyfriend online. (Zack is 'plugged in' and 'socially awkward' just like another web CEO we know...) Lightman reads Zack enough to figure out Zack knew Claire's secret, but Zack reveals he already had a signed statement from Claire, giving him everything. Lightman persists with intimidation, "Did you know that Einstein couldn't do mets (math)? Every genius has his weakness, genius."

Cop-squeeze shows up at the Lie offices claiming Kyle looked very guilty and refuses to submit to Lightman's pleas to bring in Zack. Loker runs into the dark newcomer eating in the break room and questions him to no avail before Foster comes in and makes Loker clean up the remnants of the meal.

Lightman heads to a coffee shop to interview Kyle, who's just gotten away from the police. Kyle claims he can prove Zack planted evidence on his laptop, and Lightman convinces him to come back to the Lie cave to help them.

Lightman catches his ex-cop-squeeze investigating the crime scene and discovers that Claire had sex before she was murdered. Lightman catches up to Zack at a bar and confronts him about the new information. After attacking Foster, Lightman gets a bit personal with him, but doesn't get anywhere. At the office, Foster and Torres drive a love confession out of Kyle and get the history of keeping his and Claire's relationship a secret. While trying to drum up more evidence against Zack, apparently a worm from Zack gets in and deletes everything on the Lie office's computers. Lightman is encouraged by this though, "It's bound to be perfect, totally our type."

Squeeze-cop shows up to arrest Kyle but looks the other way. Next, she's interviewing Zack at a strange-looking building. Zack tells her that he knew about Kyle and Claire's relationship, but she she insists she needs evidence. Zack heads back to his desk to get this evidence, and Lightman shows up right in the middle. Foster and Kyle show up to further anger Zack with Lightman continually firing questions. Lightman gets Kyle to admit that he and Claire were planning a takeover in a ruse to get Kyle to confess. Lightman streams out Zack's claim that the truth doesn't matter and then leave him to the mercy of the internet.

Lightman's dark secret agent returns and, after some banter, he tells Lightman all about Emily's boyfriend who Lightman hired him to follow. After more banter, Lightman hires this fellow for future... sleuthing.

Lightman visits Zack in jail to threaten him with the thought of being transferred to a mental hospital and on a regime of pills prescribed by Foster...

Back at home, Emily reveals that she broke up with Liam because he wouldn't have sex before marriage. She then asks if Lightman loves Foster, which he does admit.

They finally get this in the open and this might be the last episode??? D@mn it...
Either way, it's been revealing...
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Anonymous said...

are you a racist? Calling all blacks dark fellows or burnt people?

Unknown said...

No racism involved. You must have watched the episode to know that the person in question was black. I was referring to him as a mysterious hire of Lightman's. The fact that Lightman kept the entire matter in the dark from the viewers was what I was after. "Dark fellow" = shrouded in mystery, no? If you'd like to take it as a double entendre, go right ahead as the actor was still black. In my opinion, that character could have been played by damn near anyone, but I hope Lightman keeps him around. It should give us more clues to the depths of Lightman's trust...