Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Info, Renewals, Etc.

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Just in case you wanted to hear more about William & Kate's wedding (you know, since I haven't talked about it since Sunday), there's been a lot of coverage of the Royal Wedding in the past week. And, that makes sense, quite frankly. Some of it has been pretty interesting... on the "50 Things you Should Know about the Royal Wedding," I learned some cool facts, like the fact that it would take Kate four minutes to walk down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. Two of Kate's exes were invited; four of Will's were. The Obamas did not receive invitations. Fergy wasn't invited, either. Kate's ring (formerly Diana's) is an 18-carat sapphire. There are some crazy items out there for the wedding, including a book on knitting replicas of those involved. The wedding is rumored to be costing $30 million, most of which will be the Queen's responsibility, though the Middletons are shelling out $100k, and Prince Charles is covering the evening reception. Diana and Charles' wedding (adjusted for inflation) was $70 million. And, Kate and Will are 12th cousins already, once removed. Oh, and here's the itinerary from the big day.

VH1 has a new hour-long scripted series coming out, entitled, Single Ladies. There will be a movie to premiere the idea on May 30th, and the series begins June 6th.

Two and a Half Men is being rebooted without Charlie Sheen. 

The triple crossover for FOX's Animation Domination didn't happen. In light of the devastating tornadoes across the country, FOX opted to pull the hurricane episodes that linked Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. No new date has been given yet.

USA's Fairly Legal got renewed for another season.

Army Wives also got renewed

FOX's Bones did, too. and, it was announced via Twitter.

Jamie OIiver's Food Revolution didn't have as good an outcome... it's been pulled for the month and will burn off Friday nights in June.
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