Friday, June 3, 2011

Ben & Adrian Married; Butters stars in South Park

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & Commentaries for "scripted" shows this week include: The Secret Life of the American Teenager and South Park.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
"It's Not Over till it's Over" and "To Be..." (S03E24 & S03E25): [Double-Whammy this week!] We start out with Adrian talking to the guidance counselor, and discusses her birth plan instead of her academic plan. [hahaha.] Adrian thinks she'll just need a week off. They'll get a nanny M-F 7:30-3:30 so that she can graduate on-time. [somewhat interesting.] The counselor is concerned, and Adrian makes it clear that she hasn't talked to anyone about baby care. [uh oh.] The counselor suggests 4-6 weeks of staying at home, and Adrian doesn't agree. Then, the counselor talks to Ben, who is fine with summer school as necessary, but doesn't want to homeschool. Ben is planning to "supervise" rather than actually care for the baby. [uh oh again!] Ben asks for a half-day from school on Friday, since they're getting married that night. [ha! I couldn't imagine going to school for a few hours before my wedding! of course, it's always amusing when people get married on a weekday. (coming from someone who had a 5pm Friday ceremony, haha.)] And they'll be back Monday, since they can't let anything get in the way of their education. [gotta respect their dedication?] Ricky and Amy talk about having sex during the upcoming weekend, and the guidance counselor (Kaitlin) overhears. [such a weird school.] Kaitlin then tells Ricky that he got an interview with his first-choice college. Then, she suggests Ricky romance Amy. [not sure about her choice to get involved...] George tries to talk to Ashley about Ricky and Amy. Anne's boyfriend asks her to ask Amy to babysit Friday night so that they can go to a wedding. Amy runs into Ben, and he tells her that he doesn't want to be a husband or a father at 17, then says that it was just a moment of weakness. Betty can't make it to Adrian & Ben's wedding because her mother is dying and she hasn't seen her since she was 16. There's some concern that the family is after the Sausage King's money. [that could make for an interesting twist...] Leo mentions that this is why you get a pre-nup. [LoL.] Ruben is upset that there's a minister, not a priest. [he makes so much out of everything!] And he wants to know what the couple is, since Adrian isn't a practicing Catholic and she's not much of anything else, either. Adrian mentions to her parents that she and Ben want to be at their condo by 9pm after the wedding to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith on cable. [what? I don't get that...] Ruben says she's acting a bit casual. Jack's dad is visiting him and hopes that Jack goes to college in Arizona. The wedding is down to just the couple and the parents. [wow. I'm surprised that they aren't inviting anyone else at all!] Jack's dad tells him to break up with Madison because it's not fair if she's his second choice. Ricky tells his mom that he's got a college interview and she's so excited. Ricky's mom's girlfriend suggests that Ricky's mom go to college. [um. ok...] Ricky's mom then asks Ricky if it'd be cool if she got married. He's cool with it. Adrian starts to have doubts and talks to Tom about them. [I love that she called him, of all people.] Tom tells her to go through with the wedding. Leo sent his driver to be with Betty. Leo's assistant found out that Betty's mom isn't in a hospital within 200 miles, and her brother declared bankruptcy last week. Leo asks his assistant to accompany him to the wedding. George goes to see Kaitlin about Ashley, and asks her out. [I feel like he's getting desperate again.] She has a boyfriend. Kaitlin lets it slip to Amy that Ricky has a college interview. Jack tells Madison that he likes her more than Grace. Ricky shows Amy the letter about the interview, and she's happy for him, though she's already thinking about how it's a "few hours away." Ricky was also texted by Adrian the night before, but he ignored it. Leo gives Ben his mother's handkerchief. [that was sweet.] Leo tells Ben that if he decides he wants out, wave the handkerchief and they'll run. [haha, that's cute.] We see the other couples - Grace and Grant playing chess, Henry and Alice signing the card for their gift to the couple, Ashley and Toby babysitting for Anne and her boyfriend, George staring at Leo's assistant, Jack picking up Madison. Then, the wedding. A few words from the minister, the rings, the kiss. Amy looks through the window and sees Ben, then looks away. [if my ex-boyfriend was getting married next door, I wouldn't want to be home that night!] Ricky goes to Amy's with red roses, she kisses him. Ben gives Adrian a bracelet and they kiss again.

Adrian suggests to Ben that they grill on the patio. [but why get steaks at the market and not the butcher shop?] Adrian can't get comfortable. It's 4:30 in the morning and she wants to call Amy to get advice. [hahaha.] Ben stops her and makes breakfast, but when he brings it in a little after 5am, she's asleep. At school, the counselor is supporting a celebratory banner for Adrian & Ben, but the rest of the faculty is fighting it, since it celebrates teen pregnancy. [I don't know that  banner was appropriate, either.] Amy tells the counselor her (pregnancy/parenting) story. Amy also partially blames the counselor for the fact that Ricky had a good interview, which will cause him to move away and for them not to get married. Ben and Adrian are running late - she's eating a loco moco - hamburger, fried egg, and gravy over rice. [not sure how that would taste...] Ben doesn't want to carpool, but Adrian does, so they do. [interesting problem.] Madison calls Lauren and Amy into the bathroom during class to tell them that she had sex with Jack during Adrian & Ben's wedding. [um. STOP USING YOUR PHONE DURING SCHOOL!] Madison says the sex was interesting and emotional, and Jack cried. Jack kept telling Madison that he loved her. Lauren tells Madison that she can break up with Jack if she wants to. Jack is late to school and gets into trouble with the coach. Jack tells the coach that he had sex with Madison, and the coach reminds Jack that life isn't over, he can still break up with her. [these kids can't keep ANYTHING to themselves!] Then, Jack tells Ricky, and admits that he's not in love with Madison and that they shouldn't have had sex. Turns out, they used Ricky's apartment to do it!! [ridiculousness.] Lauren rolls her eyes at Amy "loving" Ricky. [drama. again.] Madison says that the sex was anti-climactic. Amy is shocked to hear from Madison that she and Jack had sex at Ricky's. Grace passes out rice for everyone to throw when Adrian and Ben get to school. [what? stop.] Jack and Ricky leave the hallway. Adrian & Ben get pelted with a ton of rice. The custodian comes out and is upset, and makes Grant clean the rice. [um. just because he's Grace's boyfriend he shouldn't be cleaning it up. Grace was responsible, she should be sweeping!] Adrian's locker is decorated for her. [these kids are making me sick...] Leo shows up to work, someone has parked in his spot [we don't find out who it is, either] and the assistant found out that the driver has been spending time with Betty's two sisters. Leo does not want his assistant to date George. [why not, exactly?] George asks her out to dinner. Jack asks Grant for a medical reason on why he couldn't stop having sex with Madison midway through... he doesn't have one. [duh. and Jack needs to shut up.] Jack is just dying for advice at this point. Amy tells Ricky that she won't have sex with him in a bed that he's had sex in with other girls. Ricky tells his mom about the bed thing. Amy is not happy that George is dating Leo's assistant. Anne found out about it as well. Anne's boyfriend wants to know how exclusive she and he are, but Anne isn't sure. Adrian and Ben went shopping after a doctor's appointment, and she's tired. Grace tells Grant that he shouldn't be friends with Jack. Grace is not happy that Grant keeps in contact with his ex, Angie. [wonder if she'll show up in the future somehow...] Madison and Jack both ask the other if they're breaking up with them, then ask if it's because of the sex. Madison says it wasn't what she expected. Jack admits the truth to her. Then he says that he loves her, but sex isn't right for them right now. Jack says that they should wait a few years to have sex. [years. interesting. surprised both of them went for that, but glad that someone on this show is going to be able to abstain a little!] They will make-out once in a while, but that's it. Madison agrees. Grace's mom goes to pick up food to-go, and it's at the same restaurant that George is waiting at, so they talk a bit. Ricky tells Amy that he'd want her and John to move with him if he goes away to school. [let's not forget that she's a year younger than him... how will that factor in??] He invites her to go with him the next night to have dinner on the beach and see the school, even though it's a Tuesday night. Apparently Wednesday is a teacher workday. Adrian wakes up at 4:30am again (Tuesday morning). Adrian says that something doesn't feel right. Ben offers to call the doctor's office, but Adrian isn't sure.  
[season finale. season 4 begins next week. I talked to the actors who play Adrian & Ben, specifically about what happens in the next episode. If you missed that post, find it here.]


South Park "City Sushi" (S15E06): Butters is a postman, delivering flyers for a new sushi place. The people at City Wok (next door) are pretty angry. The Chinese guy goes over to the Japanese place and they get into a fight after arguing about the other's English. The police decide that Butters caused an Asian turf war and bring him to his parents. [yeah. a turf war. Butters. haha.] They take him to a Center for Criminally Insane Children, where he's diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. [criminally. yep.] They're told to heavily medicate him. A Chinatown named "Little Tokyo." [hahahahaha.] Butters is playing in the backyard and his parents thought he was in another personality. The two Asians decide to do an assembly about cultural differences. Butters does Professor Chaos and Inspector Butters for the psychiatrist, who think they are separate personalities. Turns out, the psychiatrist has multiple personalities! [should've seen that coming.] Butters video-recorded himself overnight, and talks about how he was told there were people in his head trying to kill him, and that he's wet the bed several times. He watches the video and sees that the psychiatrist came into his room at night, peed on him, and hit him a few times. [omg. horrific! if I didn't love the pop culture references on this show, this season would really be pushing me to stop watching!] The assembly begins and the Chinese guy talks about the horrible things in Japan. Butters confronts the doctor, who goes into another personality, gets Butters to help him break into a jewelry store, then blames it all on Butters. [hating this guy!] The Chinese guy goes to apologize to the Japanese guy, and offers to do an Asian Diversity Festival. [funny Pearl Harbor reference.] The Japanese guy agrees to it, against his better judgment. Butters burns the costumes for his other "personalities" and the doctor rides his tricycle over and chases Butters. [tricycle? really?] A Tower of Peace has gone up between the two Asian restaurants. The Chinese guy sends a note to the Japanese guy, asking him to go to the top of the tower for a photo... he goes. The doctor's split personality convinces Butters to go to the doctor's house to look for clues, but slips in and out of personalities as he chases Butters through the (large) home. [this episode is so weird!] Butters finds a room where there's all sorts of City Sushi ads on the wall with "kill" and the like written on them... turns out, the doctor and the Chinese guy are the same person... [ridiculous.] Back at the tower, they both are at the top and the Chinese chokes the Japanese. Butters tells the police about the doctor's issues, and they confront him. Because the Japanese guy fell for the dupe, he committed suicide by jumping off the tower. [so tired of this episode...] The police decide to let the "doctor" continue to think he's Chinese, and it ends there. [this was a REALLY BAD episode. None of the kids are in it except Butters, too.]   
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Off season/Coming Up:
Switched at Birth (Monday, June 6th at 9pm)
Hot in Cleveland (June 15th picks us up at Season 2, Episode 11)
Futurama (Season 6, episode 14 on June 23rd)
Burn Notice (Season 5 begins June 23rd)
Melissa & Joey (season 2 starts June 29th, 8pm)
How I Met Your Mother (Season 7 in September)
Terra Nova (premiering in September) 
The Simpsons (Season 23 in September. In the meantime, go online and vote for what should happen to the Nedna relationship)
The Middle
(Season 3 in September)
House, M.D. (Season 8 in September)

Mr. Sunshine (Canceled. we saw nine episodes.) 
The Paul Reiser Show (Canceled. we saw two episodes, and at least 5 more were filmed.) 
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