Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charlie Harper to Die; Fall Premiere Dates; Graphic Novels

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

If you watch a lot of shows on Hulu, be warned: FOX shows in particular will have more ads. but, they are also looking at having the viewings seen through the website on the first three days after the initial airing counted in the ratings.

Speaking of FOX, they announced their Fall premiere dates. ABC did, too.

Charlie Sheen's character, Charlie Harper, is going to be written off of Two and a Half Men by dying. Perhaps Ashton Kutcher's new character on the show will buy Charlie's old house? Plus, Charlie Sheen has finalized a deal with Lionsgate for a new television series. It'll be even racier than Two and a Half Men. Ten episode start with an option for 90 more.

Discovery has ordered a documentary special on SEAL Team Six, the elite military unit credited with killing Osama bin Laden. It will air July 10th. [EW]

On How I Met Your Mother, the actor playing Marshall's boss has changed to Martin Short.

The Voice is going to be on tour this summer.

Sam Jones III will be going to prison for a year for dealing drugs. 10,000 oxycodone pills, to be exact.

Lisa Edelstein will appear on several episodes of The Good Wife.

After the fifth season, Jersey Shore is going to feature a new cast.

There's going to be an interactive graphic novel to bridge the storylines between seasons 4 and 5 of Burn Notice. Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush will be transformed into a graphic novel as well.

Raven-Symone will be live-tweeting during the premiere of State of Georgia tomorrow night. Join the conversation with @ABCFGeorgia, @MissRavenSymone, and the writer/creator @JenniferWeiner. Tweet questions with #GeorgiaChat.

ThunderCats will run on Friday nights on Cartoon Network, starting on July 29th. To get psyched, watch Boomerang on July 16th and 17th (and everyday at 5pm starting the 18th), and Cartoon Network on the weekend of July 23rd for classic episodes! They'll also have a ComicCon panel in room 6A at 3:30pm on Friday the 22nd, which will include a screening of the premiere.

And, in not-exactly-television-news, it seems that MGM will be doing a reboot of War Games. Plus, Will Smith's daughter may be doing a movie remake of Annie. And, looks like Toy Story 4 is underway.
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