Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Videos; Upcoming Stars; Betty White's Top 10

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

A quick video on the making of Switched at Birth.

If you want to see a preview for TNT's Falling Skies (starring Noah Wyle, among others), click here.

For a preview of season 3 of Teen Mom, try here.

First Lady Michelle Obama is going to be on an episode of iCarly to promote the Joining Forces program.

Kelsey Grammer will play a Chicagoan mayor in Boss, which begins on Starz October 21st.

It's about time, MTV! They cancelled Skins.

Some commentaries and thoughts on Fall shows for CBS and the CW.

AMC's The Killing got renewed for a second season.

Neil Patrick Harris showed off some baby pictures of his twins. [I LOVE how passionate he is about his babies.]

Charlie Sheen may have another sitcom in the works.

Betty White gave a Top 10 List of tips for living a long and happy life on Letterman, which included:
10) Get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep, 9 if you're ugly.
9) Exercise. Or don't. What the hell do I care?
8) Never apologize -- it shows weakness.
7) The best way to earn a quick buck is a slip and fall lawsuit.
6) Avoid tweeting any photos of your private parts.
5) Schedule a nightly appointment with Dr. Johnnie Walker.
4) Take some wheat grass, soy paste and carob, toss in the garbage and cook yourself a big-@$$ piece of pork.
3) Try not to die.
2) Never dwell on past mistakes, especially you, LeBron.
1) Don't waste your time watching this crap.

Betty White also had some great jokes on Regis this week.

Oh, and some bad news, too. Teen Mom Amber has been hospitalized for being suicidal.
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