Saturday, July 30, 2011

Campfire Cake; Maci Moves Again; Workplace Wipeout

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Recaps & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Cake Boss, Teen Mom, and Wipeout. Spoilers abound, so don't jump down if you don't want to know what happens!

ake Boss  "Campfires, Computers & Concerns" (S04E22):  It's summer so they're extra busy between weddings and vacationers. Madeline has a friend who comes in to see Buddy about a cake consultation. But he's not there, so she talks to him about it. [This can't end well...] She suggests (and then promises) a fire in the cake for toasting marshmallows (he wants a camping-style cake). The ovens have gotten installed at Lackawanna. Buddy brings Joey by to see it, and Joey wants to test-bake... Buddy says there will be time. Madeline tells Buddy he has to do the campfire cake, and he's upset about it. The RV on the rendering is not to scale. ["vanilla truffle buttercream" sounds great!] We see Dana in the background again. Buddy's also working on a technology cake for a guy who wants screens and equipment to work. The guys start taking apart the equipment. [what I wouldn't give to understand how they move those cakes around like that and they don't crumble!] Buddy and the guys start building cereal treats around the technology, and it works! The guys talk about camping and realize that they've done very little of it in life. Buddy is worried about the campfire, and puts rocks around the pit... but still wants to test it. [I would, too.] Then they warm up hotdogs and toast marshmallows over the test fire. [hahaha!] The technology cake for Avaya works out well. [I thought that the camping cake had too many rocks on it...] Buddy and the guys are taking their boys camping at the Delaware River Family Campground. The guys struggle to put up the tents, but manage. Then, between the heat the and the mosquitoes, the men want to go home. [and I think they did! really? they couldn't tough it out for a single night? pathetic.]

Kate Plus Eight  (S02Exx): Episode 11 coming up.  

19 Kids and Counting  (S07Exx): Episode 10, "Duggar Respond & Rescue" aired this past Tuesday, but I wasn't able to catch it, so look for it in next week's recaps!.     

Teen Mom "Trial and Tribulations" (S03E04): Probably September for Catelynn & Tyler. If I cared enough to look up Amber's legal timeline, I could figure out when it is for her. Maci is probably late August or September. No big clues for Farrah.  
Maci got 2 Bs and 2 Fs last semester. [and she only kinda seems surprised.] And she didn't even look at her grades when they posted. [maybe it's just me and ::cough EVERYONE I KNEW cough:: but we always checked our grades THE DAY they posted! the day after if you had to!] It takes two hours for Maci to drive to and from classes now. [is she getting acne?] Then she tells her dad about Kyle moving in. [this must be really truncated, because why bother telling him if it's only going to last a couple weeks??] Maci talks to Kyle about moving home because the driving is getting to her. [the scenes at the park with Maci and Kyle and their friends seemed REALLY staged.] Bentley is potty-training. She checks out some apartments in Chattanooga. She likes a place that's $1,000/month, furnished. She calls Kyle to tell him. Kyle surprises Maci for a visit... turns out that he quit his job and is going to move in. [again with the truncation... I'm thinking the stuff going on in this episode's Maci sections really took place over a month or more, not the week or two it seems...]  
Farrah: Farrah tells Derek's dad and stepmom about Derek's mom wanting grandparent rights. Farrah's mom tries to calm Farrah by talking about Barney, but Farrah is stressed and snaps. Farrah's lawyer gets everything dismissed. [meh. Farrah's storylines have been blah lately.]  
Amber:  Her meeting with Child Protective Services has been moved to the police department. Gary's friend drives them to the courthouse after dropping off Leah at a babysitter's. Just questions. Amber's still staying at her old apartment. [Maybe we can merge Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 next time and only show Maci, Catelynn, Leah, and maybe Jenelle... ha!]  
Catelynn: Her mom is upset that she can't see Butch, because of the restraining order and because he's in a halfway house for a few months. [whatever.] Tyler brings up the idea of family counseling, and Butch is into it. School is in full swing for them. Catelynn's mom comes over for a couple minutes, but hardly even sees the apartment. [has she not seen it yet? we're given the impression that they've lived there a few weeks now, if not longer...] Catelynn calls her mom to tell her that she thinks their relationship needs work and that they need counseling. Her mom disagrees and makes her cry. Then, the two of them try a counseling session. [I don't see this lasting, tho.] 
Wipeout "Boss and Employee" (S04E23):  12 boss-employee pairs are playing. Qualifier has the Caterpillar Crossing (platforms that sway - pictured right), Driver's Ed (make it across a couple small platforms holding onto spinning steering wheels that sometimes have airbags pop out of them. and the pedals can pop out at you, too.), Big Balls, Jiggalators (two vibrating platforms that also shake a bit), and Double Barrel (a large, rotating oval with two circles carved out... get in one and ride it around to the other side and get off onto a platform). The second round this time is Total Carnage, which consists of a number of platforms that have to be crossed to get to the end. The contestants all start in the same spot, each platform is ten feeet above the water, and there are two sweepers coming around - one crankshaft and one set of three spinning rings. First three complete teams advance. [this particular obstacle is usually funny... today I thought it was pretty uneventful.] Round 3 is the Race Course. [yay, something new!] Get past two sweepers, cross a spinning pedestal with poles on it, and get past a number of spinning, bouncing, and/or tilting platforms and pedestals. There are two heats and the first team to finish first each time moves on. The first heat is really close, with all three teams getting a single person through and a photo finish for the second guy on two of the teams (Maestros and X-rays)! The second heat is also pretty close, but the Maestros pull it out. The WipeoutZone features Towering Flume of Doom (7 story drop into the water), Iron Maze-in (enter on the yellow, make your way through a vertical rotating maze, exit on the red), Axel of Evil (ride a sweeper arm that has rotating pegs to hold on to), and Great Wall of Fall (climb across pegs that push out from and retract toward a wall). Best combined time wins, and teams will alternate. X-Rays got injured and have withdrawn, so the ShockJocks get to compete after all. [things like this annoy me.] Maestro Employee does really well with only a single wipeout (on the Great Wall of Fall), finishing at 6:56. ShockJock Boss up next, and makes his first fall on the Axel of Evil. [impressive move out of the Iron Maze-in!] He slips on the Great Wall of Fall too, finishing at 8:28. Maestro Boss falls out of the Iron Maze-in on his first try and shorts the jump out on the second go. A quick fall on the Axel of Evil... followed immediately by another one. And, a slip on the Great Wall of Fall. [haha]. Final time 28:04. ShockJock Employee tries going clockwise on the Iron Maze-in and falls trying to get out... then goes counter-clockwise and falls out completely. Then, he's looking exhausted and falls out the front AGAIN. He gives up only a few minutes into the WipeoutZone. []boooooring. and, meh. I didn't think the boss-employee dynamic did much for this show.] 
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Off season/Coming Up:
Teen Mom 2  (no idea when season 2 starts)

16 and Pregnant (season 4?)
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