Monday, July 25, 2011

Collage of Cancer Cakes; Duggar Extractions; Ryan and Kyle Meet

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Recaps & [Commentaries] for "unscripted" shows this week include: Cake Boss, 19 Kids and Counting, Teen Mom, and Wipeout. Spoilers abound, so don't jump down if you don't want to know what happens!

ake Boss  "Cheeseburgers, Cures & a Challenge" (S04E21):  Buddy and Mauro talk about hamburgers. Buddy's doing a hamburger cake for Rev, an Expert Hamburger Taster. "we're gonna have to use red velvet" to make it look medium rare. [Sounds good to me... why was he thinking it would potentially be an issue?] The Relay for Life walk is coming up. Dana's working in the bakery, though he doesn't speak. One of the hamburger bun cakes goes missing, so they make it again. [I'm not completely believing that they just might have miscounted in the first place...] Buddy's dad taught him to get the lumps out of royal icing by straining it through pantyhose. [wow that's tedious...] The guys are having a hamburger-eating contest with mini-burgers. Buddy, Frankie, Danny, Ralph, and Mauro compete. Buddy ate 11, Danny ate 8, Mauro had 12 (though he tells Madeleine he had 2), Frankie had 20, and Ralph had 18. [The collage of cakes looked awesome.] Grace complains to Buddy that she did a cake consultation that Mauro was supposed to do.  

Kate Plus Eight  (S02Exx): Episode 11 coming up.  

19 Kids and Counting "Duggar Dental Drama" (S07E09): Josh, Joseph, Jessa, and Jinger are getting their wisdom teeth removed. Michelle is working on making some soft foods like applesauce. They bought 8 pounds of apples. 9 of the kids went to the store with Michelle. They also got some jello, some chicken and rice soup, and a bunch of frozen pizzas. [this surprised me... they don't make their own pizza?] They peel and slice the apples with a peeler, and the younger kids eat the skins (they call them "snakes"). The Duggars go through 100 pounds of fruit each month. The family has company coming in a few days. Anna dropped off Mackynzie with the family so she could be with Josh at the dentist's office. Michelle and JimBob took the girls. [I was a little overwhelmed with how much they showed of the extractions!] Joseph and Josh both drank sweet tea just a few hours earlier, so their surgeries have to be postponed until the following Wednesday afternoon. When the company comes (53 total people in the house), there are kids playing with stacking cups. [I was a little surprised that JimBob tried to get the dentist to do the extractions even though they had drank sweet tea. he doesn't trust that there are reasons to do things within a certain protocol??] We don't see Josh and Joseph's extractions, as the episode ends with them still in the waiting room.     

Teen Mom "The Last Straw" (S03E03): For Catelynn and Tyler, it's summer, since they have to go back and finish school soon. It's summer for Maci too, as she's getting ready to register for fall classes. There are pumpkins on the side of the road in Amber's story, so it's probably fall there.  
Kyle moves in. Maci wants Kyle and Ryan to meet. Ryan wants to have separate birthday parties for Bentley, as opposed to one joint party. Ryan and Kyle meet; it's a short conversation. 
Farrah: She's putting modeling on hold to concentrate on school and Sophia. Sophia is still using a pacifier. Farrah doesn't talk to Derek's sister anymore, but she does talk to his dad and stepmom. [Farrah's not wearing as much eye makeup all the time anymore. it's weird.] She's still waiting for Social Security to follow through with Sophia's needs. Since there's no clear proof that Derek acknowledged his daughter's existence, Social Security isn't giving benefits to Sophia. Farrah talks to a lawyer to see what can be done. Looks like Derek's mom wants grandparent rights to see Sophia, etc. Farrah gets served with papers because Derek's mom filed visitation demands. Farrah doesn't want to pay a lawyer to speak for her. She goes to talk to her counselor again... she feels like she has nobody to talk to in her life. [that's sad. :(] 
Amber:  The police want to question them. Gary thinks Amber should get a lawyer. She claims she doesn't have the money to get a lawyer. Child Protective Services goes to Gary's mom's house to look for him. They make an appointment to see a lawyer, and it turns out that they both "forgot" to pay some tickets and both have suspended licenses. [hahahahaha. how can you really be this irresponsible??] So they call a cab. The attorney explains what could happen. Gary makes Amber mad so she goes to stay the night with a friend.    
Catelynn: They're starting their senior year again. [why not just go to summer school?] Tyler's dad/Catelynn's stepdad has been in jail for eight months, and he's being released to a halfway house. His dad and her mom aren't supposed to have any contact, but her mom wants to pick him up and see him. After some arguments, Tyler and his sister go pick up their father from jail. Tyler's sister is pregnant with her third child. Tyler brings his dad to see Catelynn and her brother. 
Wipeout "You're All Acting Like Babies!" (S04E22):  The Qualifier starts with the two sets of Teeter Towers (stacks of cylindrical blocks you have to get across), the Dreadmill, the Big Balls, the Mood Swing (take a slide to try and land on a swinging platform, then time a jump off the other side to another platform), and the Wipeout Nursery (a series of holes to climb through while trying to avoid stuff flinging up at you and puddles. then get over two arms that move at random). There's some [very funny] punny commentary on the baby-ness of the contestants. [There are certainly some strange contestants today - WiggleGuy, PartyGirl, etc.] The second round is Scare-ousel, having contestants all stand on one platform, go across a few pedestals, and ride a red dangler over some bouncing hurdles to a designated spot. Then, get over to another spot and ride a yellow dangler past some sweeper arms and land on a specific pedestal to finish. [haha on the comment about "your leg is shaking because it's afraid of your pants" haha.] Too many people try to ride a dangler at a time. [I don't understand why they think this is worth trying, LoL.] Round 3 is The Sushi Bar. Six contestants start on individual pedestals ten feet about the water. The sweeper arm coming around has fake salmon on it, and contestants must jump over it as it comes around. Last person standing in each of three heats makes it to the next round. And it's pouring rain. [I never noticed that house in the background from where the Johns speak before...] The first heat went pretty quickly. The second actually seemed to go by even faster! The WipeoutZone this time starts with Chairborne (sit in a chair and be launched up an incline at 35 mph, landing in the water). Then, the Over-and Out (giant rotating block with a few platforms on it. jump on, jump off or ride around and jump off, then do it again), Pointbreak (climb up a staircase while slime shoots at you, then go down a slide to try landing on a platform... tricky since the whole staircase/slide spins constantly), and CoinToss (run or crawl across spinning cylinders to get to the end). [I'm sick of this specific WipeoutZone. Let's see different stuff!] First up is BullfrogAssassin... who is totally failing at Over-and-Out. He finally makes it, then misses the slide TWICE (though the second time he landed and fell off). Finishes at 9:34 with a great method across Coin Toss (belly-crawl!). Then, Clownselor, who has a [hilarious] wipeout on the Over-and-Out. Twice. [this guy is just trying ridiculous positions!] He missed the platform from the slide by a LOT. TWICE. One slip on the CoinToss will force him to be out of time. Last, SociallyAwkward [my pick]. He ALSO misses the slide TWICE. He screws up CoinToss once, but RACES ACROSS on his second try to finish at 7:05! 
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Off season/Coming Up:
Teen Mom 2  (no idea when season 2 starts)
Pregnant in Heels
(Season 2?)
The Unpoppables  (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties  (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
and Pregnant
(season 4?
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