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Adrian at School; Toby Comes Clean; Lennox Tweets; Jo Googles...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

A day late, I know. It's been a long week. I'm still at Comic-Con, and until I can get up some updates here, check out a couple articles (
here and here) I've written from some of the things I've seen. I'll get up the remainder of the recaps from this week as soon as I can. :)

Recaps & [Commentaries] for "scripted" shows this week include: Falling Skies, The Secret Life of the American TeenagerSwitched at BirthMelissa & JoeyState of GeorgiaHot in ClevelandHappily Divorced, and Futurama. Please note: spoilers abound, so don't jump down if you don't want to know what happens!

Falling Skies
 "Sanctuary, Pt. 1" (S01E06):  A kid goes to see Glass with his family. When she has her back turned, the father pulls a gun and wants all of the antibiotics, painkillers, and drugs. Glass refuses at first, but then begins to fill a sack. He ends up striking her and runs off with the goods, which he wants in case he needs to trade while they're on their own and away from the unit. [it hadn’t really occurred to me that some people may want to be on their own and not with the groups…] They run off but there are fighters close behind them. Turns out, a “friendly fighter” from another unit, Terry Clayton, helps out and gets the medicine back. The skitters wiped out the entire unit - that's how he ended up on his own [allegedly]. He guesses there's 8 fighters and 6 civilians left from his group. In 72 hours, another unit will merge with them, and everyone under 20 years old is supposed to go ahead with Clayton. [I kinda wish there was some way to check on this sort of thing with other units and such. I’m suspicious.] Matt and Ben are hanging out, and Ben says that the skitters could read his mind when he was harnessed. He talks about how the skitters became his family and that he now misses that. [whoa. Wasn’t expecting that. I’m kinda shocked, though I do understand it to a certain extent.] Hal overhears and is suspicious. [good. I’m liking Hal more and more.] Hal talks to Glass about Ben not acting like himself... Ben did 100 push-ups in a row without breaking a sweat, he's like a different kid, etc. Margaret teaches Glass how to shoot a gun. The skitters do indeed attack, and Weaver saves Jimmy. There's some upset civilians who think the skitters are only attacking because of the once-harnessed kids that were rescued – who are now termed "razorbacks." Hal confronts one. Ben tells Tom that he wants to go with the group to get ahead of the fight. Hal wants to go with Matt and Ben and the others. [which he should, he’s under 20.] The kids all leave with a few fighters. Clayton and Hal disagree about the best way to travel, but they eventually come to a ranch with others there. Eli, the kid whose parents were running away in the beginning, was in a room at the ranch, and Clayton brings him to the woods, where a harnessed girl names Megan takes him to the skitters. Looks like Clayton has to bring some kids to her every few days. And, he's torturing Pope to get information about where kids would be. [well this is getting interesting. Such a fascinating show.] 

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
 "Don't Go in There!" (S04E06): Ben spent the night at Leo's and Leo yells at him to get up, apologize to Adrian, and go to school. [good job, Leo. Sometimes I wonder whether he’ll let things slide or not.] Ricky and Amy spent the night at George's, and Ricky wants to shower with Amy. Ben goes to the condo and sees all of the holes that Adrian punched in the wall of the former nursery. [yeah… he was just as shocked as I was!] He begins packing a bag. At school, Henry and Alice confront Ben about being drunk the previous night. Ben is looking for a place to stay. Grace goes to Ben, and he jumps at the chance to tell her that he's moving out of the condo. He never hears what it was Grace wanted to say. Jack asks Lauren if Madison is okay, but she didn't know that they broke up, though it was expected. [I didn’t think it would happen so soon, though.] Grace tells Lauren and Jack about Ben moving out. Grant shows up and Grace is awkward. Grants wants to know if Grace thinks a particular girl will date him, but Grace just calls the other girl a slut. [geez. This girl has changed SO MUCH since the start of the series!] Lauren tells Amy about Ben and Jack. [Amy's outfit looked really childish.] Ricky tells Ben to go back to Adrian... who shows up at school. [whoa.] Ben tells her that he's leaving her, and Adrian tells him that she's not letting him go. [omg awkward.] Rachel is leaving Tom in charge of her kids for the afternoon and the night/morning so she can go to a job orientation. [this storyline is getting weird. Especially since we don’t really see Tom alone with the children… ever.] Nora shows up at Leo's office, not thinking she was supposed to be there. Leo asks her to try working for him again. Ben calls and tells Leo that he's moved out of the condo. Leo tells him that he has to live there until he has enough money to live on his own, and that he'll shut down Ben's credit cards and checking account if Ben does anything stupid like drink, do drugs, or live outside the condo. [oh, privileged kids. How amusing that they just tell their parents what they want to do!] Adrian talks to Katelyn, who tells Adrian about drunk Ben at a restaurant. Adrian covers and says that Ben ate some bad ceviche. [a) how did Katelyn find out? and b) why did Adrian cover like that??] Katelyn tells Adrian that she'll need to go to summer school, but Adrian is a bit hesitant. [um, the girl hasn’t been to school in MONTHS. I’m surprised she can even make it up in summer school!] Ricky tells Adrian that he erased her message and that they can't be friends. [more lies. The usual.] Turns out, Ricky's college admissions interview is with Karlee, Toby's sister. Kathleen is having coffee with Jack's dad, who says that he's coming back to town AND that Grace's boyfriend is in college. Adrian overhears Amy bad-mouthing her to Lauren. Amy apologizes. Adrian tells Amy that she got accepted to the college that Ricky is interviewing for. [did she not need an interview? Because we all know she hasn’t been in the mindset for one lately!] Ricky shows up for his interview and tries to keep it professional. [good job, Ricky!] Karlee just wanted to see him again, and hints around at having sex in her office. Karlee tells him that he has to if he wants to get into the college. Tammy flirts with Tom at work. [I didn't realize Tammy worked in the same building as Tom.] Jack tells Grace that his dad told her mom about Daniel being in college. [this is surprising to me… why would Jack tell Grace? Why not let her catch the heat? Especially considering his feelings for her…] Karlee calls Katelyn and tells her that Ricky's not a good fit for the college. Students in the school are saying bad things about Ben, and Adrian threatens one of them. Ben reiterates that he wants out, and Adrian asks him to wait until she leaves for college in the fall. [fairly reasonable, except that we know she has alternative motives!] She tells him that she wants to be friends. [I'd like to see Adrian's parents a little more.] Tom's boss asks Rachel to dinner, as he runs into her at the hotel bar. [how did this match-up happen? Like why are they in the same place?] Daniel goes to Grace's and Kathleen answers the door. She tells him that Grace is on restriction, then invites him in for dinner, knowing that Grace snuck out the back door to Daniel's car. [Daniel is a strange guy. He seems to want to play the honest card, but it comes off a bit weird.] Grace called Jack to tell him to tell Daniel where she is, but after he hangs up the phone, he doesn't do it. [you know, since he has feelings for her, LoL.] Katelyn calls Ricky on his cell phone [at bedtime. what's that about?] Katelyn asks Ricky if he flirted with Karlee, since Karlee said Ricky tried to have sex with her. [there are a lot of crazy things that happen on this show, but I feel like this is starting to push it!] Ricky doesn't set the story straight and leaves the apartment. Ben shows up at the condo and tells Adrian that he wants to be friends again and that they can live together until the end of summer, but he'll stay in the old nursery.   

Switched at Birth 
"The Stag Hunt" (S01E07):
  Kathryn tries to sign "make coffee" but she signs "make out" instead. [haha on the joke about making coffee with some girls at school and using a coffee filter!! LoL.] John got an email about the stolen chemistry test. [is this the norm now? Schools emailing parents when things like this happen?] The guilty party has 24 hours to confess and be suspended, otherwise those involved would get expelled. Bay figures out it was Toby, and brings Daphne with her to confront him (and Daphne’s shocked!). Bay's surprised that Toby isn't going to confess. John is concerned with what might come up in the trial. Daphne tells Toby that she thinks he should confess. He apologizes for bringing her into the poker game that started this thing. Kathryn and her friend Denise are talking about the stolen test, then they talk about Bruce. Regina is at Bruce's, cuddling in bed. Emmett shows up at Bay's and she shows him the webpage of who she thinks is her father. Emmett suggests that they go to the club where he DJs that night, but Bay is worried. Emmett says that the guy will love her, and Daphne walks in to see Bay and Emmett both doing the sign for love. [foreshadowing, my guess…] Daphne gets upset that Bay is looking for her father. Bruce comes to see Regina but runs into Kathryn and gives her an earring to give to Regina. Emmett and Bay dance while waiting for Daphne. [Emmett is SO CUTE.] Regina comes in to see them dancing and says that she used to dance to the same song... not realizing it's her tape! Toby doesn't want dinner and Kathryn tries to talk to him about what's wrong. [I feel like it’s kinda rare we see her maternal side.] Daphne tells Regina that Bay is looking for her father, and Daphne is wondering if her dad left because she's deaf. Regina says no, he left because he was scared to be part of a real family. [hmmm… the way she explains it, I feel like she’s lying.] Toby tells Kathryn about his situation off-screen and we see Kathryn telling John about it. Daphne decides that she does want to go with Bay and Emmett, and they take Toby's car. [I’m confused. We’ve seen Bay drive before… does she have a car or not? Or maybe Toby’s is roomier?] The bouncer doesn't want to let them in, so Emmett just keeps signing away, noting that signing makes hearing people uncomfortable and they give him what he wants. [part LoL and part interesting.] Soon, they're in and looking through the lost-and-found for a retainer. Bay and Daphne head to the "bathroom" and go walking through the club to find Angelo. They see him and Bay wants to chicken out. Denise shows up and complains that her kids bought one of those chemistry tests. She sees the earring and says it's hers... she still sleeps with Bruce on occasion. [I’m surprised, but maybe I shouldn’t be.] Daphne goes to talk to Angelo. She keeps talking, though it seems he doesn't know who Regina is. Turns out, he's gay and can't be who they're looking for. Kathryn tells Regina that Bruce is seeing Denise again, but Regina doesn't believe her. Daphne doesn't want Bay and/or Emmett looking for the guitar case in Regina's stuff. Regina tells Bruce that Kathryn told her about Bruce and Denise, and Bruce says it's true. [yay, gossip!] Wilke is going to take the fall, since someone’s already told the administration that it was him who sold the test. Things blow over and Toby learned not to bet $5,000 on a single hand of poker again. [um. That’s all he learned??] Daphne and Bay talk to Regina off-screen, and we see Regina confront Toby, who suggests that Toby has an addiction to gambling. [what’s with all of the off-set communication all of a sudden?] Regina gives Toby some of her history - she's not good at keeping promises to herself... she tells him that he needs to tell his parents. John confronts a friend at the hospital and finds out that they have something on Regina, not on them, and that’s why they’re going to take the case to court instead of settle. Daphne asks her mom about the guitar case but Regina doesn't give a straight answer. Emmett shows up at Bay's school and kisses her. [awwww… yay!] Toby tells John that he has a problem, and that he's going to tell the principal about stealing the test. [not going to say much here… but I don’t see why he feels the need to take responsibility.. just get away with it, learn a lesson, and move on. Wilke already took full blame, now Toby’s going to make it look like he lied, too.] Daphne goes searching for the guitar case when Regina goes out... but it's locked with a combination... she tries all sorts of things, and 229 (“BAY” on a telephone keypad) opens it. [whoa, what?!?] It's full of pictures of young Bay, report cards, all sorts of stuff. [I am completely shocked. I had no idea. I didn't see this coming. I can't believe it. I don't know what's going to happen next, but they've certainly got me at the edge of my seat!]   
Melissa & Joey "Joe vs. The Reunion" (S01E16):
  Ryder and Lennox are going through Joe's college yearbook. Mel offers to go to Joe's college reunion with him, but he says no. Mel leaves the kids $20 each to eat and tells them not to have any friends over while she and Joe are gone. [haha on the threatened punishment being that Mel would come to school and kiss them! the "part-A" joke was kinda dumb.] Lennox immediately wants to throw a party. [strange Build-a-Bear joke.] Mel unknowingly insults the artist she's supposed to meet. [typical Mel.] At the reunion, everyone is surprised that Joe showed up. Lennox and Ryder order 6 pizzas with their $40, but nobody else is there yet. They invite the delivery guy in. [really? A stranger? They’re teens…] One of Joe's pals is surprised that Joe's not on facebook, though Joe explains that he just wanted some privacy. Joe calls Mel to say that he's having a bad time... the worst night of his life. She hears it as a voicemail. Joe runs into a girl he knew who doesn't know his situation, so he just mentions that he's in a post-awesome phase... [hahaha, LOVE that phrase!] and then admits he's a nanny. His friend also hasn't had the best few years. Joe calls Mel again but doesn't get her so he calls Stephanie (Mel's assistant) to tell Mel to disregard the previous message. But, Mel shows up at the reunion, grabs someone else's nametag, and heads inside. She bumps into Joe almost immediately and plays the role of a beautiful and successful girlfriend/fiance. She even kisses him for effect. [interesting…] Joe tells Mel not to act that way, and she immediately apologizes to the girl Joe's been talking with. Joe's friend mentions that he used to have girls fighting over him, and as he's saying that's not him anymore, Stephanie runs in, claiming to be his wife! [craziness!] Back at the house, nobody showed up at the party, since Lennox's tweet didn't list a start time. [oh for crying out loud…!!] Mel left the artist in the limo the whole time she was at the reunion. [too Mel. I think, anyway.]

State of Georgia "The Mole" (S01E04):  Georgia went to a yoga class, then went home and took a shower and showed up to eat with Jo, so she wasn't sweaty. [haha. fits the character. But also means that she’s starting to get on my nerves even more!] A guy comes up and hits on Georgia, and he's going to take her to dinner on Saturday. Georgia explains 21st century stalking to Aunt Honey - getting to know someone by googling, checking facebook, seeing if they tweet or blog, etc. Aunt Honey believes that you should get to know someone face-to-face [you know, like everyone over 35 seems to believe]. Georgia and Jo have been in New York for two months now. Georgia has a phone on so that Jo can hear things about Brian and try to narrow him down online, but it's taking a long time because she’s not getting good clues. When Jo can't find a Brian Anderson that graduated from Georgetown, she thinks the worst. Georgia then hears Brian speaking a foreign language on his phone and gets suspicious. Georgia is surprised at the idea of learning about Brian while having dinner with him. [this makes me laugh. I mean, I know I check out people on facebook regularly, but as the main form of learning about them?!? If I were ten or fifteen years younger would I feel differently?] Jo is tutoring a high school boy in math and it looks like he has a crush on her. At dinner, Brian tells Georgia that a mole had to be removed (he means a skin blemish, she thinks it's a spy thing), and that's why he's not online - he wanted a fresh start since people used to make fun of him a lot. He even now goes by his Brian because it’s his middle name. Jo confronts the teen about his crush on her, but it turns out that he has a girlfriend and just wanted some advice so he could figure out what to give his girlfriend for her birthday. The kid finds Brian online - his real name is Eric. Georgia pulls the "I just came from yoga class" thing again. Jo and the teen come to the restaurant to tell Georgia that Brian is really married to a Russian woman, among other things. He admits to it soon after, and that's the end of that. [um, very little acting or physics in this episode. I feel like maybe the show is too socially-oriented when I thought it would be professionally-focused.] 

Hot in Cleveland
  "Dancing Queens" (S02E16):  Victoria gains a pound  and she screams bloody murder. [people like this amuse me. I have small fluctuations constantly, LoL.] Joy also gained a pound, which thrills Victoria, who immediately calls her "porky." [haha, a cannoli inside a zeppole inside a stromboli - funny version of a turducken.] GBFFs - Gay Best Friends Forever - for shopping, dancing, and the Oscars pre-show. That's how the ladies lost weight in LA - danced with their GBFFs. All four ladies head to a gay bar to meet some new GBFFs. ["a bellini - the peach will match your complexion and the champagne will match the sparkle in your eyes" - cute for a pick-up line!] The bar's name is Nice Buns. [let me reiterate that the relationship between Joy and Elka is just hilarious to me. I love it.] A woman approaches Elka in the bar and Elka punches her in the face - it turns out that Lydia was Elka's best friend years ago, but Elka believed Lydia slept with her husband. And, it turns out that the bar went from a bakery to a gym to a gay gym to a gay bar, and it's owned by Lydia. [LoL at the gay bakery down the street called Pie-curious!] Melanie tries to talk to a guy, but he's not gay enough for her in when it comes to fashion. Victoria's hopeful GBFF turns out to be attracted to her - he thinks she's there for the drag celebrity look-alike contest! [good Victor/Victoria joke!] Joy's hopeful has never been a GBFF so she's looking forward to training him. Melanie's still struggling to find someone who meets her fashion standards. Victoria hasn't corrected her hopeful about her identity, and is now playing the role of a man, though she hasn't changed much. [I giggled at the double meaning/confusion of "stall."] Victoria stands at the urinal, faking a zip and a shake. [haha, hilarious!] Joy's GBFF-in-training finds a guy interested in him as soon as he shaves (at Joy's suggestion). Shortly thereafter, it looks like Lydia had a son with Elka's husband. Elka's husband nor the son know the truth. [lmao at Victoria's lip-reading.] In a moment I should have seen coming, Victoria loses the drag contest to a Susan Lucci impersonator! [figures!] Elka makes a joke about "once you go blackberry..." [again, HILARIOUS.] The episode ends with Elka admitting that she turned the scale back a pound, as Melanie found she lost a pound. "In Cleveland, we call that a diet." [I really thought that this was a wonderful episode, and I hope I catch it randomly repeating in the future.] 

Happily Divorced "I Wanna Be Alone" (S01E06): Peter: "Haven't you been somewhere where you felt like the only straight person?" Fran: “yeah, our bed." [great opener, I laughed!] Then, a masturbation joke. [eh.] Fran doesn't want to go to a party alone, but Peter is going to Gingo - gay Bingo. Cesar's son comes by to let Fran know that a raffle ticket she brought from him won a cruise for two to Mexico! Fran gets excited, but not as excited as Peter, who immediately wants to go. [great Gingo joke there, too!] Peter begs Fran. [I wasn't a huge fan of the seamen/semen joke.] Judy also wants to go, and she and Peter both try to convince Fran to pick them. Fran, of course, goes to ask her mom what to do... turns out, Fran has always been scared to do things by herself. Fran decides to go alone and tells Judy and Peter that, and they're not thrilled (obviously). A girl comes to the door to sell cookies and Fran starts to give her life story, but since the girl doesn't have the cookies with her (they come in 3-6 weeks), Fran doesn't want them. AND, the girl helps Fran realize that she's never gone to a restaurant alone before, which promptly causes Fran to try doing so. But she gets bored quickly and starts running her finger along the rim of her crystal glass, causing that ringing sound. The waiter intervenes and Fran starts giving HIM her life story. Judy and Peter end up taking the cruise together, but it's not amazing. When they return, Fran starts bragging about her newfound independence to Peter, but he's not convinced. Fran and her dad go to see her mom in a community theatre musical, and it turns out that Peter is there as well... he admits to Fran that he likes to think that she needs him. Peter will still take care of bugs, vermin, and vacuuming the living room. [haha on the vacuuming.] They have dinner together to end the episode. [I thought that this was a very blah episode.]   

Futurama "Yo Leela Leela" (S06E19): Leela is visiting the orphanage for storytime. But they have no books so Leela has to make up the story. ["that wasn't really a question." "that wasn't really a story." hahahahaha.] Leela's story isn't very good so she promises to come up with a better one and return. Zoidberg is tap-dancing with cans on his feet. [seriously?] Everyone is making lots of noise, so Leela goes elsewhere. A guy comes to take brain scans of the kids at the orphanage... and shows them crazy things going on at preschools. Leela comes back with a board, characters, and a short musical story. The kids love it and she does another one. They ask her to come back another day, too. [cute. I like episodes that deal with Leela and the orphanage.] The brain scan guy tells her that the kids loved her stories, and he offers her a television show (but not really, she's signing on a coupon…). The crew is all working on the show. [haha on making the show for under $50.] She delivers the script at the last minute. It's not the smartest show ever, but it's liked. [haha on the joke about things getting canceled, sometimes two or three times. strange SpongeBob parody, though.] Before you know it, Leela's doing live performances and having merchandise sold, and she donates some books to the orphanage. Then, she wins an award for Best New Kids' Show. [the sliming was weird...] Leela has to write another script for the next day's shoot, and she leaves to go to her "quiet place." But, it turns out that Rumbledy-Hump and the characters are real, and she just writes about them! [98 words aren't supposed to be said in this land­, including "penis" and "gay."] Bender discovers this and threatens to blow Leela's cover if she doesn't pay him. [haha.] One of the kids shows Leela a story she wrote, which Leela likes. Turns out, Leela is a role model! [who would’ve thought?] Leela decides to come clean and takes a bunch of people to her "quiet place" with the characters she writes about. Just about everyone is disappointed in one way or another. [well yeah…] The next day, the real characters are taped, and now it's a reality show! [funny fix.] Leela tries to stick up for them, but they're getting paid so she can't do much. The producer adopted the orphans, and now they're working on the show, though they are pretty happy about it. [weird. Just weird.] The episode ends with the kids singing "we love Leela" and Leela cries out "noooooooooooooo!!!!!!" [can’t win ‘em all!]

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Off-Season/Coming Up:
How I Met Your Mother (Season 7 September 19th, with TWO episodes!)
Two and a Half Men (Season 9 September 19th)
The Middle 
(Season 3 is back September 21st)
The Simpsons (Season 23 begins September 25th. In the meantime, go online and vote for what should happen to the Nedna relationship)
Terra Nova (premiering September 26th with a two-hour event)
House, M.D. 
(Season 8 starts October 3rd)
South Park  
(Season 15, Episode 8 October 5th) 
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