Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amy Wants Ricky, Leo Wants Camille, Henry Dumps Alice...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
"The Games We Play" (S04E11): [this week's episode had a lot going on, but at least some time was given to Henry, Alice, and Leo, which was nice. This meant that we ignored Ben, though. I also think that we're getting rid of some characters due to the sheer number of people on this show. You know, ditch Ashley, Betty, Kathleen's husband, Adrian's parents, Grant, Griffin, and Toby to make room for Jesse, Daniel, Nora, Camille, Dante/Omar, and whoever Madison will go after next. Ridiculous.]
Amy & Ricky: Amy complains to Madison about how she always wants more and can't help it. [whine, whine, whine.] Ricky tells John the story of his life. [which is way too intense for a child.] Ricky tells John he's planning to propose on his graduation night, and he already has the ring. [I don't think children that young can really keep secrets...] Amy's planning to get Ricky to marry her by giving him a chocolate shake and inviting him to take a bath with her. [hahahaha. really??] Ricky knows Amy is fishing for a proposal and isn't biting, but tells her that they should make a "five-year plan." [I hope this comes up again. Though, I also hope that Ricky leaves Amy, so I'm betting both sides...] Amy tries to win him over again by renting one of Ricky's favorite movies and ordering take-out. [we all know Amy's a whiner and that she wants a proposal. nothing new.]
Looks like Lauren and Jesse are back together, and he tells her he loves her to try and get into her pants, which of course upsets her. Jesse and Lauren get back together.
Madison, Jack, Grace, Lauren: Jack asks Madison to go to graduation with him, since he doesn't want to ask Grace.  [do people really bring "dates" to graduation? we didn't do that in my day.] Madison agrees, since Amy and Lauren will be there to support Ricky and Jesse, respectively. But, Madison changes her mind because she's afraid she'll end up sleeping with Jack. So, Jack asks Grace and Daniel to go to graduation, but they decline. This also causes Daniel to tell Grace that her friends have too many issues. [which is true. dump her!]
Adrian: She whines to Grace because she's pissed that Daniel's friend (Dante) hasn't called her. [why? he was a player, after all...] Then she whines to Katelyn to let her graduate with everyone else. (and it seems that she might be able to walk, then finish coursework later.) Adrian brags to Ricky about her so-called boyfriend. But when Adrian goes to Daniel's [why was she going there anyway??] and meets his friend, Omar, she starts flirting with him. Omar turns out to be Dante's brother, and says that Dante is off in Europe. [convenient...]
Henry & Alice: Henry struggles on standardized tests and has even seen a psychiatrist over his anxiety. [wow. I had no idea up to this point.] Ben wants the three of them to go to the same college, but Alice thinks they need to go to the best options. [it's nice to see the kids thinking about college in advance, that seems like something that doesn't really happen on this show.] Henry is 1 of 5 kids, so even if he gets into as good a school as Alice, it's unlikely he could afford it or get a good enough scholarship. [you know, since we NEVER see any of the kids in class, we know very little about what types of students they are...] This is making him feel guilty about having sex with Alice, since they might have to separate at some point. [not sure if these two should be related or not... probably because I don't support all the sex they have...] Henry suggests to Alice that they might break up when they go to college, and Alice takes that as if they are breaking up that minute. Henry then tells Ben that his Filipino family wants him to marry Alice, but Henry wants to see the world and kiss a second girl before making decisions like that. [and I fully support that mindset.] Alice goes to Ben's, but he's out with Henry so she cries to Leo. Henry admits to Ben that he's been thinking about breaking up with Alice for months, plus he's been purposefully screwing up his SATs so he and Alice would have no choice but to go to separate colleges. [that's a LOT of work. plus he's had to take the prep class THREE times.] Henry asks Ben not to sleep with Alice. [you know, since everyone sleeps with everyone else, regardless of their history or their friendships.]
Leo: He asks Ben's advice about when he should contact Camille. [nobody waits on this show, for anything. He's only just started the divorce process! and why can't we hear anything directly from Betty?] Ben says he should call or text Camille, but Leo thinks maybe flowers or jewelry is the key. [I can't really imagine Leo and Camille communicating via text, haha.] Ben also suggests that there's a possibility Camille might be seeing someone else by now, so Leo should call or message her, not just show up. [good point... though I'm still in love with the idea of Leo and Camille.] Leo sends Camille a few dozen roses and some jewelry with a card asking her to call him. [both? I mean, we all know you're the king of the town, but still...]
George & Anne: Anne shows up at George's and meets Nora. [how had this never happened? They're both John's grandmothers for crying out loud!] Anne tells Nora that she doesn't think Ashley will ever want to come back home. [so we're pretty much writing her off. oh well.]    
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