Tuesday, August 23, 2011

House in a Tree for the Kids while Kate Builds a Door...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Kate Plus Eight 
"Treehouse & Chicks" (S02E14): The chicks from Easter didn't hatch and the kids wanted some, so Kate got them some for the barn. [not a bad idea, I suppose.] Kate didn't have a tree in mind when she hired people to come build a treehouse. [This seems ridiculous to me. You don't know how high up you want it, where you want it, and it seems later that she had no idea what the design would be, either.] It took three days to build. Some of the kids fought over who got to clean the chicken waste. [that's just gross. But good for them being able to see past that and just want to help out.] Kate put up the boundary between where the young chickens and where to old chickens would be. She and Ashley also built a door and they end up with a frame that's too wide so they get the treehouse workers to adjust it for them. It astounds Kate that she could build and install a door. [I'm pretty impressed she managed to do everything without bringing in other people completely.] Not all the kids eat eggs. [in a normal family I would be surprised that they had chickens when a kid doesn't eat eggs, but since 9 people live there, I guess it's not as big a deal.] They had a REALLY sturdy staircase built for the treehouse. [a rope ladder was too low-tech for Kate? The fact that it had a real door with a deadbolt was strange to me...] They also get a very wide wooden swing - two of the kids could ride it at once with ease. [...and you wonder why this show is ending... this was boring.]
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