Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Countdown on Kate: South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Kate Plus Eight "RV Trip" (S02E15): The family is taking two weeks to travel via RV across the country. [you know, since they've already done everything else...] This took place just last month and included the Gosselins, Jamie and her three kids (Brooke, Reagan, and Clay), plus Ashley. They're keeping most of the locations secret from the kids.

Pre-trip, Kate is in a rush, she's sleep-deprived, and (as always) yells at the kids to hurry up. It's only a matter of time before Kate even decides she can't handle filming because she's stressed. [hahaha.] The Gosselins didn't actually take off from PA, they flew to South Dakota where their already-packed-RVs were waiting for them. [certainly sounds like an expensive way to do it!]

They have professional drivers, but Kate tries driving on her own first. It rained the first two days so they spent most of the time in the RVs. [I don't know if that was the greatest start...] They do go outside after a while and play in a muddy creek. [I don't understand how Kate ever let that get started!] At night, everyone seems to be cold.

For each location, Kate gives clues and the kids have to figure out where they're going. A rock, a chisel, a dollar bill, and a hammer are the clues for Mount Rushmore (Mady figures it out first). At Mount Rushmore, Kate's wearing a South Dakota sweatshirt and is upset that people are taking photos of the family. [she's just off her rocker sometimes. The family is recognizable. You're keeping yourselves recognizable. Get over it. It also bothered me quite a bit that the adults weren't sure who was who on the monument.] They're also having problems with the microwaves, refrigerators, etc. in the RVs. The next day, the clues were a rock and a banana, for Yellowstone Park. Cara gets it first. [honestly, I thought this was a little more obscure.] They stop and let the kids play in some
snow in the park. [why in the world were they barefoot??] Then it's on to Old Faithful (not sure what the clues were this time). [Kate keeps talking about how she thought they'd all be outside more, but she also keeps saying "let's get going, people are photographing," so I don't know what she's complaining about. She just needs to make up her mind!] Kate leaves the group to find organic chicken and salad and stuff while Jamie and Ashley get the kids to set up camp. Later, Kate cooks while the others keep the older kids busy with makeup. It was the first time Kate cooked over a campfire. [really?] 

The big push is to tune in next week, since we know Day 13 (at the Grand Canyon) is when things break down, Ashley leaves early, and who knows what else. [I don't really care for these long and drawn-out vacations, especially since they're showing a lot of very trivial stuff these days.]
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