Monday, August 29, 2011

Joy Plans Elka's Wedding...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Hot in Cleveland "Bridezelka" (S02E21): Elka and Fred are getting premarital counseling, and they want to have the same experience as young couples because they want it to feel like the first time. [that's cute.] The minister tries, but it's not as fitting. [obviously.]
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 Joy, Victoria, and Melanie want to plan and pay for Elka's wedding, but Elka wants simple and the ladies want extravagant. [LA vs. Cleveland, again.] They give Elka some magazines to look at while Victoria shows the others the newest overseas product she's going to help promote - an incontinence/sweat jumpsuit that soon starts dehydrating her. [sounds kind of disgusting, really.] Elka decides that she wants Joy to be the wedding planner (Melanie is too nice and Victoria is too crazy). Elka starts to be a bridezilla and even gets a spray tan. [LoL.] Joy starts referring to Elka as "Bride." [hahahahaha. I don't watch those "bride shows" much, but this makes me laugh.] Elka would like a choreographed walk down the aisle. [I'm so glad I got married before those were popular!] Victoria and Melanie skype the others from one of those crazy gown sales. Then, Joy has to stand-in for Elka at the next premarital session, as Elka wasn't happy with the bakers locally and has gone to Chicago to find one that meets her standards. [...this is the part that I find seriously disturbing. I mean, is this a spoof or an exaggeration?? I can't believe this might actually happen!] Fred calls off the wedding when Elka announces she wants a Robin Hood theme. The ladies and the minister do the choreographed walk down the aisle for Fred, to help him see how perfect everything could be. Turns out, Elka just didn't want Fred to be disappointed that she's not a young flower of a bride anymore. [overall, not the funniest episode. but I guess it could be entertaining for some.]
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