Monday, August 29, 2011

No More George; Mel's Dad Returns

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Melissa & Joey "Going the Distance?" (S01E23): Two stories this week. First, Mel & George. Mel goes to bed and George is headed out to a club, further demonstrating how different their lives are. Joe is helping George with his business plan again, but that soon turns into George asking Joe what to get Mel as a gift. [What is that strange scarf-and-vest-combo-thing that George is wearing when he tells Mel about Milan??] George could be gone 6 months or a year, and they talk about how difficult a long-distance relationship would be. George double-wraps a jewelry box for Mel because she likes to unwrap things. Mel plans a lot of travel for the next 6-8 months (to see George) and Joe questions how long she'll be gone from the kids. Mel races to the airport to say goodbye to George, and she sweet-talks the security guard into letting her through to give him a kiss goodbye. [that was really a stupid scene.] The kiss makes him second-guess his Milan plan, but she convinces him to go and they kiss again. They decide to split.
Then, Ryder: Ryder is hanging with Holly but she's pretty rude to him. She also says that "my bad" has gone out of style and that he shouldn't say it. She invites him to meet her parents on Friday, which is "the next level." [I find that one weird. who meets your significant other's parents in high school? It's not like it was for prom or something.] Ryder asks Lennox for advice on meeting Holly's parents, and she says "don't talk about politics, war, sex, or religion." [hahahaha.] Turns out, Holly is rude to both of her parents, who thank Ryder for dating her, as it has made her nicer. [that's shocking. what a b!tch this girl must be!] Holly checks Ryder's phone and sees that her mom has been texting him pictures of her cooking in order to keep him dating Holly. [not a great episode. And I don't understand how we can only get two storylines at a time in this show... I think they could handle three.]

Melissa & Joey "All Politics is Local" (S01E24): Again with the two plots. One is Mel, one is Lennox. [I'm fine with alternating between the kids, but can't we get full stories for Joe more often??] Mel's dad is visiting and gives the kids money every time they get a question right... all the questions are about his career as a senator. [hahahahaha! And, Joe's hair is shorter in this episode, so he's either cut it again (let's hope this isn't the case!) or this was taped earlier.] Mel's dad has a package delivered to the house that is from another councilman, who is working against Mel. Turns out, Mel's dad is pushing for parking lots at the council meetings while Mel persuades for parks. Mel wins, 5-2. Her dad is offended that she didn't ask for help when he could have done something. [blah blah blah. though it's not bad that we see Mel at work every now and then.]
Now, the Lennox arc... three of Lennox's poems got published on the school's literary blog, and now Lennox helps write lyrics for Jade, a popular girl at school. Joe tells Lennox that she's being used by the popular girl, but Lennox is happy about getting to go to popular-people parties and such. Lennox confronts Jade about the quality of her songs, and Jade says that they can't be friends. But instead, Jade says that she could pay Lennox for the help, and Joe acts as her agent, talking about royalties immediately. [Also not a great story. Though it made me laugh that the "popular girls" in school are "Alexa, Madison, and "all the Ashleys," hahaha.]
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